09.20.2013 / fave friday


do you sometimes have to remember to breathe.  i do.  i mean, literally, sometimes  i catch myself holding my breath.  not good.  it’s been a week like that.  i have been scrambling to wrap up details for a  fun project, coming up, next week.  i also spent an entire day at ikea wrestling with several boxes that are bigger than me.  and, let’s just be honest, i was in tears before leaving that big blue building (has this happened to you too?).  needles to say, i did survive, albeit with a few bruises and a fresh commitment to myself not to go it alone again (unless i’m there to wander + buy jars and frames and such).  and hey, i can’t wait to tell you about this project.  in fact, one of my faves (and probably yours too) is flying in to collaborate.  still lots to this weekend to prep but everything seems to at least be in place and that puts me in a much better place.

and how are you? was your week crazy, exciting, busy, stressful or maybe restful or even boring?

i like to hear about days that are filled with nothingness.  because sometimes those are the days that are filled with the most.  the things that matter the most.  the things that change us the most.  the the things we remember the most.  i even relish a few hours spent in most kind of moments.  i’ll be doing my best to find these moments and take those hours.  actually, i’m finding that sometimes we are in them and  not even aware of it.  and maybe awakening to awareness is where it’s at?

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doesn’t this picture just make you happy.  it works for me on a thursday lovelies!

we are talking books today.  books and cupcakes, to be exact (that’s what all the sprinkly goodness is about above)  and honestly, these are two of my favorite things.  i like buying all types of books, but cook books are right up at the tippy top.  especially ones that are visually pleasing.  yummy recipes and yummy food photos = success!

at the moment, i’m swooning over trophy cupcakes and parties!


the book is written by, the darling, jennifer shea who is a mom, business owner and, now, author.  jennifer owns 6 cupcake shops in the greater seattle area, called trophy cupcake + party.   you can read more about her journey to success here (don’t you just  love reading about others journeys and advice?  there is always something to learn, yes?).


business.  baking.  books.  it’s all pretty great.  sweet, really.

especially for someone who really likes to bake.  that’s me.  baking is my jam.  it just makes me happy.  when i’m stressed or just feeling out of sorts i love to bake it out.   to hear the clank of chocolate and smell it melting in a pan is sometimes the best medicine and somewhat meditative for me.   and while some find the measuring gruesome, i find it to be a welcome guide.  i love the preciseness of it.

and, i should mention that this book precisely has a lot more to it than cupcakes.

click thru for a peek inside + to see what i mean :


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09.18.2013 / wear it * fall shoes


teddy loafer / booties / sneakers /pump

i love fall shoes.  there is so much variety….but, if i had to pick, i’m all about the boots!  short boots, tall boots, those boots, these boots.

these are a few shoes that i’m really loving at the moment.  some out of my price range, but it’s always fun to look.  and, honestly, to me, a good pair of boots is worth the investment, because they last for years and years.  in fact, a lot of times they get better with age.  these are the last really nice pair i bought + they are still my faves after 6 years.

what shoes are you loving this season?  and, have you invested in a really great pair of boots?

also, i’m also totally loving these pink high tops + these floral  doc martin’s.  i guess my inner child is coming out….80′s + 90′s all the way!  like totally!

09.17.2013 / la la loving


this insanely gorgeous and earthy mirrored tapestry by lee borthwick


nigella’s library.  how many of those books has she read?  i’m guess a lot.


faceless photos.  it’s seems to be the thing.  yes?  love this one of jen gotch from years ago.

all will be well_la la lovely

these words + all the beautiful art painted by julianna swaney


strudel.  hello fall.

what are you loving this week?

09.16.2013 / my patio






can you believe summer is really over?  i’m in denial.  really.  i might not accept it until i see snowflakes grace the ground.  it was my hope to have my back patio all prettied up in june and do a post then, but it just never happened.  i sometimes start things i can’t (or more like, don’t) finish.  but, i still wanted to share.  because living in the details sometimes means letting a few details go.

click through for more photos + more (possibly unfinished) details  . . .

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09.13.2013 / fave friday




happy friday friends.  this is really random, i feel.  except that i suppose it is sort of all based around food.

my “don’t say you haven’t done it” snack that seems to be popular over on instagram
my wardrobe turned pantry is almost ready to be stocked (although i’m loving the empty white space)
my favorite salsa in a blender

life is feeling a bit random these past few weeks.  i can’t seem to keep focus on anything longer than 5 minutes with the back to school routine and sports.  i think i might be entering a new stage in which i feel like my kids secretary.  good thing i have some serious administrative assistant experience.  anyhow, i’m just glad it’s the weekend!  aren’t you?

click through for my salsa recipe + my fave links this week

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if your house is anything like mine than snack time is pretty much all the time.  i try my best to stick to a morning and afternoon snack for the littles, but if they had their way they would graze all day.  and, somehow in our house, the word snack has become synonymous with bowl.  i think that might be because in their minds bowl is also synonymous with more.

and speaking of bowls, our favorites are these darling little doggy bowls from uncommon goods.  they are just the right size for snack portions and for making snack time extra special.  don’t you have certain dishes or patterns you remember from your childhood?  i think these will be a memory for mine.

and yes, i have snack time too.

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09.10.2013 / la la loving


this unfussy kitchen.  i’ve been neglecting the idea of a table cloth for too long.


if it can’t be chocolate than it has to be meringues.  minis, indeed.


all of this.  i still don’t think i’d probably ever get a tattoo but this makes me want to scribble on my arms. quote_-la-la-lovely

couldn’t be anymore true.  think about it ‘ol sport!

floral chandelier _ la la lovely

this pretty little floral chandy . . . perfect for the breezy last days of summer.

 what are you loving this week?