02.01.2013 / Hello + a video

hello_ la la lovely

if you are stopping by for the first time today, from the Land of Nod e-mail….welcome!  it’s so lovely to meet you!  to say it has been fun working with the Land of Nod would be a major understatement.  i’m sure you wondering a bit about me and basically how this all came about? here are a few links to bring you up to speed:

bit about me and my brood, whom you’ve likely met (in the video).

all of this started with a dancing unicorn video  with Frank + Harvey +  my daughters room.

the behind the scenes of the catalog shoot, looked a little like this.

besides my house being featured, with help from the Land of Nod, i helped decorate my friends NYC apartment which was also featured in the catalog.

i sometimes feature DIY’s, like this cute tassel garland.

other times i share my lovely finds.

and of course i can’t help but talk about life and my 4 little la la’s (yes, i call them that too).

if you are a regular than, i’m so excited to share this Real Families | Real kids video with you ……

video by the amazing FRANK + HARVEY production company!  and you can check out the catalog in its entirety right here.