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Traveling with Kids | La La Lovely

Do you have any epic trips planned this summer?  Or, even just, a road trip to the grandparents?  As of now, we’ve got nothing planned, but to stay put.  Perhaps, that is why this post is so fun.  I’ll travel along, viturally, with you.

First, watch this video that my friend Corbyn made on Traveling With Kids and shared on his YouTube channel.  I loved it so much, I wanted to share it with you.

He shared what is a must in their car (I took note of all of the gadgety plug in type things that we are always needing, but I never which kind) and, most importantly, why traveling with kids, although rough at times, is worth every “are we there yet.”  It’s good to get kids out of their everyday environment.  I loved his pointers, but even more so the humor and heart behind it.

Isn’t it fun?

So, while I don’t have any trips planned, we are pretty seasoned road trippers as we trek to back and forth to Atlanta to visit family.  We did the 12 hour drive two times this past spring – almost back to back.  So, by now, I’m pretty certain about what to pack.

Here are our must haves:

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March 23, 2015

tucson_la la lovely blog

I’ve coming to the desert for 20 years, now.  Tucson has taken it’s place in my heart as a home.  And, anyone that knows me, well, knows that home is my heart.

I’m sitting at a desk, in the room I don’t usually stay in, in my parents home situated in the foot hills.  My view is fixed on the valley, the mountains behind, and the tall long armed saguaro cactus right in front of me.  This is the the room my grandpa always stayed in.  The room that belongs to our dear friends who, for 15 years, have traveled here with us.  And, the room that I holed up in with Liam Brave, 3 months old, inconsolable.  Nursing wouldn’t calm him and for some, hormonal, reason it made me sick to my stomach and with thoughts of panic, every single time I fed him.  This room is more than a room.

I brought all my babies here.  Spent sick days, huge and pregnant, here.  My first had her first birthday here.  We were here on that dreadful day in September 2001.  Awakened by a call from my Dad, and rushed to wake our friends.  We watched the news, cried, and prayed. Tucson might be the strongest tradition my kids have had.  This southwest sky will, no doubt, paint the colors of childhood in their memory.  This place will always be my heart because it was where family was family.  Beginnings of my babies, forever friendships fostered, special times with siblings, precious time with parents…..a place they had for themselves, always with the intention to share with us.  This house is more than a house.

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September 2, 2014



sometimes you just stumble upon something so amazing it’s almost dream like, and thus deserves an entire post all unto it self.   this is giraffe manor, a luxury boutique hotel in nairobi, kenya.  not only is this old building fairytale like an old building covered in greens, but the herd of rothschild giraffe’s that make their home there.  can you imagine waking up to a giraffe popping it’s head into your window looking for a snack?


and, the accomodations are quite stunning.  wouldn’t you agree?




giraffe manor is now on my one day some day list of places to travel to.  i’m all for dream like real life travel.

where is the most magical place you’ve ever traveled to or would like to visit?

more on travel here and other dream like images i like to collect.

images : the safari collection / honestly wtf / next trip tourism 

August 21, 2014


i have been thinking a lot about vacation.  like a real vacation.  not a business trip.  not a conference.  not a family holiday trip.  a straight up nothing to do but vacation vacation.  it’s been a little too long.  while my favorite places to go almost always include europe and exploring, i’ve been dreaming of a beach (most recently this pink beach) lately.  sitting, listening, reading.  nothing to do and no agenda.

i have no beach vacation planned, but i do like to plan all kinds of trips, even if only for my one day some day wish list.  the other day i happened upon chateau de la resle, a luxury retreat in burgundy, france and i thought it looked pretty amazing and like something i needed to share.  france is always a place i want to visit.  i’ve only been once for a few days and it seems like that was forever ago.  i’ve never been to a chateau and hadn’t envisioned a modern one, but i’m liking what i see.



this staircase is worth saving in a one day, some day house kind of design file!


thursdays always require a little escape, even if it’s virtual . . . so click through to see more of this modern chateau, complete with a sauna.

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May 29, 2014


i shared last week on london, shalom and coming home.  only i hadn’t sat down to linger on london.  and, i’m really still a little in awe that i landed there again this year.  last year was a very unexpected trip and nothing short of a grace gift from above.  and, i couldn’t have known, 12 months ago, that the gift of going would begin an unplanned journey over this past year.  a one foot in front of the other kind of journey that requires empty, open hands, and a willing and surrendered heart.


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