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January 15, 2015


sometimes you just stumble upon something.  a singular something.  an image on the internet speaking beauty and speaking directly to you.  those click click clicking moments online where you find something you weren’t even looking for.  and, what you were looking for you no longer need.

i stumbled upon this image of a pretty haired woman painting the most beautiful moon scene. i was taken with the colors.  the black onyx like night and many a moons in many a colors.  colors that calm and collide.  one melting right into the next.  so i started down the clicking trail.

first to the vsco grid that i poured over, and learned belonged to stella maria baer.




the southwest scenes.  the greys mixed with clay colored every-things, under a pink patterned sky.  a soul sigh.  i’ve been drawn to the colors of the southwest since i was eleven.  and, again when i was twenty and every year after that i spent time in tucson, making it feel like second home of mine.  it’s funny how colors and patterns and places and feels stick with you and reappear over the years.

i click clicked again, until i ended at art.  stella maria baer is an artist and her work is stunning.  i don’t know if i could decide which moon i’d want to make my own.  one moon or many?



but, that desert moon (above), is full of meaning.  layer up on layer of it.  i’d love to one day sleep under a moon like that.

for more inspiration you can follow stella on instagram.  she is my new favorite follow for sure.

do you have any recent favorite follows?  share in the comments!  

May 12, 2014


i hope you all had a happy mother’s day.  that you actually had a few moments to slow down.  and isn’t that just it?  moments to slow down.  today is so fast paced.  most of us sprinting and some of us hearing the resounding, “slow down.”  slow down from those that preach it from all social stages.  tell us how.  show us how.  and, so on.  the thing i’m slowly learning is that slowing down looks different for everyone.  it comes in different ways and at different times.  sometimes it’s forced upon us and other times we force it upon ourselves.  i’m finding, however, it works best when i listen to that little voice on the inside that whispers to me.  it can come in the form of taking an hour just to yourself, letting go of one or somethings you can put off until a later time, and it sometimes comes in saying no.  saying no to this, so you can do that.

naturally i like a bit of a slower pace.  at least every other day.  i like being busy, but after a day or two i need a slow day.  it’s just something i’ve come to learn about myself.  right now, i’m finding that where i need to slow down the most is in the everyday.  i’m always rushing and rushing my little ones.  i should know, by now, that dressing toddlers and getting them in the car takes a very long time, but i try to rush it all and it only puts everyone in grumpy moods.  i’m loving this little slow down print from yes ma’am paper .  isn’t it cute?  right now, its by my bed but i have a feeling i’m going to be moving it by our back door to remind me to slow down.  walk the pace of my toddlers and just not be so hurried and harried.  i won’t be perfect and some days there is now way around rushing with 4 kids, but some days can be slow and most days slower.

have you found ways to slow down in this faced paced world we live in?

ps- yes ma’am is giving away one of these slow down tiny prints!  click through to find out how to win!

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May 10, 2014


one.  two.  three.  to me, three is that last year before you turn boy.  and while, i love boy, i’m clinging to baby.  it’s not that i don’t want you to grow up.  it’s just that i don’t want you to grow up.  i like your chubby hands and your sentences that need my interpretation.  you have the most sweet expressive face.  in fact, at times you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows when you are talking and i see my grandma.  89 to 3 and how would you know?  but, that is how this family thing works and how we carry each other in us.  when i see you and then i see her, i see wonder and magic and life in the fullest kind of way that carries innocence and wisdom hand in hand.

+  whenever i come home you say, “mommeeee you back!!!!!”  even if it’s just from the store.
+  you still call liam “EEum”
+  just like all the other boys, you love to yell, “hulk smash!”  always with your shirt off, of course.
+  your favorite shows are caillou, batman and daniel tiger.
+  when it comes to getting dressed, it’s aways the red or green jeans with a superman shirt.
+  there is no way for me to make breakfast, lunch or dinner without you helping me.
+  you will only eat and drink from the orange ikea bowl and cup.  orange is your favorite color.
+  you call theo the cat, “lilo.”
+  i always catch you saying hello to people.  you are so friendly.  and tell me, “dat my friend.”
+  “whats up roc?”  “good!”
+  you like to eat frozen waffles.  still frozen.

you are the exclamation point to our family (which is appropriate since most of your sentences end in them!).  you are relentless and rest.  and, all that is sweet and good and heaven breathed i see in your eyes.  but then again, your middle name means of the king, so why should i be surprised?  you’ve brought more love to my heart and i’ll give it all right back to you.

March 6, 2014


this wallpaper!  i’ve been swooning over cupcakes + cashmere’s new powder room (below) for the past week.  mostly the wallpaper.  like, can’t get it out of my mind, it’s so gorgeous, i really want it, kind of swooning.


the pattern is called dark floral and is by designer ellie cashman, who lives in the netherlands and is, clearly, inspired by all of the beautiful flowers there (must get to the netherlands – – on my to do list).


this black and white beauty is called moonlight meadow black and it is pretty perfect.


and, it’s no wonder . . . because, i’ve been loving this large scale floral pattern on mokkasin (one of my all time favorite homes!), for some time now, too.  this one is by mr. perswall.

what do you think?
would you use a large floral pattern in your home?  what room would you put it in?

images / ellie cashman designcupcakes + cashmere / mokkasin

January 10, 2014


fave friday 3

fave friday 2

happy friday!  did you survive the first week back in the swing of things?  it was rough getting up early, again, but we can’t complain too much since school was cancelled monday and tuesday due to frigid temps (its 30 today + it feels like a heatwave).  i’m already missing endless lounging  and doing nothing but watching shows or reading books.  anyone else?

i didn’t take many pictures over break.  i snapped a few photos on christmas morning, this one (above) being my favorite.  don’t tell my other littles, but liam brave was my favorite this year.  every single time he, whole heartedly, tore into a gift, he, high pitched, squealed with delight and yelled “oh yeahhhhh, this is exactly what i wanted.  i always knew i was going to get this.”  like, even if it was sox or something that he didn’t ever mentioned that he wanted.  it was all magicky.  the best kind, you know.

the one and only other shot i snapped was completely candid.  i caught rocco climbing  the counters, and, yes, as you can see digging in the medicine cabinet (for vitamins).  looks like i may need to put a lock on an out of reach cabinet.  figures with the fourth.

while taking more photos is on my lingering list, i’m really ok with some missing moments in my digital album titled christmas 2014.  because, while we we aren’t in a ton of photos, we were so in the moments.  its rare these days, you know, and it honestly felt pretty fanciful to not be clicking and snapping our minutes and magic away.

with that said, i hope you have a weekend filled with moments that you’ll memorize with your heart.

p.s. another thing on my lingering list is to take time to read my fave blogs.  my fave way to read blogs is on bloglovin’  – – give it a try if haven’t.  i promise it will make blog reading so much easier.  you can follow la la lovely here.


01 /   overnight oatmeal, that’s right, looks like a brilliant idea to me.

02 /  why do you read books?

03 /  speaking of books, if you love the bronte’s then you’ll love the background.

04 / i’m always interested in what apps others love.

05 /  i’m not gluten free but i’m happy to try with these cookies

06 / this is a hobby i’m hoping to pick back up this year.  here is how to start if your interested.

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