April 22, 2014


bri’s bedroom makeover decorated by victoria.  so many perfect details.


modern pb+j / sea salt almond honey almond butter + macerated berries


that there is a word for this.  i mean i always just wondered if i was the only one seeing stars.


clemence posey.  her style is so natural.  love her long hair + short hair.

rose covered house

rose covered houses.  one day.  some day.

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what are you loving this week?


happy friday.  happy good friday, lovelies.

no, i’m not in australia, but i love this down under photo (there are so many more) because its written in the sky that the cross equals love.  simply put, that is what this weekend (good friday + easter) and the cross means to me.  LOVE.  a too good to be true kind of love that i can’t even come close to wrapping my mind around.  i’m spending the weekend, and my whole life, giving thanks for it, though.

speaking of easter and holidays,

do you have any easter traditions?

i love traditions but, honestly, haven’t started too many with my (not so) little family.  the other day i heard that traditions create safety, identity and trust.   and, i thought i’ve got to get creating.  creating comes in all forms, its not just on paper with paints, it can also happen on the hearts of the people we love.

so here is to crazy LOVE and trust filled traditions!  cheers!


01 / forget painting easter eggs.  just write on them.

02 / new episode on the fatherhood project … i can’t wait for more in this series.

03 /  i’m meeting up with coffee and ice cream more frequently these days.  thinking a double date may be in order.

04 /  i’m really loving this bedroom makeover.

05 /  a no complaining challenge.  could you do it?  in working on my greatFULLness, i’d like to try.

06 /   oil pulling is everywhere (at least online).  what say you?  i’ve tried it, but not to this extent.

07 /  and, some words on going through change for a slow long time.

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image / cross equals love

April 17, 2014


gold lamp | ice cream cone art | classic car art | ice cream cone pillow | acrylic bookcart | dog sheets | toy box | girl pillow | hello pillow |

there’s no hiding that i’m a huge land of nod fan (remember when they came to my house?).  i love their products, i love the brand and i love the people.  i always look forward to nod catalogs, every month, because they read more like design magazines and the styling is just that good.  i also don’t limit their products to children’s rooms or spaces because many of their pieces work great in any room of the home, my living room being a testament to this.  i’ve been spying so many great products, including all of the oh joy for nod goodness, that i just had to share a few of my recent favorites.

p.s. more on my home featured in Nod’s Real Families
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April 16, 2014


hi lovelies.  how are you?  i’ve been struggling for words.  not to find them but to sort and share them.  too many to sift through it feels like.  but, sharing some is better then giving none.  lots of life has been happening and i’ve been trying to live in it more these recent days,  than i have in the past few years (which has meant a few lest posts then i’m accustomed to).

so it’s april.  the middle to be exact.  i somehow managed to escape polar vortex without a cold or a cough.  as i look out my window i see bushes dusted in white sprinkled snow and branches budding with the faintest of spring green.  inside, i’m in my pj’s keeping company with a box of lotion laced kleenex and two tugging toddlers.  it feels a bit confusing and looks just the same.  and so does life, sometimes.  things changing while you still, very much, feel the same.  change changing up things that were supposed to be the things that never changed.  it should be no surprise that life is full of changes, but sometimes we are shocked out of our sox surprised by the things that do change (the always stay the sames somehow turning into the never the sames again).  and, frankly, shaking the surprise requires change within us.  i’m finding that as fast as things can change, change in us can take a slow long time.  

i’m in a slow long time.

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April 15, 2014


half wall floral cut out wallpaper.  this look is so good.


this ensemble.  would you wear a leopard coat?


the thought that it is courageous to, sometimes, let go.  do you agree?


iced coffee cubes.  brilliant!

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what are you loving this week?