March 24, 2015

la la loving mokkasin home

Mokkasin’s home.  Always and forever.  This home is def one of my all time favorites.  It’s Scandi and collected.  Loving the updated and newly styled images as seen on Design Sponge.


the reminders, that just keep coming, to continue to remember what a gift TODAY is.

la la loving sally england

Sally England, everything!

la la loving long sweaters for spring

long sweaters for spring.  You know, so I don’t have to wear my robe around, anymore.

la la loving banana pudding

this banana pudding recipe from pretty simple sweet.  Because, all I ever make is chocolate, everything.  Bananas are my next best.  And, banana pudding = comfort in a cup.

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what are you loving for littles this week?

March 23, 2015

tucson_la la lovely blog

I’ve coming to the desert for 20 years, now.  Tucson has taken it’s place in my heart as a home.  And, anyone that knows me, well, knows that home is my heart.

I’m sitting at a desk, in the room I don’t usually stay in, in my parents home situated in the foot hills.  My view is fixed on the valley, the mountains behind, and the tall long armed saguaro cactus right in front of me.  This is the the room my grandpa always stayed in.  The room that belongs to our dear friends who, for 15 years, have traveled here with us.  And, the room that I holed up in with Liam Brave, 3 months old, inconsolable.  Nursing wouldn’t calm him and for some, hormonal, reason it made me sick to my stomach and with thoughts of panic, every single time I fed him.  This room is more than a room.

I brought all my babies here.  Spent sick days, huge and pregnant, here.  My first had her first birthday here.  We were here on that dreadful day in September 2001.  Awakened by a call from my Dad, and rushed to wake our friends.  We watched the news, cried, and prayed. Tucson might be the strongest tradition my kids have had.  This southwest sky will, no doubt, paint the colors of childhood in their memory.  This place will always be my heart because it was where family was family.  Beginnings of my babies, forever friendships fostered, special times with siblings, precious time with parents…..a place they had for themselves, always with the intention to share with us.  This house is more than a house.

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March 20, 2015


On the school run, I noticed what I see everyday — people driving cars.

Moms in minivans, shiny silver sports cars straight out of the carwash, ten year old Toyota’s with bumpers hanging off.  Yet, today I wondered what was driving them?  What was driving the person driving the car?  What force pushed them to push the petal and steer the wheel?  Where they going whichever way they chose or was their direction dictated by daily routes and routines?

They inside their cars, and a world within them.  Each car.  Carrying each person.  And, what is it that they are carrying or that is carrying them?  I think of the world I carry within in me.  Complex.  Carefree.  Hurting.  Hopeful.  Heavy. Free.


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March 19, 2015

vegetarian cottage via lalalovelyblog

Don’t you love a good window?  What about one that you can see in as much as you can see out?  I’m always taken by older homes, traditional in design and build, with a very modern element or addition.  This home, called The Vegetarian Cottage designed by the English architect firm, Cousins and Cousins, caught my eye a few weeks back and I had to know more.  Clearly, I have exteriors on my mind, at the moment.  And, England on my mind, always.  Because lush back gardens.  Because they name their homes (I’ve given my home a name – have you?).  Because old cherished.  Because new mixed in like it fits old like a glove.

I love the look, I keep seeing over and again, coming out of England

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March 18, 2015


We just returned home, late last night.  This morning, I’m thinking two things; mountains and travel.  Missing the mountains, madly, already.  And, phew, roundtrip with rowdies –  we made it.  Travel is multi-layered for me.  I love planning and prepping for it, and I love it when I get there.  The actual traveling from here to there, a to b, is not my favorite.

For this trip I loved taking along my new Susan Ziptop Crossbody from fashionABLE.  I’ve been searching for a black crossbody for awhile now, and when I found out my fave fashionABLE had designed two new crossbody styles I knew that would be the one for me.

This bag was perfect for the actual traveling and the trip.  I never like to carry a regular sized purse when I travel (I always pack it).  I’ve found the best thing to carry on is a big bag (this is a fave) and smaller bag along with it (either a wristlet type pouch or a crossbody like this).  The Susan Ziptop Crossbody was perfect to sling across my shoulders and it easily tucked into my bigger travel bag, when needed.  I keep my electronics, books, travel scraf/blanket, and so on in my bigger bag.  And, in my smaller bag, anything I need to have accesss to quickly.

Click through to see what I keep in my crossbody :

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