01.16.2014 / Currently Reading


clearly, i like books.  they might be my favorite thing to shop for.  books and beauty products, probably.  and, when it comes to books i’m a two timer.  i usually have a few books going at a time.  this can be bothersome, at times, but it works for me.  i tend to always have some sort of fiction going along with an inspirational or personal growth book (or should we just say, self help).  with that, i’m also always thumbing through cook books, magazines, and anything designing i can get my hands on.

without a doubt, i still prefer reading an actual book.  long live print – - books, magazines and newspapers.   there is just something magical, and now, seemingly, old fashioned about holding a book, and turning it’s crinkly inky pages.  i love everything about the tactile experience.  i do read on my iPad when i’m traveling, on the treadmill, or if i want to stay up way late and read a book in bed.  i have found that when it comes to personal growth / self help books i always prefer print because i love to underline, write thoughts, and just mark the heck out of it.  for quick easy reading fiction the iPad is great.


click through to see what i’m reading and have currently read:

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12.17.2013 / DIY gift : planter girl

DIY planter via la la lovely

need a quick gift idea?  i have just the thing.   it’s cute, inexpensive, and creative.  a sweet faced little planter.  and, it only requires 3 supplies . . .

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12.16.2013 / gift guide / appliance

appliance gift guide via la la lovely

don’t buy her an appliance.   oh wait, but do.  maybe, no women wants a vacuum cleaner or food processor as a gift, but maybe they just don’t know that they do.

these are a few of my favorite appliances.  a few i have, and a few i’d, very much, like to get, even as a gift for christmas!

1.  krups electric kettle / i’m all about an old fashioned tea pot, but if you drink a lot of tea (like me) than this might be your thing.  i mean, all the brits have them in their homes and they know whats going on when it comes to tea.

2. dualit toaster / if toast is a daily ritual and constant comfort, as it is for me (have i said too much?) than this is for you.

3.  cuisinart easypop hot air popcorn maker / if you love movie night + popcorn.  that’s a yes + yes for me.  i’m not a huge fan of microwave popcorn so this is def on my wish list!

4.  dyson animal /  i never knew vacuuming could be so fun.  that is until i got this one.  it glides and twits and turns like no other vacuum i’ve used.

5.  nespresso lattissima /   because starbucks can’t make you a latte with almond milk… but you could!  just one small reason why this machine is awesome.

6.  dyson fan / coolest fan ever.

7.  vitamix / this blender is the best of the best…from smoothies to soups.  I use mine all the time.

more gift guides here.

12.11.2013 / gift guide / mister


for that special mister man in your life.  husbands, fathers, brothers and boyfriends will all approve.  shop to it!

1.  digital LED triangle clock / i’ve been loving this for awhile now.

2.  swedish dream sea salt soap / this smells so good….i like to use it myself.

3.  camo novel duffle / get weekend getaway on his mind!

4.  swiss army knife / because every guy wants one of these.

5.  ivory safety razor / makes his face and your bathroom countertops look good (just sayin’).

6.  kindling quarterly / a magazine that focuses on the exploration on fatherhood – so good.

7.  fashionABLE leather wallet / great cause and a great product.

8.  standard issue v-neck t-shirt / nothing beats a good one.

9.  cord taco / because the concept and the name is so great.

ps – more gift guides here.

12.10.2013 / gift guide / miss + mrs.

miss + mrs gift guide_ la la lovely

this guide is for the miss, the mrs., and the miz.  it’s for the lovelies that love lovely things.  i’m suspecting that’s you, or your mom, probably your bff and surely your sister.  so have a look and get shopping, girl.

1.   nobody’s perfect t-shirt / i love this.  it’s good to remember this.  about your self and others.  i breathe a lot better when i remember this, you know?

2.  ostrich eggshell necklace / who would have ever thought.  winifred grace, that is who.  really all of her jewelry is gorgeous but there is just something so delicate and strong about this piece.  just as a lady should be, i think.

3.  sparkly bubble bath / this gives clean and shiny a whole new meaning.

4.  pastel mini planter / i adore the idea of giving a sweet little planter with a plant inside.

5.    aura brass bell chime / this boho modern looking bell chime is gorgeous.  thats all.

6.  darling magazine / i’m taken with this magazine (more on that later) and it’s mission.  a subscription is surely on my wish list.

7.  vitamin d moisture mist : this is a little spa in a jar.  your friend will thank you.  or maybe you should thank yourself with this.

8.   cat nap anyone?

9.   cameo pink clutch : prettiest thing to grab on your way out the door.  i’m also a fan of this over the shoulder number.

10.  drusy statement ring / if you’re really wanting to do something sparky + special.

p.s. a few more things :

+a personalized gift is always perfect.

+the coolest mug you’ve ever seen.  it’s magic.

+a super sweet and useful stocking stuffer.

+for the (fancy) chocolate lover.

+for those who want to stay warm.

