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it seems to me like a good number of you are at endings.   which really only means you are at a beginning.  maybe many beginnings.  sometimes before you get to those endings (that come with beginnings), you are stuck at the beginning of the end (i hope i’m making sense here).  a precipice.  waiting.  waiting.  waiting.  pacing. pacing. pacing.  feeling very real pangs of grief and sadness that somehow collide with disant raspy whispers of hope and wholeness.  a faint call to what could be.  maybe what you think should be.  but, certainly an invitation to tomorrow.

this beginning of the end.  it can be a terrible place to be.  because beginning of the ends are really just another name for a place called waiting.  in the waiting place you may sit and wait.  or you may sit and stew.  sometimes you sit and come up with 100 and 99.5 things to do.  things you are sure need doing and your the one to get them done.  and just as you feel 1000% inspired, you wake up the next day with brain freeze that you only wish came from mint chocolate chip ice cream.  you feel physically overwhelmed at the thought of doing SOMEthing, because all you think you can manage is NOthing.  and, when you are ready for SOMEthing you can’t separate it from EVERYthing.  you can’t come up with words, designs, or dinner.  one day you’ll write the 100 and 99.5 list of things to do and the next day the grocery list completely daunts you.

i wish i had a solution.  i’m kind of there too.  but, solutions aren’t always answers or fool proof.  the one thing i know is that this a place.  and the thing about places is that they are for coming and going.  so while you might have stopped for now, you certainly won’t stay.  on the days when you feel like you could run, then run.  run till you can’t catch your breath.  on those freezing, frozen can’t move an eyelids kind of days, let yourself do, just, that.  don’t try to run, you’ll just go in circles.  don’t try to race because these are days you just can’t catch your pace.  just sit and be still and don’t do what doesn’t need to be done.   there are days where you should do NOthing, so tomorrow you have strength for SOMEthing.  and day by day you’ll probably find that you’ll pick up momentum  and you’ll be ready to think about EVERYthing and you’ll start tackling it ONEthing at a time.  you’ll get groove.  you’ll find your pace and you’ll be on to a very different place.

- – - -

i’m taking a little unintentional blogging break that somehow seemed to start last week.  my kids are on spring break and i think my mind is too.  rather than struggle for words and inspiration i’m just going to take some time to be still.  and, i’ll still be hanging out on instagram and pinterest, twitter and facebook too.  and, i’ll be back in this space soon too!

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02.10.2012 / Strong Ladies

This week was a bit busy  but in the midst of it all I was able to sneak off to a movie.  I saw Iron Lady, which I had been wanting to see for sometime.  I love history and I am fascinated by strong women and their stories.  Really, I just want to know what it is that makes them so strong.  Is it something they are born with, a strong fortitude.  Is it a disposition they have sought after and worked hard to accomplish.  Or are they strong because they have manuaevered hardship and walk head on into obstacles and chosen not to sit down when it all becomes too much?  I think, perhaps, it is somewhat all of the above.  Our circumstances and environment surely mold us and there are those that are naturally stronger in personality yet, truly, there are very special and unique individuals that have a drive, a belief, a purpose that they must live and if they cannot, they find living anything but.

Whether you subscribe to Margaret Thatchers political policies or not she is one of these women and I find her to be rather amazing.  I know the movie is just a movie and in some circles has stirred some controversy as it depicts her with dementia [she is still living and some find it disrespectful].  After all, it is Hollywood not real life we are watching.  It is a script and much of the conversation surely is based upon interpretation.  What it is was, however, was a story.  A human story.  A story of a women that wanted to see change and was determined to make change happen.  Thematically throughout the movie I kept hearing things like….do something….Today people are more interested about feelings rather than thoughts……Being something rather than doing something.  Perhaps it’s a generation gap that continues to widen?  It seems in those days, and the days before, people were about taking action and making something of themselves and with their lives.  Today a good number of people are so consumed with recognition and being famous for one thing or another and consequently famous for things that don’t seem to matter much.  It is definielty an interesting conversation to be had or even some interesting thoughts to engage.   The movie was full of thoughtful one liners and quotes that are worth a thought or two.  Here are few of my favorites:

“Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your a words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

“People don’t think anymore, they feel.  Do you know what one of the greatest problems of our age is?  That we are governed by people who care more about feelings than they do about thoughts and ideas.”

Other MT quotes [not in the movie that I liked]“

“To wear your heart on your sleeve isn’t a very good plan; you should wear it inside, where it functions best.”

“Being powerful is like being a lady.  If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

If anything, Meryl Streep was beyond brilliant.  First Julia Child to a T and now Margaret Thatcher.  I’m pretty convinced she is the best there is.

