03.11.2014 / la la loving

dining area

this dining space in a small kitchen (loving  the whole house, really).

seeds in ice cream cone

growing seeds in ice cream cones.  spring + summer = love.


this girl in these overalls.  you guys, i have a very vivid memory of wearing overalls with a striped shirt under them (thank you gap, circa 1997).  i was in belgium for a very long layover, where i had my first chocolate croissant and for some strange reason had my hair washed and blow dried (before dry bar was probably even an idea).  i’m not sure why i chose to do that except maybe i had been in africa for 10 days or maybe i thought it would be super cool to get my hair done in europe?  i suppose i’ll never know the why, but the memory is all kinds of crystal clear. i just wish i would have looked as cool as this girl.


banana bread brie and chocolate grilled cheese.  ummm this is so wrong it has to be right.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?


03.07.2014 / fave friday









well, how do you do this week, lovelies?

we had a week of doing things like going to king burger in a snow storm (as in burger king, in which we found 2 hairs in one kids size french fries – eww ), driving an hour to cabella’s to see taxidermy animals, and watching way too much tv (kids screaming, “i want that, i want that” every time a commercial comes on – i suppose we will have to tv detox once its warm enough to leave our cave).  the ground is still white and the winds are still howling.  winter is still doing its thing here in the mid-west.

but, flowers lifted my spirits again.  on one of our drives we stopped into trader joes (which is no where near our house) and i had to grab a bouquet.  the photos are making me just as happy as the flowers themselves, actually.   rocco had fun shredding a few, but as i’m learning . . . there is beauty in the broken.

are you all surviving winter?  go ahead, rant and rave and tell me how you are surviving.  i’d love to know.

if you need to, take a drive, take a bath, pick up your favorite magazine, buy some flowers and light a tropical candle.  just don’t listen to your toddler when they say they want to go to king burger.  you might find out, like we did, that they only wanted to go for the chocolate milk?!!!!!

happy weekend!

ps- a few ways to beat the winter blues.


01 /  18 things highly creative people do differently.  do you consider yourself creative after reading this?

02 /  you now know how i feel about toast…naturally i was excited to see these toast recipes this week.

03 /  have you tried chia seed pudding?  after seeing it in giada’s book, its been on my mind.  i’m going for it this weekend.

04 /  do you use yoga apps?  here are some suggested ones if you are wanting to try like me.

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03.06.2014 / floral wallpaper


this wallpaper!  i’ve been swooning over cupcakes + cashmere’s new powder room (below) for the past week.  mostly the wallpaper.  like, can’t get it out of my mind, it’s so gorgeous, i really want it, kind of swooning.


the pattern is called dark floral and is by designer ellie cashman, who lives in the netherlands and is, clearly, inspired by all of the beautiful flowers there (must get to the netherlands – - on my to do list).


this black and white beauty is called moonlight meadow black and it is pretty perfect.


and, it’s no wonder . . . because, i’ve been loving this large scale floral pattern on mokkasin (one of my all time favorite homes!), for some time now, too.  this one is by mr. perswall.

what do you think?
would you use a large floral pattern in your home?  what room would you put it in?

images / ellie cashman designcupcakes + cashmere / mokkasin

03.04.2014 / la la loving


victoria’s updated kitchen.  so many good details happening in such a small space.


moody nude and gray rings of saturn by jennifer ament.  i heart this art.


the idea of making my own vanilla espresso almond butter because my love for this stuff is getting costly.


another way to work with yarn.  a diy wall hanging.


erin’s savory snack that involves perking up your popcorn

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

ps – don’t forget to enter the sonnet james giveaway.  today is the last day!

