January 29, 2016

Nutella Brownie Recipe via La La Lovely

Nutella brownies!  Need I say more?  Yes I do, two-ingredient Nutella brownies.

I’d like to take credit for this recipe, but I can’t.  I can take credit, however, for being an avid Nigella enthusiast and buying her new cookbook, Simply Nigella.  Nigella is my all time favorite cook to watch on tv and my favorite cookbook author, because not only does she make delicious food, she is a good writer.

But, back to the brownies.  Did I mention they are gluten and dairy free?

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January 27, 2016

Grace Grace. A post on living in Grace | La La Lovely Blog

Grace Grace.

Why is easy to give grace to others and not to ourselves?

It’s natural to sit across from a friend and have compassion and empathy.  Yet, when we pass a mirror the most natural thing to do is criticize the person reflecting back at us.

I wonder why it’s easy to applaud other’s authenticity and cringe at our own? Other’s over sharing can . . .

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Valentines Gift Guide | La La Lovely

Valentine’s Day is upon us, lovelies.  I’ve compiled a few gift ideas for the favorites in your life, or maybe a little something for your sweet self.

Here are a few things I’m la la loving for Valentine’s Day:

1 / Swirl Heart Secret Box / I love a good secret and this sweet little box could hold one. It’s made of cherry wood and has a sliding dovetail lid.  Great for hiding a little love note, a tiny gift, a precious keepsake, or maybe a poem.

2 / Saddle Bag / A great looking bag is good gifting on any holiday, if you ask me.  This classic saddle bag is edgy.  Some years black is better then red or pink on Valentine’s.

3 / Olio E Osso No. 2 / Give your lips or cheeks a kiss with this dreamy colored balm.

4 / La La Love You Pouch / Because “La La” Love!!!!!

5 / bkr glass water bottle / Sometimes practical gifts are the best.  For a friend, for a sister, for yourself.

6 / Aloha Chocolate / Chocolate.  Always chocolate on Valentine’s.  But, have you tried superfood chocolate?  I haven’t, but I’m hoping my honey gets this for me.

7 / Love + Peace Sparkling Pink Butter Bath / Love and peace.  Couldn’t we all use a little more of that?  This love and peace comes by way of a bath.  I’m becoming a bit of a bath addict.  Soaking in salts is my new night time ritual and this muscle soothing mix is divine.

8 / Measuring Spoons / These measuring spoons are anything but average.  “A dash of humor,” “A heap of happiness,” “A pinch of kindness,” and so on.

9 / Engraved Bangle / The next best thing to tattooing yourself.  I love jewelry that is not only gorgeous, but meaningful.  I love these engraved bangles that can be inscribed with names, dates, roman numerals or any word that holds a special meaning or memory.

10 / Cherry Blossom Jewelry Box by Heartwood Creations/ How about a special designated place for keeping all of your gorgeous jewelry?  This jewelry box is top notch.  It’s designed with removable drawers and top inserts, and it can be arranged to fit your unique collection.  I personally am a fan of having a place to put my very special pieces of jewelry.

Heartwood Creations is offering La La Lovely readers 15% off, free shipping, and a free gift!
Just use code: LALA15

A few more Valentine’s ideas:


This post is in collaboration with Heartwood Creations.  All opinions are my own.

January 22, 2016

Introvert Time

I had a very busy and social week.  Introvert extroverting.  For the past few months I’ve had very slow weeks (in order to rest and recuperate) and come, almost every, January I always find myself hibernating and feeling somewhat isolated.  This past week, however, felt more like July (not in terms of weather I assure you.  The mercury was locking in at a whopping one degrees).  Get togethers, sports events, birthdays, and sunny hair highlights.  I found myself feeling less isolated, but

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Book Shelf Love | La La Lovely

It appears I still have books on the brain.  Yesterday, I shared a list of books I’ve read recently, and today I’m dreaming interesting ways to display books, books and more books.

These days it seems bookshelves are to be decorated and accessorized.  And, books are just another accessory to add to the shelf.  While I love accessorized shelves I’ve always been a fan bookshelves filled, top to bottom, with books.  Right now, my shelves are accessorized.  It works great in this room as it’s small and can feel congested, but I’m longing for an entire wall of books somewhere in my house.

A wall dripping with books can materialize in unlikely places, like the hallway or entryway pictured above.  Take a book as you are walking through… why thank you.

How about a massive shelf that is . . .

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