November 7, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.

how cute is this leaf mobile?  if you are still in the mood for a little fall decorating, like me, this might be fun to make.  i was at the mall last night and they were playing christmas music.  i’m just not down with that.  can’t thanksgiving have some space?  i like to think of myself as a plan aheader, but when it comes to holidays i’m not.  thinking about it stresses me out, if i’m honest.  so i basically put it off until it’s right in front of me.  what about you?  and, since thanksgiving is right in front of us, i’m getting excited for that holiday first.  do you have any traditions when it comes to thanksgiving?  we tend to make the same thing over and over again and i think i’d like to incorporate a few new menu items.  do you try new recipes every year or stick to the tried and true?  i like the good old carb standbys (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc), but i’d love to add some new fresh and fun dishes in the way of salads and veg.

well, before there is thanksgiving, there is this weekend!  we don’t have any major plans except for a date nate, maybe a family movie night and hopefully our first fire.  it’s starting to get soo cold here!  and, just i’m hoping to disconnect a bit more this weekend.  to try to be aware of the stare.  i so enjoyed the conversation we started on connecting to connect and feeling disconnected (read here).  would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

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01 /  your fear is the most boring thing about you.

02 / have you tried contouring?

03 / ever wonder what type of white upholstery fabric holds up best?  

04 /  i just downloaded a pretty floral watercolor for my desktop + mobile.

05 /  remember when i crushed on this office?  well, here is a DIY for the wallpaper panels.

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image : caitlin mcginnis

November 6, 2014


these rooms belong together.

a perfect pairing for under the same roof.  formally informally with a touch of  turquoise.  first, a living room with mismatched art, a modern sofa, and traditional rug and ottoman.  then take a stroll down the long turquoise colored hall, stop and look at what books are on the shelf (because you can learn a lot about a person by what is on their bookshelf), and surprise…it’s a secret door to the kitchen.  the kitchen that is rustic, and warm and bright, letting in a large amount of natural light along with the breeze, no doubt, coming off the turquoise sea.

wouldn’t you love a secret door like that?  it’s going in my one day some day house.  yes…secret doors and dutch doors.

i’m kinda digging these “these rooms” posts.  what about you?  maybe i should start a little series?

images: the design filesthe house home / the design files

November 5, 2014


i do a lot of things online.  i never thought trying on glasses would be one of them.  mostly, because i don’t wear glasses, but also because . . . who knew it was a thing?

about a year ago my eyes were hurting and i couldn’t figure out why.  i thought it could be from headaches.  maybe my sinuses  probably stress.  lastly, i figured i should get my eyes checked.  so i went.  and, i stressed (i’d rather go to the dentist then the eye dr. – i know).  and, found out my 20/20 days were  behind me.  my vision wasn’t terrible and my eyes stopped hurting so i let myself forget all about it,  until a year later when it happened all over again.  this time, i decided i should probably fill that prescription, after all.  not long after this year’s appointment i was introduced to DITTO, a online shop for prescription glasses and sunglasses, with a virtual try on feature.   i thought this would be a really fun way to try on glasses and purchase a pair.  they have such a great selection of designer glasses.

the process was fun.  first you create a DITTO, which is a video of your face (taken from your computers webcam).  this isn’t just a photo it’s like a moving photo.  you can turn your face from side to side, so you can see your profile not just straight on.  i kind of felt like max headroom, my 80′s friends.   then you get started trying on tons of designer glasses.  what i loved most was that i could just screen shot my favorites and send them to my friends to have them help narrow it down and pick the best look.

in fact, once i got going, my mom, who was looking for new glasses (unlike me, she has been wearing glasses all her life) wanted to give DITTO a try too.

we were constantly sending our DITTO’S back and forth over text and e-mail.  these were a few of our favorites.



want to see what which ones we picked?


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November 4, 2014


venetian mirrors.  especially when mixed with modern.  first saw this look in london at jamie oliver’s restaurant.   i still love my venetian mirror in my living room.


pretty eyeliner and fresh makeup.


a cottage covered in ivy.  i could only imagine the stories that might come out of my head if this is where i sat.


autumn avocado toast.  you know i love toast the most.


this robert frost quote.  keep going.  you never know how close you are to out.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?

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November 3, 2014


do you ever feel disconnected, and so you over connect?  as in over connect online?  as in scroll through instagram or facebook looking at the same photos repetitively while repetitively you are looking for something . . . more?

i’ve noticed i’ve developed this habit when i’m feeling a little less then.  less then myself.  less then a wife.  less then a mom.  less then a daughter.  less then a friend.  less then connected, maybe?  last week i spent a lot of time at home, on the couch, not feeling well.   saying no to things i already had said yes to.  missing what i was about to miss out on.  disconnected.  not getting anything done and gorging my eyes on everything that everyone was getting done and getting to do.  the week before i was super connected by way of a conference (a summit, really), and also with my family.   even last week, when i thought i was feeling better, i had the best coffee date with friends where we didn’t talk about anything superficial only official spill your heart state of the union kind of connecting.  i really shouldn’t have felt disconnected, but i did.  i do.  and, so i started to scroll.  there is the compare that can come from the stare, but many times, for me, it’s not even that.  i’m just hanging on to hang out or something of the sort.  maybe this is all sounds strange or strangely similar.  all i know is that being super connected sometimes makes me feel most disconnected.  i’m not sure the solution.  if i switch off, stash the scroll or what.  but, i’m wondering if i’m alone here?

it’s just that, we connect to connect, don’t we?   but, connecting (online) when we feel disconnected will never make us feel connected - completely.


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