White as Snow

It’s snowing here today. Just a light dusting. I much prefer a heavy dumping. If I’m honest I don’t always like where I live but this time of year I like it quite a lot. As the snow covers everything and brings such a quaint quiet hush it makes Christmas look just as it should. […]

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White Wash???

So, I have had my bedroom floors painted white for a couple of months.  And I have to say I haven’t found the greatest way to clean them yet.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to clean white painted floors?  I don’t need them perfect as I like a little imperfection but […]

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A Weekend Project

A pretty image and wishing you a pretty Friday.  I saved this image from ABT quite awhile back (can’t remember the original source, sorry).  But I was in love with the idea of painting the fireplace holder thingy (don’t know the proper word) and hanging jewelry from it.  What a great weekend project.  I have […]

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On the Lookout . . .

{source unknown} Isn’t this a great piece of furniture… my tv would be so happy to call this her new home!  I am not sure where to find this beauty…this is obviously an ad for the little rug.  Have any of you savvy spies spied anything like this in your Internet travels?

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New Day

Today I am just glad it is a new day.  Isn’t it amazing that everyday we get a fresh start?  A new beginning?  This is definitely a good thing.  I have no idea what that has to do with this picture but I just like the picture as well.  Bright, light, clean and sweet.  And […]

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