April 22, 2015

Book Review : Design Mom

You know I love a good book.  Whether fiction, personal growth, or design related, I only share my favorite – “you must read and add to your collection” – books.  And, Gabrielle Blair’s (a.k.a Design Mom) new book, Design Mom: How to Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide, is one of those.  It’s one you’ll want to have on your coffee table, and reference often because it’s both informative and beautiful.

I’ve been long awaiting this book, because I love everything Gabby does and, also, because my home is featured in it.  I’ve had my home featured online and in a catalog, but to be in print, in a book, is pretty exciting!

This past weekend we had to make a quick trip to Georgia.  There was nothing quick about the drive, but what it did provide was hours to pour over my copy of the Design Mom book.  I don’t usually spend hours pouring over design related books.  Rather, I ooh and ahh over pictures and tag stickies on spaces I’d like to emulate.  But, I am not exaggerating when I say I spent hours.  I read every page.  It was that informative.  Yes, I oohed and ahhed over the photos — they are stunning, but I also oohed and ahhed over the wise ways Gabby has made her home functional for her six children, and how she teaches her children to function in it, everyone doing their part.

I knew I wanted this book.  But, I didn’t know how much I needed it.

For awhile, now, I’ve been wrestling with simplifying.  I make starts at streamlining, scour for solutions to save time and frustration (for both parents and children) only to keep taking steps back or stopping at my starts.  I’ve known some things I need to do, instinctively, but just didn’t have the stamina (I suppose) to push myself into implementing change.  This book, has really become a catalyst for me.

For instance . . . .

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April 16, 2015

La La Lovely Birthday Giveaway

I’m super excited to host a giveaway today.  Not just any giveaway, but a birthday giveaway.  It’s my blogging birthday this week, and you all get the gifts!  I’m putting together 3 identical packages for 3 lucky readers.  The gifts will include items from some of my favorite friends and brands that I’ve been so lucky to meet and partner with along the way:

+ Design Mom’s new book
– I loved being a part of Gabby’s Living With Kid’s series.  Also, my home is featured in her book.  GASP!

+ Charm Pendant Light from The Land of Nod
-It was such a dream to collaborate with the Land of Nod and have my home featured
in their catalog.  They are the coolest.

+ The Alem Scarf by FashionABLE
-I love fashionABLE.  Yes, their scarves, but even more their heart and the
opportunities they provide for women in Africa.  My heart has been decorated by
this brand.

+ Free Fall to Fly book by Rebekah Lyons
-Rebekah is one of my very best friends and her book a favorite.  Her words written
and in conversation have been such a light in my life.

I’m also including a few little surprises, not listed, in each gift box.  Entering is easy (even if you don’t do social media).

Click through to enter.


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April 14, 2015

la la loving wallpapered doorways


wallpapered doorways, AND a phone on the wall (this whole house is gorge).

la la loving braids + barrettes

braids and barrettes.  I remember my mom wearing barrettes like this.

la la loving trinkets under bell jars

capturing collections and special this and thats and any random thing under bell jars.  I’ve been wondering what to do with our sofie the giraffe and now I know.  Should I admit that I also have a stuffed squirrel (like pictured above) tucked away somewhere?  It was given to my brother when he was a kid.  Maybe I’ll tuck in under a bell jar.  That might scare the kids friends away.

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April 8, 2015

WANTED -Shopbop via la la lovely

I’m curious.  When it comes to clothes do you change colors schemes when seasons change?  I’m beginning to notice that my style is somewhat skipping seasons.  It moves along and morphs from boots to sandals, from long heavy sweaters to swinging flowy dresses, from ripped up jeans to their shorter variety, and so on.  However, the colors I’m continually drawn to seem be on repeat each season.  I kind of dig it because it lets me crossover seaons items and mix and match.

Shopbop is having a major sale (25% off code below), so I’ve been setting sights on a few pieces I’m loving for spring and summer.  This is where and when I like to purchase a pair of sandals.  I’m especially loving mules and wedges, at the moment.  Here are a few of my faves.

And how about these accessories?  I said I’d NEVER wear a Fanny Pack, but here I am suggesting one to you.  I guess because I’m wanting one too.  Hey the 90’s called and they said Fanny Packs are cool again.


And, a few clothing stapes for summer.  Yes, I’ve included a sweater.  Because where I live we still pull out sweaters and long sleeves when the sunlight leaves for the day or when we are indoors under all that air conditioning.  Do you too?


What is on your wish list for spring and summer?

You can get 25% off your order at SHOPBOP by using code: SPRING25 when you checkout through April 9 at 11:59 p.m.

Items above :
Madewell Kimono Cardigan Sweater / Baggu Drawstring Bucket / Free People Avi Mexico Short / Vince Kaya Wedge Mules / Double Ball Stud Earrings / Onyx Dagger Earrings / Claire V. Supreme Fanny Pack / Madewell Dominica Maxi Cover Up Dress / Sol Sana Ella Sandals

April 7, 2015

wooden shutters via La La Lovely

these wooden shutters as seen in an uncluttered home on Remodelista.   This home also happens to have one of those giant, outside looking, in windows I love so much.

la la loving pink skirts

pink skirts with pink sneakers for spring (via The You Way).  And, striped pants.  Yes, those too.

how you carry the load via la la lovely

Would you agree?  I carry way more than I should and then try to cast my cares.

hair via la la lovely

photos like this.  I love when style and imagination collide. Might have to print this out for my non-digital board.

la la loving pretty cake

pretty cake.  Because when cake is this pretty it’s almost sweeter to look at then eat.  Maybe?  This gorgeous photo is by Linda Lomelino who takes stunning photos of food.

+ + + 

what are you loving for littles this week?