October 19, 2016


Here’s what I’m I’m la la loving this week . . .

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October 13, 2016


Here’s what I’m I’m la la loving this week . . .

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October 11, 2016

the-skin-we-are-in As I’m inching closer to forty I’m starting to feel more comfortable in my skin. I’m owning my lines, the years I’ve lived, from the inside out and on the outside with products that help my grooves glow.


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October 5, 2016


You and me. This past year when I’ve looked at your face I’ve seen mine. Not mine now, but mine then. Chipmunk cheeks, a gap-toothed grin, freckles sprinkled across a button nose. It’s strange and amazing to look at the kid you never saw in the mirror.

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Here’s what I’m la la loving for littles this week . . .

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