October 15, 2014


when it comes to online shopping, i really like shopbop.  they have a lot of my favorite brands all in one place, quick shipping, easy returns, editor’s picks + a gift boutique when i need some good ideas and inspiration.

i’ve been wanting to accessorize with any of the above for awhile now.  how fun is the unicorn purse?

frye slouch boots / double stone earrings/ black zipper booties / unicorn purse / dainty tear drop ring / high tops (these are cute too) / eyelash eye mask /

and,  this claire v. messenger bag is my fave.  i have it black and keep trying to find a reason to get it in another color.

i’m sharing some favorites for fall inspiration (next), but also because shopbop is having a maaaajor friends + family sale - 25% off your entire order!  here are a few pieces i’m la la loving.


black a asymmetrical coat / plaid blue overcoat /  grey open cardigan / twin palms tee / ombre stripe cardigan / camel tunic / checker coat / green + black zipper coat / starry blouse / straight black coat

i just ordered the black coat zipper coat (above) and these black leather paneled leggings.

what about this midi dress if your needing something a little fancy (i wish i was).

just use the code : FAMILY25 for a 25% discount off your entire order.


p.s. my fave brands to shop on shopbop are:

claire vivier / favorite bags
madewell / favorite everything
frye / favorite boots
vita fede + gorjana (for jewelry)
splendid - best t-shirts + great sweaters

so shop to it, lovelies.

October 14, 2014


this neutral and serene bathroom at the hotel predi son jaumell  located in the mediterranean


this instax instant smartphone printer.  def on my wish list.  we have the instax mini camera + love it.


socks with birks.  i’m loving it because i used to do it…and well, it was only a matter of time until this started happening again.  would you?  could you?  did you?


erin’s line  with lunya.  coolest pajama pants ever + more.  also on my wish list.


this quote about autumn.  which i’m like 99% sure i posted last year, too.  but, it’s that right.


moody weather.   weather it be in scotland or my own backyard.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?

October 13, 2014


a few weeks ago i ran a half marathon.  some of you knew i was training.  training and trying, is really more like it.  i was never a runner (except for that time in jr. high) or had a desire to be.  the idea of any kind of race never even raced through my mind.  never ever was i one of those people that thought it would be cool to run a a marathon or mark it off a list.  but, in may, i did some list making with friends and a half marathon made the list, just waiting to be marked off in a few short months.

the training was tough and so time consuming.  the movement in my body and my brain.  running was always on my mind.  but, when i was actually running, my mind was on the moment.  while i did a lot of huffing and puffing and worked on wishing my way out of some of those specific moments, when i finally found my groove and my breath (which for me was two short breaths in and one long breath out) the moments of the past day, week, and all the days ahead that occupied my mind at all times drifted right out and i came upon clarity.  this made me love running.  pounding the pavement was pondering.  and, pondering tends to lead me to purpose.

i made it to the milwaukee half marathon and was super nervous.

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October 9, 2014


sometimes on a thursday you dream about kitchens that could be or maybe just ooh and ahh over ones that already are.  when i, recently, saw beth kirby’s, (local milk), new kitchen on remodlista, i did some ooh and ahhing and followed up with some dreaming.  this kitchen is just so good.  beth’s kitchen was a basic builder version until the jersey ice cream co , a full service design and construction team stepped in.  the attention to detail is insanely good.


i can’t stop thinking in detail about how i’d like the the jersey ice cream company to come add their magical touch to my kitchen.

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October 7, 2014


vines growing up the wall, indoors, as seen on planet deco.  why don’t more people do this!



this quote about travel via anoukb.  travel is the best decor in my home.  we have a similar styled quote on our wall, but i adore the size (it’s actually pretty small) and the placement of this one, wrapped around a corner.


coats and combats.  i’m on the lookout for a new coat and well i guess i’ve got combat boots on the brain.


coconut ice cream sundaes.  thank you, the jewels of new york for this perfectly delicious idea.


amy merrick’s photos of scotland.  i’ve got to get there one day.  i mean, really.  my great grandma was from scotland and i only think it would be right to see some of my heritage.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?