April 30, 2014


i’m traveling today and thought i’d share what i normally wear on a plane.  the outfit can vary a bit, but i promise, whether a long or short flight, i have a bit of a uniform.

the funny thing is i used to have a flying uniform in high school.  in those days, some people still dressed up to fly.  i remember a teacher of mine saying that she always dressed up when flying and i must have been very influenced by that because just as everyone was starting to go major casual, i decided i had to wear khakis or dress pants – never jeans.  i was an old soul, i suppose.

these days i always wear :

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April 29, 2014


these british surfing landscapes, which are insanely gorgeous.


this shelf with leather straps that looks like an easy DIY.


avocado hummus.  two of my favorite things combined.


a door within a door.  i love this as much as mini door way.


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what are you loving this week?

April 25, 2014


happy friday!  how was your week?  ours just flew by, like the wind that has been roaring out our windows.  spring has been playing hide and seek in these parts.

i’m short on words and lean on links this week, but i just couldn’t help but say happy friday and that i hope your weekend is lazyish and lovely.

while there are only two links – these are that good to stand alone!


01 / sharing your story is beautiful and brave.  this story on fatherhood and autism is powerful.

02 / make your own hand stamped necklace.  yes, please!  i’ll be stamping everything.

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few ideas for mother’s day.  for your mom, for you, for your hubby to have sneak peek at.

mother’s day always sneaks up on me.  probably because i don’t have to prepare for it (best holiday ever).  i love thinking about what to give, but, lets be honest, i also like creating my own little wish list.  so, with wish lists in mind, i thought i’d create a little board for you.  you know, to cleverly pass along to your honey or leave open on your computer screen.  i mean, just in case he asked for some ideas.  or, in case, you need ideas for your mom.  here goes :

1.  long bar earrings / if you want to go fancy, than i would fancy these.  they are modern and elegant.

2.  mid city tote / because every mom’s bag has to be big.  this is super cool because it can be big or small.  good for diapers or date nights.

3.  i’m very busy ipad case / because, of course you are!  and because it’s super cute!  i’m crazy about the charger kit + their shazam phone case , which i have.

4.  clear sunnies / sunny and clear skies await you, even when your eyes are tired.

5.  prtty peauhsun tight body lotion / i love lotions and promising potions.  i’d really like to try this tightening and tinting one.

6.  memphis cushion /  little pops of pretty go a very long way!

7.  raw gemstone ring / lately it’s the unpolished that has been standing out to me.  you don’t have to be shiny to shine.

8.  driftwood lamp / how pretty is this lamp?  i’m imagining it in a secret little getaway reading spot.

9.  fit bit / this is on my wish list.  while i move around a lot as a mom, i need to work on just moving for myself (ahem – exercise)

and, for handmade gift ideas click here.  i’m particularly fond of this unicorn mug, because if your mornings are anything like mine than you might need a little magic mixed with your coffee.

what are you giving this mother’s day or wishing for?

this post is in collaboration with uncommon goods.  all opinions are my own.

April 23, 2014


this outfit is really speaking to me.  perhaps, because it is simple and traditional.  or, probably, because it reminds me of my mom.  i’m 10, freckle faced and full of life.  i’ve just jumped off my bike and run in the house right before the sun sets, and there is my mom.  graceful and gorgeous, standing in the kitchen wearing something like this.  tiny waist included.  brown locks, twisty sky skirt, leather belt, effortless green button up, great sunglasses and a welcome dose of femininity.  i’m feeling it.  almost as much as i’m feeling the wind in my hair as i cruise on my 10 speed, and the warm summer vaction sun kissing my face with polka dot like freckles all across my button nose and chipmunk cheeks.

what about you, lovelies, would you wear this outfit?  

do you ever see images that have nothing to do with you, that somehow have everything to do with you?

shop this look:


image / elle