+love the idea of a custom painting of your home.

more of my favorite things right here.


christmas is for kids, yes?  for a couple of years i’ve felt in the middle of it.  i refuse to totally grow up, which basically means i’m dedicated to using my imagination.  yet, i feel like i have grown up a lot these past couple of years, mostly in ways i thought i’d never have to.  in my journey to stay forever young, i sometimes look to christmas as a free pass back to childhood.  anyone else?

well, yesterday, with two toddlers (and a gommy) in tow i went the mall (not sure when i will realize this is not a bright idea).  we hadn’t planned to see santa but we did.  after a long line and being told no photos with your iPhone, i got lost in the moment.  and, that is exactly what it was . . . a moment.  a fleeting piece of time that is gone just as fast as it came.  but, i was in it.  i didn’t capture santa and the boys on instagram, but i did capture rocco’s big blue eyes growing even bigger.  and, i recorded, in my mind, exactly, the way he said, “santa.”  i scribbled on my heart liam’s christmas list, spoken in munchkin, which consisted of shoes and and a stuffed animal reindeer.  just as quickly, i jotted down how rocco immediately followed liam’s lead and requested shoes too (i think the whole shoes thing is hilarious).  it wasn’t all magic.  there was hitting, there was crying and there was full out melt downs (almost including me).  but, it was all mine.  the thing is, somewhere between the crying (over not buying my 4 year old jeans at abercrombie – yes, seriously), and the magical moments with santa, i think i may have dropped my ticket to the north pole.  i’m just along for the ride now.  and i’ll happily accompany my littles.

if you are looking for a few, non- toys r us,  ideas for your littles this christmas here are my favorites :

1.  mizy.me do/ such a sweet little handmade doll.

2.  schleich safari truck / my kids adore schleich animals.  we saw this schleich safari truck at the zoo this past summer and it immediately went on our christmas list.

3.  shrinky dinks charms + trinkets craft kit / did anyone else love shrinky dinks as much as i did (ahem, do)?  fun for all ages and the designs on this set are super rad to boot.

4.  inflatable tiger head / i might be ordering 3 of these.

5.  cottage dollhouse / i’m seriously in love with this dollhouse (see how cool it is here) + the family that lives in it. 

6.  whale puzzle / puzzles are always fun, especially when they form a pretty blue whale.

7.  iggy peck architect / we always do a book for each child.  this is my fave book to recommend.

8.  scottish terrier tic-tac-toe / you’ll never want to use x’s and o’s again.

9.  unicorn slippers / i don’t know what to say except someone buy these!

i’m also a big fan of this joke a day set, camper tent,  magic set,  toy cash register, + a monchhichi, of course.

more of my fave toys for littles here.

06.12.2013 / beautyish tried and trues


i have to tell you, lately, i feel like i’ve been playing catch up with self care.  i haven’t been taking the time to do things like exercise, do my hair or even wash my face.  the whole neglecting scene was starting to catch up with me in a bad kind of way.  it took a week of consistent exercise and a pedicure to get myself together.  i’ve been pretty consistent (this week) about washing my face, slathering on lotions and potions and taking time to pick out a non yoga pants outfit or at least updating the yoga pants with a cute shirt (most days).

read more for my tried + true favorite beauty products

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04.03.2013 / new & old


hi lovelies.  i thought i’d share a few things, new and old, that i’m loving at the moment.  a few new purchases and a few things i’ve had around the house for quite awhile.


apple tv  / i had no idea.  really.  i mean, i’m an apple devotee but i thought that apple tv was just not really a necessary apple family memeber.  well, i was wrong.  way wrong.  we had netflix and i kind of loathed it.  that is, until apple tv.  it makes everything easy and pretty.  oh so pretty.  but, duh, that is what apple does.  you can search kids show by characters (which look like they just might jump off the tv + come babysit your kids — hey apple, can you make that happen?) which i love.  and the whole set up is so easy, that the kids can easily work it.

gold glitter toms / so maybe my husband still calls me a leprachaun every time i wear these but i don’t care.  i still love slipping these on and the reaction i get every time i wear them.  little girls love them and older people, almost, can’t stand them.  who knew gold glitter would make me feel so rebellious.

bare minerals / truth be told, this powder had been wasting away in makeup drawer, as i had been schlepping on another popular brand’s mineral powder for the past year or so.  last week, i thought why not give good old bare minerals a go again.  let’s just say that the other powder is going in the trash.  hello, healthy glow, i was wondering where you had gone.

ray-ban folding wayfarer / these are new and i love them.  first i should tell you that they fold up, like into a tiny little square.  sold!  i haven’t had new sunglasses for quite a few years and i’m 100% happy with these.  i had been wanting ray-ban’s for awhile and last week after wearing my mom’s, well that just did it.

water / ok, this is random.  and yes, it’s free.  but can i just tell you how bad i was about drinking water, or really just any liquids.  on a normal day, i’d have 1/2 a cup of coffe,  1/2 a bottle of water and then maybe 1/2 a cup of tea at night.  this might have had something to do with getting dizzy and looking a bit haggard all the time.  last week, i made myself drink an entire bottle of water first thing in the morning.  friends, i felt so much better and i swear my skin looked brighter because of it.  i’m not gonna lie, i fell off the wagon this week but i’m going to do my best to keep at this.

what about you?  what are some new, old or random things that you are loving at the moment?  look around you just might surprise yourself.