October 15, 2014


when it comes to online shopping, i really like shopbop.  they have a lot of my favorite brands all in one place, quick shipping, easy returns, editor’s picks + a gift boutique when i need some good ideas and inspiration.

i’ve been wanting to accessorize with any of the above for awhile now.  how fun is the unicorn purse?

frye slouch boots / double stone earrings/ black zipper booties / unicorn purse / dainty tear drop ring / high tops (these are cute too) / eyelash eye mask /

and,  this claire v. messenger bag is my fave.  i have it black and keep trying to find a reason to get it in another color.

i’m sharing some favorites for fall inspiration (next), but also because shopbop is having a maaaajor friends + family sale - 25% off your entire order!  here are a few pieces i’m la la loving.


black a asymmetrical coat / plaid blue overcoat /  grey open cardigan / twin palms tee / ombre stripe cardigan / camel tunic / checker coat / green + black zipper coat / starry blouse / straight black coat

i just ordered the black coat zipper coat (above) and these black leather paneled leggings.

what about this midi dress if your needing something a little fancy (i wish i was).

just use the code : FAMILY25 for a 25% discount off your entire order.


p.s. my fave brands to shop on shopbop are:

claire vivier / favorite bags
madewell / favorite everything
frye / favorite boots
vita fede + gorjana (for jewelry)
splendid - best t-shirts + great sweaters

so shop to it, lovelies.


father’s day is just around the corner and if you are anything like me than you probably have a hard time buying for dudes.  i thought i’d round up a few favorite things i’ve been spying around the interwebs AND hold a little giveaway for a jord wooden watch which is tops on my list this year.  in fact, you could win this fieldcrest watch + forget about shopping (don’t worry i won’t tell – in fact, don’t tell, but someone in my house is getting one of these too!).

1 / jord watch (fieldcrest) -  i love this modern design (so much so that i’m going to steal my mans – occasionally – shhh).  ENTER to WIN one below.
2/ marshall stanmore speaker
3 / woodcut card set
4 / hammock
5 / the godfather family album
6 / telescopic fork a.k.a. marshmallow roasters
7 / arkan minimalist wallet
8 / camo back up phone charger
9 / jack spade compass cufflinks
10 / jed and marine shorts


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May 12, 2014


i hope you all had a happy mother’s day.  that you actually had a few moments to slow down.  and isn’t that just it?  moments to slow down.  today is so fast paced.  most of us sprinting and some of us hearing the resounding, “slow down.”  slow down from those that preach it from all social stages.  tell us how.  show us how.  and, so on.  the thing i’m slowly learning is that slowing down looks different for everyone.  it comes in different ways and at different times.  sometimes it’s forced upon us and other times we force it upon ourselves.  i’m finding, however, it works best when i listen to that little voice on the inside that whispers to me.  it can come in the form of taking an hour just to yourself, letting go of one or somethings you can put off until a later time, and it sometimes comes in saying no.  saying no to this, so you can do that.

naturally i like a bit of a slower pace.  at least every other day.  i like being busy, but after a day or two i need a slow day.  it’s just something i’ve come to learn about myself.  right now, i’m finding that where i need to slow down the most is in the everyday.  i’m always rushing and rushing my little ones.  i should know, by now, that dressing toddlers and getting them in the car takes a very long time, but i try to rush it all and it only puts everyone in grumpy moods.  i’m loving this little slow down print from yes ma’am paper .  isn’t it cute?  right now, its by my bed but i have a feeling i’m going to be moving it by our back door to remind me to slow down.  walk the pace of my toddlers and just not be so hurried and harried.  i won’t be perfect and some days there is now way around rushing with 4 kids, but some days can be slow and most days slower.

have you found ways to slow down in this faced paced world we live in?

ps- yes ma’am is giving away one of these slow down tiny prints!  click through to find out how to win!

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few ideas for mother’s day.  for your mom, for you, for your hubby to have sneak peek at.

mother’s day always sneaks up on me.  probably because i don’t have to prepare for it (best holiday ever).  i love thinking about what to give, but, lets be honest, i also like creating my own little wish list.  so, with wish lists in mind, i thought i’d create a little board for you.  you know, to cleverly pass along to your honey or leave open on your computer screen.  i mean, just in case he asked for some ideas.  or, in case, you need ideas for your mom.  here goes :

1.  long bar earrings / if you want to go fancy, than i would fancy these.  they are modern and elegant.

2.  mid city tote / because every mom’s bag has to be big.  this is super cool because it can be big or small.  good for diapers or date nights.

3.  i’m very busy ipad case / because, of course you are!  and because it’s super cute!  i’m crazy about the charger kit + their shazam phone case , which i have.

4.  clear sunnies / sunny and clear skies await you, even when your eyes are tired.

5.  prtty peauhsun tight body lotion / i love lotions and promising potions.  i’d really like to try this tightening and tinting one.

6.  memphis cushion /  little pops of pretty go a very long way!

7.  raw gemstone ring / lately it’s the unpolished that has been standing out to me.  you don’t have to be shiny to shine.

8.  driftwood lamp / how pretty is this lamp?  i’m imagining it in a secret little getaway reading spot.

9.  fit bit / this is on my wish list.  while i move around a lot as a mom, i need to work on just moving for myself (ahem – exercise)

and, for handmade gift ideas click here.  i’m particularly fond of this unicorn mug, because if your mornings are anything like mine than you might need a little magic mixed with your coffee.

what are you giving this mother’s day or wishing for?

this post is in collaboration with uncommon goods.  all opinions are my own.

January 16, 2014


clearly, i like books.  they might be my favorite thing to shop for.  books and beauty products, probably.  and, when it comes to books i’m a two timer.  i usually have a few books going at a time.  this can be bothersome, at times, but it works for me.  i tend to always have some sort of fiction going along with an inspirational or personal growth book (or should we just say, self help).  with that, i’m also always thumbing through cook books, magazines, and anything designing i can get my hands on.

without a doubt, i still prefer reading an actual book.  long live print – - books, magazines and newspapers.   there is just something magical, and now, seemingly, old fashioned about holding a book, and turning it’s crinkly inky pages.  i love everything about the tactile experience.  i do read on my iPad when i’m traveling, on the treadmill, or if i want to stay up way late and read a book in bed.  i have found that when it comes to personal growth / self help books i always prefer print because i love to underline, write thoughts, and just mark the heck out of it.  for quick easy reading fiction the iPad is great.


click through to see what i’m reading and have currently read:

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