January 13, 2015


this bedroom ,which looks so fresh and springy but cozy enough to keep warm under those blankets for winter.  exactly the combo i’m craving right now.


clearly, not seeing flowers out the window during winter…. but on the window?  this is the way.


agreed.  because, these days all i seem to wear is black, but my mind – it is totally technicolor.


this gorgeous necklace.  such a pretty pretty pendant.


oven baked fries with sea salt.  i could never break up with fries so i figure i better find healthy to spend time with them.

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what are you loving this week

January 12, 2015


i look for books, and books find me.

i look in bookstores, because a bookstore is not just one place, it is many.  within the walls are pages, and within the pages; places, people and practices that you can peek into and possibly take with you.  you can take your escape.  you can start your excavate.  i find this possibility promising.  i also look online, when the looking is late at night.  one click leading to another until the final one that is the promise of a package in your post.  and, then there are others who do the looking for me.  friends that recommend.  and, a mom who still seems to know what is needed to grow.  a grandmother and a father who’s shelves i never pass by.  instead, i study.  i study the shelves crowded with years upon years of wisdom through written word, calling out to me.  just the titles alone are telling.  they tell of growth, of past pain, of purpose, of  personality and of life living.

i’ve listed all the books (that i can remember) that i read last year:

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January 8, 2015


i had a blog post, almost (on books).  and, then school was cancelled, again (brrrr).  so, instead of words, i give you a recipe.  a recipe for shredded slow cooker beef tacos to be exact.  the kind of cooking that is great for slowed down snow days or days so fast you can’t find time to cook. 


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January 6, 2015


this space.  fort beds forever.  barbies in the chandelier, why not.  i love the playfulness of it.

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January 5, 2015

la la love you_La La Lovely

i’m one of those who has been writing goals and lists and dreams and things since i was in my teens.  it’s possible i was taught by omission.  without knowing what i was reading, almost daily, i saw my dad’s written goals, lists and dreams – always highlighted in yellow and underlined in red.  they were hanging out on desks and nightstands and tucked away in books.  written on notecards,  legal pads, dog eared book pages and most assuredly memorized in his mind.  he never really taught me his method, but i somehow memorized it. and, after all, some things are just inherent.

in my early twenties i worked for, leadership guru, john c. maxwell and really learned the art of writing down goals.  i’ve been working this method ever since.  writing goals, dreams, and intentions for specific areas of my life (family, physical, spiritual, etc.) and being specific about resources for my growth by listing books, teachings, conferences i’d like to attend and so forth.  this way has worked well for me.  although, i don’t always keep my list in front of me, i’m always amazed at how things seem to happen.  this year i actually did pretty terrible at crossing things off my list.  but, the things that matter most,

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