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July 14, 2015

Summer Reading List by La La Lovely

It’s been too long since I’ve shared what I’ve been reading.  It’s not that I haven’t been reading.  I have been reading a lot.  My habbit of reading in multiples (at least three at at time) would be a really hard one for me to break.  I feel it would be likened to limiting yourself to

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June 26, 2014


let’s talk books.  it’s been awhile (last post here).  i’ve always got a book or two or four going, so i thought it would be a good time to catch up.  and after all, summer is the best for reading.  don’t you think?  while i’m sharing what i’ve read recently / am reading.  i’d love to hear what you’ve been reading and whats on your list.

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January 16, 2014


clearly, i like books.  they might be my favorite thing to shop for.  books and beauty products, probably.  and, when it comes to books i’m a two timer.  i usually have a few books going at a time.  this can be bothersome, at times, but it works for me.  i tend to always have some sort of fiction going along with an inspirational or personal growth book (or should we just say, self help).  with that, i’m also always thumbing through cook books, magazines, and anything designing i can get my hands on.

without a doubt, i still prefer reading an actual book.  long live print – – books, magazines and newspapers.   there is just something magical, and now, seemingly, old fashioned about holding a book, and turning it’s crinkly inky pages.  i love everything about the tactile experience.  i do read on my iPad when i’m traveling, on the treadmill, or if i want to stay up way late and read a book in bed.  i have found that when it comes to personal growth / self help books i always prefer print because i love to underline, write thoughts, and just mark the heck out of it.  for quick easy reading fiction the iPad is great.


click through to see what i’m reading and have currently read:

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as you may know, google reader is going buh-bye as of july 1st.  i used google reader, kind of.  i followed a lot of blogs and then never really read the posts.  i am one of those, that a lot of times, goes directly to the blogger’s site.  and, i sign up for a few e-mail subscriptions of my absolute faves, so i don’t miss a thing.

in case your wondering, i tried feedly and bloglovin.  i really liked the aesthetic of feedly but found i preferred using it on my iPad.  what i also found was that i wasn’t really reading my subscriptions again, like google reader, and just would end up marking everything as “read.”  i did, however, start keeping up again with blogs on bloglovin.  first, i get an e-mail with all my subscriptions, which kind of works for me.  i can’t help but take a peek.  and, if i read from the site directly i really like the way it previews (a little more visual like a facebook feed).  what i also like about bloglvin is that it gives bloggers the pageviews and you can comment directly on bloglovin.  ok, even better, you can pin to pinterest directly from bloglovin!   if you’ve been following la la lovely on google reader you can switch here:

+ La La Lovely on BLOGLOVIN
+ La La Lovely on FEEDLY

*and, if you are new to Bloglovin’ than here is a really helpful tutorial.  also, it is SUPER easy to transfer over all the blogs you read (move your google reader rss feed to bloglovin) to bloglovin.  just follow these directions.  takes 2 minutes.  promise!   happy weekend, friends!  xo

(click on through for fave friday links)

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Bringing Up Bebe   / The Paris Wife /  The Happiness Project  / Taming Your Family Zoo  / BagParis in Color

Say, what are you reading these days?  As, almost, always, I have about 5 books going at once.  All the while wondering if I, ever, will finish just one of them.

I like reading all kinds of books (and magazines, of course).  I suppose the two types that I read the most are fiction and self help (or personal growth type books).  I know many a people that only read “learning” books and then others that can only be found with fiction (really bad fiction-ahem) in hand.

When, I’m feeling major stressed or overwhelmed I always reach for a book which transports me from my everyday into another time or a faraway place.  And right now, I am definitely in that mode (more on that later).  I just finished this book, which was an easy escape.  It would certainly seem that I’m stuck in Paris mode as I’m torn between this and this.

Do you have books that you always return to?  All time favorites?  I hate picking favorites but for me it’s Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.  And speaking of classics, which do you recommend?  I love reading old books (when I’m not too tired, that is).

So tell me what are you currently reading?  What you have you recently read?  And what do you want to read?  Any books that have been life changing or game changers?  I’m completely fascinated by people’s choice in reading as I think you can learn a lot about a person by what they read.  And summer reading is upon us, now isn’t it.

For more books la la loves follow along here.

*I think whether you read from an actual book or an e-reader you def need a cool bag to tote your materials in and I happen to love this one.