one of my goals this year revolves around the word strong.  indeed, it has everything to do with wanting to be strong physically.  a big, loud, and resounding, YES, i’d very much like to look like the lovely in the photo above.  being all strong and, likely, centered.  i’m not overly fanciful in my imagination of how i […]

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lingering list

i feel behind and a little out of sorts.  i like my goals, resolutions, or whatever you like to call them best, written, then typed, and and sometimes shared.  because, as a blogger isn’t that what i’m suppose to do?  share?  and share on schedule?  i took a little break from blogging, as i do, which unexpectedly turned into […]

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holiday traditions

do you have any holiday traditions? i almost didn’t do christmas cards this year.  i’m trying to cut back on the hustle and bustle and the “have tos,” i seemingly always put on myself.  i love sending cards, but just the thought of outfits and photos and wrangling made me heavily tired.  thus, i succumbed to my […]

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i’ve been thinking about moments.  moments and days to be exact.  the thought that it is a million little moments that are the matter and making of our days. the days we live in, long for, wish away, rush through, and sometimes waste, are made of moments.  and, it is the moments that make and […]

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hard days.

how do you handle hard days?  they are different for you than they might be for me.  and, it’s possible they might very much be the same.  a hard day this week could, very well, look different than a devil of day last week.  you never can tell.  all though sometimes, i think you can. […]

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wear it * courage + a scarf

this is my new genet scarf.  i’m pretty in love with it.  i love the colors.  the pattern.  the comfort.  and the courage i wrap myself in when i wear it. yes, courage.  courage is a constant theme for me.  i’m always looking for it.  praying for it.  hoping for it.  wishing for it.  pondering […]

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the thing about blogging + a few goals

here is the truth.  my mind is swimming.  from here to there and everywhere in between.  the truth is, my life has been a bit out of control.  some of it is my fault and some of the circumstances are beyond me.  i have been having a hard time.  its hard for me to say […]

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Say, how do you clear clutter….from your mind that is?  Do you ever have a hard time finding free space to make room for the most important thoughts that you really should be thinking? I have to say my mind, lately, is completely, jammed packed with details, ideas, to -do’s, and every other thing that […]

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Digitally Organized

I like organization. a. lot.  And it is just not working out for me, these days, the way I would like it to.  This is life with 4 little la la’s so I’m trying desperately to accept. So, in an effort to take a bit of control I thought I’d turn to my digital disaster […]

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Welcome! Remember how I told you I was working on a little something with Bre [who is beyond super rad talented] from Moxee + Our Paper Shop?  This is it.  A new look.  I know again, right?  And so soon!  Yes + yes.  This past year brought all kinds of change and I was kind […]

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