09.01.2009 / White Wash???

So, I have had my bedroom floors painted white for a couple of months.  And I have to say I haven’t found the greatest way to clean them yet.  Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to clean white painted floors?  I don’t need them perfect as I like a little imperfection but they are looking a little too dingy.
Speaking of my bedroom… I’m so excited because my dear mother in law has been working so hard to make me beautiful silk window treatments and she is bringing them this weekend (all the way from Atlanta, bless her heart!).  I’ve never had real, proper window treatments… so excited!!!  Only a few other little things to finish in my bedroom (order a glass/mirrored bedside table..seen any great ones? and maybe a picture for over my bed).  And then I promise to post some pictures!
To see a pretty great collage of white floor pictures visit Homebug’s set on Flickr!
05.29.2009 / A Weekend Project

A pretty image and wishing you a pretty Friday.  I saved this image from ABT quite awhile back (can’t remember the original source, sorry).  But I was in love with the idea of painting the fireplace holder thingy (don’t know the proper word) and hanging jewelry from it.  What a great weekend project.  I have an old one sitting in my basement and since I won’t be painting anytime soon perhaps the hubby might?
Have a lovely weekend and thank you again everyone for all of the “congrats” and lovely comments! xx
01.26.2009 / Painted Floors

I have always loved these type of floors.  Big planks…painted white…rustic with character.  I am pricing out wood floors for my master bedroom and would love to have them painted white.  Although, I have a feeling by the time I get to the painting bit I will have met my budget.  But I think I could be happy living with the natural wood, like the last image, for a year or so and then painting white. 
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for this type of look?  Type of wood.  Painting suggestions.  Do’s or dont’s.  Would love your input!
image 1  Beach Studios
image 1 Car Mobel
image 3 ?