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May 23, 2014


it has been crazy these past two weeks since i came home from england.  london already feels like a life time ago.  i’ve been wanting to share photos and tell you about the trip, but it just hasn’t happened yet (next week!).  crossed an ocean, one of the great lakes, conquered customs and walked in the door to kids with the flu – a very long lasting one – that ushered us into this very harried week.  two starting baseball, 5th grade field trips, award ceremonies and a day that started with an unexpected and necessary trip to the doctor for one, and ended with a trip to the ER for another (everyone is ok, thank god!).  mix in regular responsibilities, working on the website update / launch and bad headaches (sinus headache suggestions anyone?) and, well, i’m ready for a weekend or two or three.

they say when it rains it pours.  i’ve found that to be true….not all the time, but occasionally.  i’m not for expecting monsoons at the sight of a drop, but sometimes a drop turns to rain and so on.  if i’m honest, i’m usually one that freaks out when it rains this kind of water.  sometimes, admittedly, even when it just sprinkles.

flash back a few weeks, before the pour, and i was packed and prepared.

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April 30, 2014


i’m traveling today and thought i’d share what i normally wear on a plane.  the outfit can vary a bit, but i promise, whether a long or short flight, i have a bit of a uniform.

the funny thing is i used to have a flying uniform in high school.  in those days, some people still dressed up to fly.  i remember a teacher of mine saying that she always dressed up when flying and i must have been very influenced by that because just as everyone was starting to go major casual, i decided i had to wear khakis or dress pants – never jeans.  i was an old soul, i suppose.

these days i always wear :

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August 10, 2013

BlogABLE giveaway_La La Lovely

i’m supposed to be heading to ethiopia today and i’m not.  i’m still trying to swallow those words myself.  i’ve been planning and prepping and waiting with anticipation.  and, somewhere in the midst of that i found myself overwhelmed with some things and made the very hard decision that….the timing, for me, isn’t right.

to say it was a hard decision is an understatement.  you see, so much change has happened in my life just in the preparation for this trip.  and now, this over thinker is trying not to over think things too much but to trust that the lessons learned, and the friendships made all have a purpose and that there will, in fact, be a right time for me.  i love the purpose behind fashionABLE  + the mocha club . . . the mission, the work, the product and the people.   i’ll be supporting and working with fashionABLE + the mocha club, however i can.

as for this week, i’m going to be a virtual traveler with the team! i’ll be following along, reading the updates, and joining in on the twitter chat (Tues. 8/13 @ 1pm Central) with @livefashionable.  you can follow the journey here and by following the hashtag #blogABLE

i hope you’ll join me!

(if you want to know who’s blogs, twitter, etc to follow they are : design for mankind, flower patch farm girl, emily maynard, eat live run, possesionista, what’s gaby cooking, the tiny twigand ellie holcomb, wild & precious).

AND, in honor of my friends traveling to see the work first-hand, I’m giving away 2 new amazing fashionABLE products:



the Meseret scarf (perfect for these warmer months) + the brand new Tigist leather clutch!

One lucky winner will get both products!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

if you’d like to learn more about fashionABLE + the mocha club keep reading . . .

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July 12, 2013





happy friday friends.  so here are a few photos from our trip to atlanta last week.  i didn’t take a ton of pictures like i should have and most are at the barista parlor which is actually in nashville.  we stopped on our way down.

how has your week been?  this week my goal was to spend a little less time online this week and get a few things organized around my home.  i got a good start but not the finish i was looking for.  i am 90% done with the playroom (remember the serious mess i showed you on monday?) and did not even get a chance to start on my closet.  i haven’t been feeling well since we returned from our trip last week and i just have not had the physical energy to do more cleaning.  i’m being kind to myself and plan to finish the playroom this weekend (if i feel up to it) and then start my closet next week.  sometimes you just have to roll with it.  and right now, i’m rolling with rest and lots of tea!

click on through for a few more photos + some links for the weekend :

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May 9, 2013














ahh london.  it seems like it was all a dream.   this trip was somewhat of a last minute thing but i’m so glad i ended up going.  i tagged along with some of my close friends and we went to colour conference  which was pretty amazing.  after a few days at the conference in london i headed south to worthing to visit my british bestie, maggie.  maggie and i have been friends for almost 20 years.  on my very first trip to england i stayed with her family and we’ve stayed great friends over the years.  i spent time with her sweet family, drank lots of tea and chatted and chatted and chatted.

+the colored houses get me every single time.  made a super quick trip to the portobello market with a friend.  could have spent hours wandering about

+we stayed right in the piccadilly circus area which was perfect.  with paul + laduree near by my taste buds traveled to france.

+i brought along my baggu pouch which is my new favorite thing.  it was perfect to slip on my wrist and it held all my essentials.  i have the medium gold pouch and the neon strap.  i’ve been using it almost everyday since i’ve been home too.

+maggie’s mom, Pam Weaver,  has written several books and it was fun to see them at the bookstore

so, i had a bit of money saved up for a new couch and i spent it on this trip instead.  usually, if given the choice, i’ll take the trip every time.  things come and go but memories last a lifetime.  my sister, who kept pushing me to go, said i should be able to live on this trip for a good 6 months and i believe she is right.  i shared a bit about why i went and i can’t tell you how happy i am that i did.  now instead of geting annoyed every time i look at my mangy old couch i just smile.