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September 18, 2015

Fall Faves | La La Lovely Blog


Hi Lovelies!

Fall is my favorite for clothes.  I always loved back to school shopping and I think I just never out grew the habit.  Even though it’s a season of leaves falling something always feels so new.

My favorite buys for fall usually include a cozy sweater to keep me through the long winters here, a new pair of boots, a pair of comfy but stylish pants, an outerwear accessory (hat, scarf, gloves, etc), and a new coat.  I don’t get a new coat every year, but this is the year for me.   My daughter has been wearing my North Face for two years now, and I’ve been eyeing a nice camel colored coat for a few years….mostly the one pictured above.  In my experience, long before blogs I found J. Crew’s coats to be my favorite.  They are a little pricey, but they last for years and years.  They are also beautifully lined and keep me warm in the Chicago cold.  I’ve also been oohing and ahhing over the coats at ASOS!

Here are the rest of my faves :

/ coat : i love the modern shape.  last year this coat sold out, so i think i may bite the bullet soon.

/ hat : this beanie is darling and will go with all fall and winter colors (and on sale!)

/ pants : these are so darling and look major comfortable.  look how cute here.

/ boots :  how fun are these?  they could dress up any outfit, just right.

I’m also, always on the hunt for a perfect sweater.  The kind you through on everyday to keep warm.  This one looks perfect and the price point is so good!

What about you?  Do you have any fall favorites?

I don’t know about you, but I like little black dresses any day and in any season.  I’m looking for a new dress or two and thought I’d round up a few affordable favorites to share, in case you might be on the look out too!  You can click on each individual image above to find out more details or shop the item.

The main thing I’m looking for, at the moment, is a cover up, (still haven’t committed to a new suit, but keep coming back to this one) and I’m la la LOVING all the coverups by 9seed.  In fact, I’m trying to decide on one for myself.  I want something that i can just throw on and live in all summer.  I really wanted this one, but I’m thinking it might look too long on my 5’3″ frame?  So this is my other option.  Which do you like best?  

And, a few shoes ideas . . .


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August 27, 2014


i mentioned a few weeks back that i started running.  training for a half marathon, actually (i still find this hard to believe, myself).   it’s certainly been a process for me.  as of may, i couldn’t even run a half mile….so to be running 8 miles now feels overwhelming (literally) and also emotionally (i’m doing something i never thought i would do or could do!).

i had no idea what a learning experience this would be, even down to what to wear.  i’ve, slowly, found that just throwing on workout clothes just won’t cut it.  and, especially when it comes to shoes.  today, i thought i’d share a few pieces that i’m loving and that are working well for long distance running for me.

adidas boyfriend slub tank / loose fitting is the way to go, at least for me.  this is great looking tank at a great price point.  i have black, but want to add more colors.

nike sports bra / i love this sports bra.  it’s like a sports bra and a regular bra mixed.  fine to show through and not too tight.

nike legend 2.o pants / these pants are the best i’ve found.  they offer great support (are cut to make your bum look it’s best – important, right?) and breathe really good.  they are pricey, but i found this pattern on sale.  now i’m hoping to get a black pair.

injinji toe original weight toe sock / never thought i’d be wearing toe socks but who knew these would be part of the answer to extreme toe pain and crazy blisters.  my feet were way to squished in my nikes and so i’d already done some good damage that is still bothering me…but these toe socks help separate my toes from rubbing together, causing friction and giant blisters.  i also love that they are not too thick.  wish i would have started with these!  and, if you are getting blisters new-skin liquid bandage is really helpful too.  regular bandaids just won’t cut it with the sweating.

asics gel nimbus 16  – last, but certainly not least…shoes!  i had these pretty nike flyknit sneakers which looked so cool, but hurt so bad.  they were good up to about 3 miles, but that was it.  i had to go for the not so pretty but the way more comfortable.  i over pronate (thank you flat feet), so these brooks might have been an even better choice to help my alignment.

and, of course, you don’t want to forget tunes + gadgets!  i’ve been really happy with this arm band + my fitbit for tracking my steps, my sleep + waking me up to get out and run.

do you have any favorite running clothes or accessories.  i’d love to know!

August 13, 2014


i have no tattoos.  i just admire them on blogs and pin them on pinterest.  i’ve always said i’d never get one.  it has just never felt like me.  but, sometimes i secretly want one.  lately, i’ve been drawing one on my wrist.  taking my favorite black inky pen and just drawing out a word.  the same word.  a reminder.  a promise.  if i ever got a tattoo, i’m certain it would be a word.  words are so important to me and carry so much meaning and weight.  i just worry i’d want to change my word from time to time.  and, i think my old lady self might not like a tattoo.

of course, today you don’t have to be so committal because there are super cool modern temporary tattoos that look real, like the “xo” in the photo above.  tattly is a fun place to look for designy ones and you can order really cool temporary tattoos on etsy.  there are even custom temporary tattoos.

here are two tattoos that i’m loving /


god’s peace written in swedish


smile in swedish

it’s funny to me that of all the word tattoos i’m drawn to, and mimic on my arm, the two i post are both in swedish.

do you have a tattoo?  would you ever get one?

when i was younger i thought if i ever got a tattoo it would be super small (so that thinking hasn’t changed) and i would get lady bug on my pinky toe.  i’m so glad i never went through with that.

however, i’m loving the super small finger tattoos….and anything in pairs like this.

would love to hear your tattoo stories!

image : blair badge /

June 19, 2014


i thought skirts were my answer to avoiding shorts this summer, but i’ve stumbled upon another option that has, surprisingly, turned into my favorite choice . . . flowy pants.

i never thought to think in terms of flowy, floral type, pants because i wore them once upon a 1994 (ones super similar to these, in fact).   while, yesteryears was called palazzo pants todays modern version is simply wide legged. or, my favorite variety, is termed the jogger (modern jogger pants).  i assumed for sure this type of pant (just by way of the name) would be really unflattering on me, but i’m happy to admit i was wrong.  many are ankle length and tapered, which is actually flattering.  some button and zip, like dress pants (great for giving a waist), and, many are not high waisted, which is key if you don’t want your butt to look the length of a skyscraper (in my mind i wear trendy high waisted jeans, but in the mirror it would be mom jeans all the way – remember this?).  the key is to go a for a silky flowy material that doesn’t cling to you.


i just got the pants, i’m wearing, last week, from anthropologie, but for some reason, can’t find them online?  i also bought a somewhat similar, very affordable, black pair from nordstrom that i might where everyday.  love them so much i’m considering getting the other color too.


if you like this look here are a few more pairs of flowy pants i’m loving