03.03.2014 / beginning



hi lovelies…..just a little thought for your monday!

i’m not a fan of endings (unless it is a 973 page book that i’ve labored over or a day that has been hurried and harried and covered in peanut butter and jelly).  i usually tend to see endings in a most melancholy way.  but, what if endings are really just beginnings in disguise?  i understand the thought might not work on every this or that, but… if you think about it, it might mend your thoughts just a bit and perhaps even put a little hope in your heart for the possibility of a new beginning.  if you are at an end and find that your eyes are a little blurry and your heart is finding hope foreign or forgotten, don’t be alarmed because endings, especially really big ones, can feel that way (perhaps with big endings, come big beginnings).  sometimes you just need someone to come along side of you and stand there with you.  and, over time, you will begin to feel a little less foggy and the idea of a beginning won’t frustrate or frighten you.  it will be strange, but you may find it might just excite you.

if you are at an end, then i hope these words will stand beside you and stick with you and drop a little hope in your heart.

02.28.2014 / fave friday



happy friday, lovelies!  i think the cold and snow is really starting to get to me.  and, there is only more coming.  instead of lamenting, i’m just going to look forward to it being the weekend.  see those jammies in the first photo?  they are by duffield lane and i don’t think i’m going to come out of them all weekend!  they are super comfy (as in you will want to wear them every night and probably all day too) and the whole point of their designs are that they are more like lounge wear and no problem if the UPS man comes to your door or you have to run out to get your mail.  all though, my whole neighborhood has probably seen me in my robe, this is a way better option.

and, the chocolate…..my hubby was at the corporate offices for vosges chocolates (otherwise known as the chocolate temple!) this week and came home with a stash.  i usually hide their candy in my closet (for reals) but since there is plenty i thought i needed to see stack it pretty in my pantry (which i’m going to share with you all soon).  i pretty much decided that a well stocked pantry – at least mine – should have an entire shelf dedicated to chocolate.  no?

before, we part for the weekend i wanted to take a moment to say thank you to this month’s amazing sponsors, who truly, help keep this blog going.  be sure to check out the beautiful products they have to offer.

shed eclectic home

duffield lane

and, don’t forget to enter the sonnet james giveaway!

ps- sponsorship slots for march are now open.  if you are interested in partnering, let me know.  i always love learning about new brands and products!


01 /  i like the looks of this starry manicure.

02 /   i feel like i live in antartica so why not way cool antartica art?

03 /  i’m making time to listen to this talk on vulnerability this weekend.

04 /  have you ever drank nutella?  because, i for one, think this is a great idea.

05 /  my absolute fave scarves just came out with their spring collection.

06 /  do you use placemats or table cloths or nothing at all?  i’m up for these.

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02.27.2014 / happy spots




01 / a super simple daybed (this one is actually in a garden)

02 / a chair wildly surrounded by scattered greens and stacks of books

03 / a hanging daybed in a sea of white

it’s been awhile since i’ve done a happy spots post.  while i like to have entire rooms that make me happy i find it much easier to start by making spots, nooks, corners, and areas just as i like them.  focusing on smaller spaces is much more doable for me and i find that i then sometimes come up with bigger ideas based upon one little spot.

i’d be super happy to hang out in any of these spots on a regular basis.

what spot would make you most happy this week?

images: design sponge / tokokaelo /lauren conrad


remember sonnet james?  the super darling play dresses for playful mom’s.  i can’t quite figure which is more beautiful . . . the dresses themselves or the concept behind them.  the whole idea is that beautiful clothing should work for moms and that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of your next adventure.



i don’t know about you, but i’m up for the right dress (sorry yoga pants!) and an adventure!

well, here is some lovely news . . .

sonnet james is kindly offering one lucky reader a dress and hat of your choice!


here is how you can enter to win :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

now all you need is an idea for an adventure.  no worries, i can help with that too.  suggestions, anyone?

seriously, i think these dresses are pretty fabulous (i’m adding one to my wish list) and i’m all for supporting other women who are encouraging momma’s to play and feel beautiful while doing so!  way to go, whitney!

and, hey – to see the most adorable video (that i wish i was in – ha) click through :

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