June 24, 2014


sticks under shelves in the kitchen.


summer in sunnies.  and, aren’t these the most perfect pair?


almond joy smoothies.  there is no way around not trying this, for me.


possibility.  risk and change freak me out, but staying the same does even more.


a hammock for kitty.

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what are you loving this week?

June 20, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.  this week has been all kinds of busy.  but, in the midst of it all, my sister has been home visiting and that was a treat.  i’m spending time with her today and then ready to welcome the weekend!  AND…i just got my iPad back, which makes me major happy.  i left it on a plane a few weeks ago when i traveled to new york and thought i was gone for good.  a really good person found it and contacted me (i did happen to hit erase on “find my iphone” app.  i haven’t connected to the internet so it hasn’t erased, but i don’t think there is a way to undo that action.  does anyone know?).  my hope in the goodness of people just went up a few points.  i also just finished a book which was nice, but now i can’t wait to start a new one.  i always feel a little sad when i finish a good book.  i’ll share more on books, next week.  send suggestions, if you have any.

how was your week?

speaking of reading…. here are a few links for your weekend reading! xo . t


01 / an ice cream sandwich cake.  why didn’t i think of this?

02 /  this office update has me wanting to get to work.

03 /  are you pronouncing food words wrong.  i do?

04 /  anyone else suffer through summer with keratosis pilaris?  a few tips to a smoother summer.

05 / i love spying in other peoples bags (ok, and grocery carts too), don’t you?

06 / we are going to give this chore app a try.  have you used any? fill me in.

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June 19, 2014


i thought skirts were my answer to avoiding shorts this summer, but i’ve stumbled upon another option that has, surprisingly, turned into my favorite choice . . . flowy pants.

i never thought to think in terms of flowy, floral type, pants because i wore them once upon a 1994 (ones super similar to these, in fact).   while, yesteryears was called palazzo pants todays modern version is simply wide legged. or, my favorite variety, is termed the jogger (modern jogger pants).  i assumed for sure this type of pant (just by way of the name) would be really unflattering on me, but i’m happy to admit i was wrong.  many are ankle length and tapered, which is actually flattering.  some button and zip, like dress pants (great for giving a waist), and, many are not high waisted, which is key if you don’t want your butt to look the length of a skyscraper (in my mind i wear trendy high waisted jeans, but in the mirror it would be mom jeans all the way – remember this?).  the key is to go a for a silky flowy material that doesn’t cling to you.


i just got the pants, i’m wearing, last week, from anthropologie, but for some reason, can’t find them online?  i also bought a somewhat similar, very affordable, black pair from nordstrom that i might where everyday.  love them so much i’m considering getting the other color too.


if you like this look here are a few more pairs of flowy pants i’m loving



June 17, 2014


this little happy spot and the finished look of smitten studio (so perfect).


this pea pesto tartine recipe (i know – - more toast!).


the idea of living in the moment and by the moment.


hair like this.  gorgeous.  i’m happy w/ my shorter hair right now, but i’ll dream.


a basket light - which looks like a super easy DIY. Get basket.  Turn upside down.  String light thru.

and, hey, as i was penning out “moment by moment” i noticed that the word moment starts with “mom.”   if you are anthing like me you have a hard time being in the mom moment.  it was just a great little reminder for me today that, as a mom, i need to be fully in the moment and present in the minutes…and leading the way in teaching my littles how to live that way too!

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what are you loving this week?


it wasn’t long ago that i was crushing on the home of sophia of mokkasin blog.  so when a new home tour, of the same home, emerged so did more love for this swedish beauty of a family home.  the light and lived in quality in this home is what i’m always drawn to.  see what i mean . . .






click through to take a peek in the bedrooms.

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