this week we made it through a flooded basement, little mermaid tryouts, basketball, and valentines boxes. well, the basement is still in disaray, but the play parts are being assigned today and the valentines boxes have been brought in.  as usual, this “should be ahead of holidays” blogger is always behind (both on the blog and at home).  i procrastinate on my children’s homework just as much as i did my own.  i guess some things never change.  well the one thing that has changed is that the

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February 5, 2015


february is that month where winter white can turn to blue.  maybe it’s january for you?  or march that brings a bit of madness, realizing that you may have to wait all the way until may for some milder weather (if you live in the midwest, like me).  each year i’m trying to find new tricks to treat myself with when the blues bust down my door and beg me to pull the covers over my head.

last year there was this list of tries (many that do the trick).  this year there have been a few factors . . .

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February 3, 2015


houses on the wall.  and, how about that tennis racket for hanging this and thats.


yoga before bed.  basically, i just hop onto you tube and type in “bedtime yoga.”  don’t worry, nothing bad comes up.  i put some oils in my diffuser, take some deep breaths, stretch and relax in the ritual of it all.


raw brownies.  i did a 3 day detox last week and am trying to eat as clean as possible (which for me will probably look like 80/20).  i made these this weekend and they are so good, i’m off to the grocery to buy more of the of the ingredients (there are only 4).


karey mackin’s “let’s adventure” on instagram.  i la la love anything karey does because she is wizard with words.  her blog was my first favorite.  i still click over to her blog, wishing for more words, but i’ll take micro blogging on instagram and tell myself the longer strung letters are working their way into a book.  you can follow mackin ink here.


knot bags.  the clutches cooler cousin.  want.  need. wishing for.

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what are you loving this week?

February 2, 2015


it’s a crowded and cozy.  perhaps thats the best kind of description for winter.  the kids don’t get dressed for days, and i wear my robe like a bear wears its fur and extra fat.  we stay in and snuggle until we stir and stir and start acting like bears with a bite.  with no other choice we leave our den and do despearte things like taking toddlers to the mall, or kids to fancy restuarants we fancy.  anything to get out, which usually results in us rushing right back in.

i never wish winter away before it comes.  i welcome it.  embrace it.  appreciate it.  it’s quaint.  it’s quiet.  it’s a covering of fresh white.  until it’s dirty, half metled brown, bares all, crowded, and loud.

i find winter a time for warring with opposites.

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January 27, 2015


this gorgeous dining room.


a fresh and freckled face with the perfect winged eye.  i’ve got to get this skill down.


these words by martha graham.  “it is not your business to determine how goot it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares with other expressions.  it is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly….”


chocolate sauce!  this recipe is actually a healthy one with 3 ingredients.  i’m doing a 3 day detox (major headaches!) and dreaming of chocolate.  when i incorporate chocolate again, i’m thinking this is the way to go!

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what are you loving this week?