04.02.2014 / wear / gratitude


i’m still wearing sweaters and wishing that it was warmer.  my red polished, summer-time ready, toes are hiding out in depths of blue and aqua fuzzy socks that look look like the sea and remind me that i’m far from it.  i’m housebound in the middle of the country.  although, truth be told, i’m concerned about warming my soul more than my winter white arms.  souls can get cold, you know.  they don’t always send a shiver or create prickly bumps to let you know they are getting cold, chilly, or, almost even, frozen.  it happens, usually, when you are not paying attention.  or when something is taking all of your attention.  so much so that one day, while your at your kitchen sink, just washing crusty and dinner caked dishes, you all of sudden realize you suddenly don’t feel much at all.  numb is the temperature of soul cold.  i’m no expert.  i’m only a student myself, and this past year has been a schooling in subjects i didn’t know i’d be subjected to.  learning lessons i didn’t even know needed learning.  and, un-learning things i wasn’t even aware that i had learned, a long the way.  this week it’s clear that i’ve stumbled into the class where the cirriculum calling is gratitude.

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04.01.2014 / la la loving


indoor / outdoor living.  i think it would be pretty amazing to live in a home where you could just basically open up a wall.  i’m loving everything about this home which is featured in the book The Inspired Home Nests of Creatives (on my wish list).  click read more to see the room with the track door up (sigh).

beautiful things quote

this quote from walter mitty, ” beautiful things don’t  ask for attention.”  this was the line i wish i would have written down when watching the movie.  i couldn’t quite remember the line exactly but i couldn’t get away from remembering the idea . . .  and then, look cocorrina created this beautiful desktop image and it found it or it found me.  i love this thought so much, and i couldn’t agree more.  true beauty doesn’t look for attention.


this photograph.  what do you see when you look at it?  i wonder who is really living.  the ones being watched below or the ones who took the ride?

wildley raw

the wildley raw instagram feed.  kelly is kirsten’s cousin and i dream of eating healthy when i spy her feed.  i also secretly wish that she could ship me food everyday.  this is an insta must follow.  who are you loving on instagram these days?


mr. selfridge.  anyone else watching.  i’m a total pbs nerd.  and, don’t tell anyone, but so is mr. lovely.  he may be wearing camo but he’ll watch pbs with me.

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what are you loving this week?

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03.25.2014 / currently still


it seems to me like a good number of you are at endings.   which really only means you are at a beginning.  maybe many beginnings.  sometimes before you get to those endings (that come with beginnings), you are stuck at the beginning of the end (i hope i’m making sense here).  a precipice.  waiting.  waiting.  waiting.  pacing. pacing. pacing.  feeling very real pangs of grief and sadness that somehow collide with disant raspy whispers of hope and wholeness.  a faint call to what could be.  maybe what you think should be.  but, certainly an invitation to tomorrow.

this beginning of the end.  it can be a terrible place to be.  because beginning of the ends are really just another name for a place called waiting.  in the waiting place you may sit and wait.  or you may sit and stew.  sometimes you sit and come up with 100 and 99.5 things to do.  things you are sure need doing and your the one to get them done.  and just as you feel 1000% inspired, you wake up the next day with brain freeze that you only wish came from mint chocolate chip ice cream.  you feel physically overwhelmed at the thought of doing SOMEthing, because all you think you can manage is NOthing.  and, when you are ready for SOMEthing you can’t separate it from EVERYthing.  you can’t come up with words, designs, or dinner.  one day you’ll write the 100 and 99.5 list of things to do and the next day the grocery list completely daunts you.

i wish i had a solution.  i’m kind of there too.  but, solutions aren’t always answers or fool proof.  the one thing i know is that this a place.  and the thing about places is that they are for coming and going.  so while you might have stopped for now, you certainly won’t stay.  on the days when you feel like you could run, then run.  run till you can’t catch your breath.  on those freezing, frozen can’t move an eyelids kind of days, let yourself do, just, that.  don’t try to run, you’ll just go in circles.  don’t try to race because these are days you just can’t catch your pace.  just sit and be still and don’t do what doesn’t need to be done.   there are days where you should do NOthing, so tomorrow you have strength for SOMEthing.  and day by day you’ll probably find that you’ll pick up momentum  and you’ll be ready to think about EVERYthing and you’ll start tackling it ONEthing at a time.  you’ll get groove.  you’ll find your pace and you’ll be on to a very different place.

- – - -

i’m taking a little unintentional blogging break that somehow seemed to start last week.  my kids are on spring break and i think my mind is too.  rather than struggle for words and inspiration i’m just going to take some time to be still.  and, i’ll still be hanging out on instagram and pinterest, twitter and facebook too.  and, i’ll be back in this space soon too!

xo . t

03.18.2014 / la la loving


strap hangers.  brilliant and beautiful.


the idea of just taking off whatever it is that is weighing you down.  YES!!!!!!


watermelon grilled cheese.  another one of those crazy but probably crazy good ideas.


this foreigner wall hanging.  because simple is stunning.


crazy amounts of flowers in the kitchen (and all of these home flower arrangements ideas)

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what are you loving this week?

