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Do you have any epic trips planned this summer?  Or, even just, a road trip to the grandparents?  As of now, we’ve got nothing planned, but to stay put.  Perhaps, that is why this post is so fun.  I’ll travel along, viturally, with you.

First, watch this video that my friend Corbyn made on Traveling With Kids and shared on his YouTube channel.  I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you.

He shared what is a must in their car (I took note of all of the gadgety plug in type things that we are always needing, but I never which kind) and, most importantly, why traveling with kids, although rough at times, is worth every “are we there yet.”  It’s good to get kids out of their everyday environment.  I loved his pointers, but even more so the humor and heart behind it.

Isn’t it fun?

So, while I don’t have any trips planned, we are pretty seasoned road trippers as we trek to back and forth to Atlanta to visit family.  We did the 12 hour drive two times this past spring – almost back to back.  So, by now, I’m pretty certain about what to pack.

Here are our must haves:

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bedroom rug |  la la lovely blog

Have you ever walked on a cloud?  Me neither, but I think about it every time I fly.

This is my bedroom with my tidy nightstand, which really isn’t always tidy.   But’s let’s talk about my rug and …. what lies beneath.  First I should tell you that the rug is beyond decor for me, it’s warmth in the winter and a bit of a sacred spot (I’ll tell you why in a bit).

And under it? …. Nothing, except for a lot of dirt (click through for my pictorial confession).  That is until I recently tried a rug pad.

rug | la la lovely blog

I’m curious . . . . do you use rug pads?

Honestly, I never really gave rug pads much thought other than assuming they were only for keeping your rug from slipping around.

But, they are not.  They are for walking on clouds (cushioning if you want to get technical), protection (prevents scratches and dye transfers to your floor – When I moved my rug around to add the rug pad, I found some dark coloring on my white painted floors that isn’t washing up.), longevity (keeps your rug fibers from crushing over time),  and cleanliness (so you don’t collect this much dirt under yours . . . .

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I don’t know about you, but I like little black dresses any day and in any season.  I’m looking for a new dress or two and thought I’d round up a few affordable favorites to share, in case you might be on the look out too!  You can click on each individual image above to find out more details or shop the item.

The main thing I’m looking for, at the moment, is a cover up, (still haven’t committed to a new suit, but keep coming back to this one) and I’m la la LOVING all the coverups by 9seed.  In fact, I’m trying to decide on one for myself.  I want something that i can just throw on and live in all summer.  I really wanted this one, but I’m thinking it might look too long on my 5’3″ frame?  So this is my other option.  Which do you like best?  

And, a few shoes ideas . . .


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father's day gift guide via La La Lovely blog

I’m actually ahead of the game on Father’s Day and hoping I can help you with that too.  Dads (well, men in general) can be so hard to buy for.  Would he like this?  Should I get that?  Most of the time guys like gifts that are practical or shall we say useful.  I love to find items that are functional and have beautiful form.  I’m sharing a few favorites from around the web as well as giving away a gift card (keep reading) to one lucky reader  . . .

1 / On The Other Hand Clock  : I love the modern take on this wall clock that separates the hour and the minute hand.

2 / Boeing 737 Aircraft Print : Art that men can appreciate.  This aircraft print is pretty awesome, but so is the Mercedes Engine and Rolex Movement print by Owen & Fred.

3 / Toolbox by Vitra : Think modern toolbox or a cool caddy for remote controls and other man things.

4 / Kalkidan Wallet by fashionABLE : My hubby loves his fashionABLE wallet, I think your honey or dad would too.

5 / Do Good Hanging Chair by Uncommon Goods : All dads loves to nap and this hammock chair is calling his name!  Stylish, comfortable and handmade in Thailand, providing sustainable income to a remote community

6 / Bend Key Ring : Just a little something that has a lot of style.

7 / Herschel Backpack : Throw your laptop in, gym clothes or make it a daddy diaper dude bag.

8 / Carnivore Cookbook  :  Because men and meat.

9 / Nike Air Pegasus ’83  :  A throwback that any guy (and his gal) will love.

Be sure to Click Through to Enter the GIVEAWAY (CLOSED)  . . .


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May 26, 2015

Nordstrom’s Half Yearly SALE.  I grouped together a few of my favorite items (some I’m splurging on myself) for you.  You can just click, the images above, and shop!

la la loving The Makers Spaces #book

this gorgeous spot,  from the book Makers Spaces, which looks so collected + pretty.

la la loving blueberry #breakfast #cookies

blueberry breakfast cookies.  have you ever made healthy cookies for breakfast?

la la loving Emily Bronte #poem #lalalovelyblog

Emily Bronte’s poem.  I love the Bronte sisters so.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?