So tell me, what do you think makes a strong lady [or person for that matter]?  Do you have any favorite strong women that are an inspiration to you or fascinate you?  Lets start a conversation.


12.08.2011 / Smile + A Winner

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Are you a smiler?  Isn’t life just better when there are things to smile about?  And realistically, sometimes there is not much to smile about. Life can be hard.  I find when that is the case. a smile or a laugh is what you need the most and although they can be hard to find…sometimes it is the little things, like watching a funny movie or making a list of the small everyday things that we often overlook but are definitely worth something.  Today, for me, my Dunkin Donuts coffee pods + a baby smile full of new teeth are making my list. What is making your list today?  I hope you find something to smile about today even if it is just the above pictures.

And... the winner of the Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway is Rene.  Please contact me at trina [at] lalalovelythings.com to retrieve your prize.

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10.20.2011 / now

The other week I wrote a guest post for my long time friend Christina [see us in all of our high school glory, below].  Its a few thoughts I need to think and on an often kind of basis.  I thought maybe you’d want to think on them too

- – - – - – - – -

Do you ever think about NOW?

It’s usually always tomorrow and yesterday that take all of our thinks and thoughts.  I wonder about tomorrow and what it will be.  And I think about yesterday, what could have been and what was.

What will I do?  Who will I be?  I used to be her and am I NOW still me?

But today is today and here I am now.

Now can be so boring.  Tomorrow is exciting and yesterday is comforting.  Now can be hard and today can be tiring.  And yet now was at one time a tomorrow and it almost always looked exciting.  In days to come, it will be now that will fill your mind with happy thoughts of days gone by.

I’ve always been a believer that what you do today will have a lot to do with your tomorrow.  I think today should be lived with intent, purpose, hope and sprinkled with love.  I always hope that tomorrow will be better than today.  And I even try (on my good days) to do a little more than hope.  Make little choice here and another there that will be for the good of tomorrow.

But as for today . . .

I’m a stay at home mom with 4 little la la’s and the days can be long…. sometimes grueling.  Most days I’m just trying to make it through the day.  Wake up, make it to nap time, snacks, make it to bed time and start it all over again.  But days are turning into years.  Baby faces are morphing into actual little people and now is full speed ahead into tomorrow.

And so for now, I’m trying to be more here today.  To take a good long stare into little ocean blue eyes and see who they are on this day and to love in that moment.

It’s amazing what you will notice if you let yourself be where you are.  On a walk you might notice the beautiful flowers you always passed by.  Eating your ice cream you might actually taste it.  Having a conversation you just might hear what the person is really saying.  Their words may be the very thing that will keep you warm tomorrow.

Now here is that picture I was telling you about . . . Christina and I go way back.  Like back to the days when we all wore clothes that were like 3 sizes too big and looked like they came from the men’s department.

Trina & Christina circa 1995

Christina writes a really thought provoking and honest blog called Welcome to the Laundromat where she shares her story and journey.  She has overcome some pretty big things and in turn has a heart to help others.  She is one of those ever giving, genuine kind souls (+ a funny one at that – we have had some really great laughs over the years). I’m beyond lucky to call her my dear friend. 

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Want to know what I’m wishing for?  Visit me over at one of my fave places, Reverie Daydream for my post on Wishful Thinking.  What are you wishing for these days?

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I la la L OV E Roald Dahl.  And these words . . . I’m making them mine.
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This photo sparked my intetrest and now I’m pretty sure I need this piece of art.  I love the play on words.  If you’re interested : SuagarBoo Designs.

Tomorrow | See what skincare I’m la la Loving at the moment

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09.01.2011 / Happy Birthday

This my grandma.  Isnt’ she a beauty?  Today is her birthday and I’m so grateful for her.  I don’t get to see my grandma often but when I do, our time together is precious.  She was visiting a couple of weeks ago and I truly treasured our time together.  I’m so grateful for the days we had together.

There are so many great things I could tell you about my grandma.   For starters, she is one of the smartest women [people for that matter] that I know.  She is strong, caring, loving and loyal.  She is one of the best listeners that I know and always offers solid advice.  Conversations with her are always intelligent and interesting.

Her story is one of hope.  And her later years have been spent helping people in very bad situations.  To say I admire her is an understatement.

People say we are a lot a like.  And I’ve been told I do this or do that in the same manner she does without ever having known it.  And I have to tell you, I take it all as a compliment.

Although, I don’t get to spend my day to days near my grandma.  I hope that today she knows how very much she is loved and how very much I admire her.

Happy Birthday Grandma!  I love you dearly!

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