03.14.2014 / fave friday

tree wallpaper

happy friday.

i’m on my way to the city and i couldn’t be more excited.  i’ve had a bit of a melonchoic kind of week and change of scenery always helps.  i’m meeting up with the blogABLE gals that traveled to ethiopia this summer (the trip i didn’t end up going on decorated my heart in a beautiful way).  i cannot wait to meet these lovelies, FINALLY!  i know they are beautiful souls and i’m looking forward to a fun time and rich conversation.

ps- i’m loving this little hallway.  have always loved this wallpaper and that poster is right on!  i posted the kitchen from this home, earlier this week.  it’s all so good!


01 /  are you washing your face the right way?  surprise.  i wasn’t.  the face wash shown, is my fave + you can get it on sale here.

02 /   do you mind if your littles see you on the computer?  guilt be gone (after you read this).

03 /   what do you eat for lunch?  i’m always in a turkey sandwich stump.  how about these to un-stump?

04 /  a lovely  little something for st. patricks day.

05 / i’d like someone to make this for me this weekend.

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image via hege in france

03.13.2014 / stuck on staircases


don’t you love a good staircase?  i do.  i think partly because i don’t have one.  i grew up in a ranch style home, and as far back as i can remember, i knew that i wanted a two story house when i grew up.  funny enough, i still live in that ranch i grew up in.  so for now, i just like to dream of cool staircases for my one day some day house.

spiral staircase la la lovely

ever since i was little i wanted a spiral staircase.  don’t all little girls?  i feel like there was some show in the 80′s / 90′s where some girl had one?  maybe?  i can’t remember for sure, but i was for sure dreaming of one.


i have a disco ball in my living room, now.  so why shouldn’t my next house have disco stairs in my next?


these modern, yet delicate looks stairs are  a m a z i n g !


and lastly, i have loved his staircase for a very long time.  i came across this image in the book, the family at home when i frist started blogging and i still can’t shake this design.

which style is your favorite?  do you have stairs in your home with an interesting design?  do you prefer two story or one story homes?  do tell!

p.s. how about colorful exterior stairs?  and, how cool would it be to have a  secret drawer in your stairs?

images / my scandinavian home / dust jacket / things on the internet that are pretty / moorbay / the family at home

03.12.2014 / wear it / florals


i’m trying to usher in spring any way that i can.  it started with flowers in my home, floral wallpaper wishes, seeds in ice cream cones, and now i’m on to the idea of flowers in my wardrobe.   have you noticed that floral prints and patterns are on trend?  at least they are in my world.

a few weeks back, i was 90′s dreaming and wished i was wearing a floral dress with birkenstocks.  i’m still waiting to wear some great floral dresses, but at the moment pants are a great alternative.   i’m loving the idea of floral pants (or leggings) until the air is warm enough to bare those legs.

i’m adoring the floral jeans pictures above.  i love how the black breaks up the floral print.  i find that the pattern is not too over powering, yet the look is still bold, in all of the right kind of ways.  i’m especially loving the jeans paired with a fun and carefree t-shirt (i’m always up for new york), a cotton candy colored leather backpack (perfect for new york, yes?!) and comfortable stylish shoes (hey these work great for new york too!).

lets face it, the days of florals only being appropriate for spring and summer seasons are long gone.  today, you can wear floral pants (or any floral prints) in a variety of seasons and in a vareity of ways.

how about wearing florals like this?


you can dress up pretty florals with colorful pumps (coral is so gorgeous) for a full on sweet spring look.  when wearing florals in the warmer weather, a flowy tank top or blouse completes the look.   think light and airy and, surely, you will be good to go!

on the contrary . . .


if the weather is still frosty and there is a chill in the air, then opt to layer shirts, chunky sweaters and even your favorite pair of boots for a cozier look.  this style is a great way to carry you over between the winter and spring seasons!  and, if you are thinking of layering with your florals, think about including a chambray shirts.   chambray shirts look simply divine paired with floral patterns (and are so comfy, to boot).

patterns can sometimes be a little frightening and/or overpowering.  if you fall into that way of thinking and find floral pants to be a little too much for your taste, have you considered floral accessories?  options range from handbags, scarves, jewelry and my favorite . . . floral shoes to pack a punch.

have you incorporated florals into your wardrobe?  i would love to hear how you have incoporated florals into your wardrobe or how you’d like to.




image / the electric / brunette blogging

article in collaboration

03.11.2014 / la la loving

dining area

this dining space in a small kitchen (loving  the whole house, really).

seeds in ice cream cone

growing seeds in ice cream cones.  spring + summer = love.


this girl in these overalls.  you guys, i have a very vivid memory of wearing overalls with a striped shirt under them (thank you gap, circa 1997).  i was in belgium for a very long layover, where i had my first chocolate croissant and for some strange reason had my hair washed and blow dried (before dry bar was probably even an idea).  i’m not sure why i chose to do that except maybe i had been in africa for 10 days or maybe i thought it would be super cool to get my hair done in europe?  i suppose i’ll never know the why, but the memory is all kinds of crystal clear. i just wish i would have looked as cool as this girl.


banana bread brie and chocolate grilled cheese.  ummm this is so wrong it has to be right.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?