October 26, 2015


Hello, Lovelies!

I’m sorry for the radio silence.

This past month and a half have been strange.  I’ve been sick and just haven’t been able to keep up.   Honestly, it hasn’t been a matter of keeping up, It’s more like . . .

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The World's Longest Yard Sale #Krylon

I love a good yard sale, don’t you?  It’s like a treasure hunt.  Whether you are looking for a specific piece or you come across a special something that you never knew you needed.

Did you know that The World’s Longest Yard Sale is 690 miles long?  The yard sale is several states long and goes through Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan (sounds like the best road trip ever).  And, this past year it went beyond six states, making its way onto Pinterest for The First Ever Pinterest Yard Sale.

In August, Krylon, a leading spray paint manufacturer, and Amy Devers, host of the 127 Yard Sale, took to the road and embarked on the 690 mile journey.   The crew traveled in the Krylon Van making stops in several states in search of great deals and treasures ready to be transformed; 127 treasures to be exact.  Both the crew and yard sale attendees worked together to give new life to their yard sale finds with Krylon COVERMAXX and SUPERMAXX, as well as other Krylon products.  The super fun and colorful items, shown above, are a few of my favorite yard sale picks that were transformed with a little spray paint.

A road trip, cool old finds, and giving something new life with a can of colorful spray paint is always a good time.  But, the real fun is that all proceeds from the Pinterest sale will benefit the nonprofit organization, Charity Wings Art and Crafts Center!

You can shop the Yard Sale here.

What is your favorite yard sale find?


This post is sponsored on behalf of Krylon.  All opinions are my own.

October 13, 2015


Hi lovelies!

Have you been doing any fall shopping?

I keep thinking about it, but have kind of been holding off on pulling the trigger on a few things I need.  But, I’m kind of glad it’s worked out that way because Shopbop is having their awesome Friends and Family Sale event right now.

For 3 days they are offering 25% using the code INTHEFAM !

So, I’m going to finally get a cozy sweater or two that will keep warm all winter long (and long is the right word to describe winter around here.

la la loving all of their booties, especially these:


These are my favorite booties; I wear them all the time.  So comfy!   And, I’ve been wanting some like these for taking walks in the snow, this winter.

How about sweaters?  So many pretty ones to choose from, but alas a few faves :


Check out the entire sweater selection here.

My most favorite thing to shop during this sale is bags.  25% off makes a huge difference on a handbag.   I’d be happy with anything from the Clare V. selection.

What is on your wish list this fall?

Happy Shopping!

October 2, 2015

Naptime Diaries | La La Lovely Blog

Happy Friday, lovelies.

Fridays are always great for sharing a favorite!

And, this week, pretty art is my favorite.  This gorgeous, colorful, piece is by Naptime Diaries.  Honestly, I’ve been a Naptime Diaries fan for awhile now, following them on Instagram and keeping up with their work, which is both gorgeous and meaningful.

I was super excited about this addition because my favorite pieces in my home are  . . .

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October 1, 2015


It’s funny how some things feel like they will never change.  Seasons that seem like they will never end.

Winter.  Winter.  Winter.

Hot summer.  Hot summer.  Hot summer.

And then, one unexpected day something shifts.  Like a shadow.  A flower blooms.  A leaf falls to the ground, and you wonder when exactly it turned from green to yellow.  Suddenly, the scorching summer is but a shadow.  Yesterday doesn’t turn into today.  Yesterday, just turns . . .


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