4 Practical Ways to Recoup a Bad Day via La La Lovely Image : Little Girl Blue on Flickr

I don’t know your good day to bad day ratio.  I’m not sure if things easily set you off kilter, or if aint no body gonna slow you down (oh no, I’ve got to keep on movin’ – 80’s friends sing on).  I can only guess what your last week looked like and how you might be starting off this week.

But, what I am certain of is that we all have days where we would like to crawl back under the covers, seasons where things are trying, and moments where are moods are messing with us.

I’m really trying to pay attention to myself, lately.  And, by that I mean I’m looking for patterns and trying to put my finger on what things trigger or change my mood (for both the good and the bad).

For instance, I’m learning that I get frustrated, which in turn makes me grumpy, when I’ve put together a plan and I can’t work it out as planned.  When I stop to think about it, this should be no new revelation.  I was like this as a teenager.  Now, my everyday plans (to get this done or accomplish that, etc) get interrupted on the hour because….children!   And, life doesn’t solely revolve around me, as I thought it did when I was a teenager (oy!).  Sadly, adaptability is not a strength of mine (have you done a Strengths Finder Test?).  Likely, not getting bent out of shape when my planning does, will be a life long work of mine.  When we identify patterns and personality traits about ourselves we then have the information we need to find practical ways to better our days and ourselves, in general.

Whatever it is that sets your mood or day in the wrong direction, here are four practical ways to recoup a bad day :

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Power Packed Morning Smoothie Recipe | La La Lovely Blog

So, do you make smoothies?  It seems like everyone is slurping down some kind of smoothie these days.   There are so many to try, and I do, but mostly I keep coming back to this one.  Ideally, I like to try have this every morning for breakfast (at least on week days).  Some days, however, I crave something warm (like oatmeal) and in turn whizz this up for a power packed lunch, and it’s a great afternoon pick me up.

Here is what’s in my power packed smoothie . . . .

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Psalm 37

I don’t know how to start this post.  I’ve tried like 20 different ways.  One way starts out telling you how I turned 38 last week.  And, that it was a difficult week.  A week where getting groceries felt like a ginormous task and the only thing that felt small was me. Another way I begin was by telling you of a verse in the Bible that found me last November.  One that keeps coming back month after month, in way after way.  Both feel like odd ways to start and not connected, but I suppose they are.

I felt like I should have been celebrating all last week.  Writing posts about birthday wish lists, the perfect cake recipe, and goals for the year ahead.  It wasn’t like that.  But, life isn’t always like a blog.  Life is real and raw and beautiful and sometimes awful and many times boring.  Maybe you have felt this way.  Maybe even on a birthday week.

I do my best to try and dig deep on days and weeks like these.  Looking for treasures amidst feeling tapped out.  In the dark is where light shines brightest.  We either go straight towards it, like a fly, or bury our buzzing heads to cover our blurry eyes.

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July 28, 2015

Brass fixtures in a #kitchen via La La Lovely

I don’t know about you, but I’m still la la loving the brass trend.  Funny thing is, I have a good amount of brass in my master bath.  Not current brass, but the 90’s variety.  I loathed it, but now I’ve come to be cool with it.  Even, if it is a little too brassy.

I think brass works best when in the form of fixtures, whether we are talking lights or plumbing.  And, also in the form of little this and thats throughout the house.

Here are a few looks I like and few favorite pieces to shop, if you are keen to add a bit of brass into your domaine.

Brass Fixtures #bathroom


Brass #bed



Brass Kitchen

I love the idea of adding a brass bar in the kitchen with hooks to hang pots and utensils on.

Stay Awhile Wall #Hook via La La Lovely Blog

And, this little “Stay Awhile” hook is the perfect way to add just a little sweet brass something!

Are you still loving this trend?  Do you have any brass items or fixtures in your home?


Images via : Domaine Home / Miss Moss / Poppy Talk / Interiordesu / Urban Outfitters

Different and the Same

I live in a town where every place has a memory at the ready.

This morning it’s a blueberry scone and flavored coffee.  Before Starbucks there was this.  And, even before this, there was the Treat Shop.  I’d ride my royal blue ten speed and buy a taco.  I was ten.

Today, I am seventeen.  The taste of seventeen more potent then the blueberries that I bite into.  Memories stained way deeper then any stain the blueberries might make.  My thirty seven year old self greets the seventeen year old me, over coffee with a little less sugar and the same triangle shaped scone.  Wondering, was I more me then or am I more me now?  Do we become more ourselves or do we lose ourselves as we grow and stretch; bend and break?

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