January 6, 2015


this space.  fort beds forever.  barbies in the chandelier, why not.  i love the playfulness of it.

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January 5, 2015

la la love you_La La Lovely

i’m one of those who has been writing goals and lists and dreams and things since i was in my teens.  it’s possible i was taught by omission.  without knowing what i was reading, almost daily, i saw my dad’s written goals, lists and dreams – always highlighted in yellow and underlined in red.  they were hanging out on desks and nightstands and tucked away in books.  written on notecards,  legal pads, dog eared book pages and most assuredly memorized in his mind.  he never really taught me his method, but i somehow memorized it. and, after all, some things are just inherent.

in my early twenties i worked for, leadership guru, john c. maxwell and really learned the art of writing down goals.  i’ve been working this method ever since.  writing goals, dreams, and intentions for specific areas of my life (family, physical, spiritual, etc.) and being specific about resources for my growth by listing books, teachings, conferences i’d like to attend and so forth.  this way has worked well for me.  although, i don’t always keep my list in front of me, i’m always amazed at how things seem to happen.  this year i actually did pretty terrible at crossing things off my list.  but, the things that matter most,

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December 24, 2014


merry christmas, lovelies.

i hope your holidays season has been merry and bright.  i’m sorry that i have been missing from this space.  i hadn’t planned to be take such a long blogging break, but sometimes life has plans of its own.  you live life, and sometimes life lives all over you.  maybe in happy, overwhelming, joyful days or heartbreaking, unplanned, unpredictable kind of ways.   wearing you thin or riding the skies.  life lives, days do their doing, and time ticks on.  and, sometimes you find yourself stopping everything that can be stopped, and for me that was blogging.  i’ll be back after the new year.  i’ve missed you all and this space where inspiration flows and words work their way out.

my prayer is that you have the happiest christmas and new year.  a christmas wrapped up love.  the unconditional love that this very heaven sent holiday is all about.  if you have family hold them close and give thanks.  and, if you find yourself alone or missing ones that you still feel should be by your side, then i pray that you would rest in a heavenly love.  a love so strong that even death cannot separate.  love that says i chose you.  i choose you.  i picked you.  i’ve adopted you as my own.  you will never be alone again.  you are the apple of my eye.  your name is engraved on the very palm of my hands.  i love you with an everlasting love.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”  Isaiah 9:6

if you need someone to listen or don’t know what to do – Wonderful Counselor

if you lack the love of a father, or never had it at all, you’ll find protection, provision, security, identity, unconditional love – Everlasting Father

if you cannot find rest and you feel very afraid, unsure and unsettled – Prince of Peace

and, may your new year shine and sparkle with hope.  hope for new beginnings.  whatever beginnings you heart is holding out for.  tuck away this last year.  put it to rest, only remembering it’s lessons and it’s light.  let the dark parts fade into the dark winter night and bid it goodbye.  farewell.  adios.  see ya later.  no never again.  let go and live.  live the life you dream of.

i’m believing that your best days are ahead of you, lovelies.  mine too.

xo . t


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December 15, 2014


i had big plans for many gift guides this year.  however, sometimes life has other plans.  so, i’ve come up with one guide with my absolute favorites.  some for her, for him and for the littles.  if you are still shopping, like me, then i hope some of these suggestions are a help.

1/ the able scarf  – i heart this scarf designed by erin loechner for fashionABLE.  it’s beautiful.  the heart behind it is beautiful.  the future it helps bring women in ethiopia is beautiful.

2 / ice cream truck play tent  - play tents rock and this retro looking ice cream truck one rocks my socks off.

3 / cafe lunch set -  this is on my wish list.  i love to take toast and tea in bed.

4 / klhip ultimate clipper - these award winning stainless steel nail clippers offer better ergonomics + effortless clipping.

5 / yeti yoga mat - prettiest yoga mat we’ve ever seen.  and, if yoga is on your new year’s list, like ours, then this is a great gift to get or give.

6 / the book bag -  if you love bags and you love books, and print is your  favorite (my hand is up for all three).  long live print is what we say!

7 / corso como maci booties - i, for one, think a girl can never have too many booties.  i love the zipper detail on this black pair.

8 / x3 watering can - functional gifts are a-ok, when they are gorgeous.  this watering can is a winner.

9 /  flybar foam master pogo stick - fun for boys, girls and parents who still like to jump around.

10 / pipsticks sticker club / because this 80′s kid la la love’s the idea of getting super cool stickers in the mail each month.  like, let’s bring stickerbooks back!

11 / on the other hand clock / love the modern look of this wall clock.  for him.  for her.  for everyone and anyone who loves good design and always wants to know the time.

for stockings i love tattly temporary tattoos ( the air quotes are my favorite ) and all of these picks from the land of nod.

more gift guides here!

and, tell me what gifts are giving, hoping to get or just loving this year?

November 25, 2014


this maze colored throw from lu lu & georgia.  it’s one i’m giving + got for myself.  don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a $100 gift card to lu lu & georgia (ends today).  


lauren conrad’s new hair (which is even shorter now).  i took this in for inspiration when i got my hair done this week.  didn’t quite go as light, but i’m still feeling the urge to.



marshmallows in coffee!  why didn’t i think of that?  but, thank you whoever did.


this little poem.  i believe the mind + heart are like a garden.  i really do.  do you have a favorite poet?  i want to read more poetry.


this unique holiday wreath.  it kind of reminds me of a mini version of my DIY yarn art with a holiday festive flair.

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what are you loving this week