August 13, 2014


i have no tattoos.  i just admire them on blogs and pin them on pinterest.  i’ve always said i’d never get one.  it has just never felt like me.  but, sometimes i secretly want one.  lately, i’ve been drawing one on my wrist.  taking my favorite black inky pen and just drawing out a word.  the same word.  a reminder.  a promise.  if i ever got a tattoo, i’m certain it would be a word.  words are so important to me and carry so much meaning and weight.  i just worry i’d want to change my word from time to time.  and, i think my old lady self might not like a tattoo.

of course, today you don’t have to be so committal because there are super cool modern temporary tattoos that look real, like the “xo” in the photo above.  tattly is a fun place to look for designy ones and you can order really cool temporary tattoos on etsy.  there are even custom temporary tattoos.

here are two tattoos that i’m loving /


god’s peace written in swedish


smile in swedish

it’s funny to me that of all the word tattoos i’m drawn to, and mimic on my arm, the two i post are both in swedish.

do you have a tattoo?  would you ever get one?

when i was younger i thought if i ever got a tattoo it would be super small (so that thinking hasn’t changed) and i would get lady bug on my pinky toe.  i’m so glad i never went through with that.

however, i’m loving the super small finger tattoos….and anything in pairs like this.

would love to hear your tattoo stories!

image : blair badge /

August 12, 2014


my obsession with toast continues.  all the way through amsterdam.  apparently a normal toast topping is sprinkles.  i’ve been dreaming of amsterdam lately (i mean according to buzzfeed’s facebook test it’s the city i should live in).  this just adds to the interest and intrigue.  flowers + bikes + sprinkles = magic.  and, i am dutch, afterall.


traveling.  i’d like to take this old wagoneer for a wander through the desert.


this black and white tunic by vagabond.  i need this for fall.  line blocking has kicked chevron to the curb.  right?!


this fear quote.  fear is such a stopper.  stops you from doing things because you’re physically afraid.  stops you because it messes with you mentally.  stops you because you are certain you’ll do it wrong.  but, the more you try…the less you’ll be afraid.  you’ll make mistakes, but you’ll have feared less.


music by clean bandit.  it’s like mozart meets, 80′s english rock meets super mario brothers.  and, the videos.  weird. fascinating and cool.  take a listen, if you haven’t.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?


running, runners, and life livers.

you guys, i’m running.  this obsessive walker has been pounding the pavement.

i’ve hated running as long as i could remember.

last time i ran was jr. high when i joined the track team.  i joined to hang out with my friends and mostly because the boy i liked was on the track team (this is how jr. highers make decisions).  i hid behind the hurdles (it was just like 20 cheerleading jumps, instead of one).    but, eventually i had to run.  i wasn’t fast so the coach put me in long distance.  i huffed through the 800 meter at meets.  until, one day the one girl who ran the mile race had to go and get sick.  her name was violet.  violet made me sick that day, too, because in her absence, the coach said i had to run the mile.  i flat out told him no and then started crying (because that is what jr. high girls do when they want to get out of something + when they are scared).  he said i was capable and i had to.  i cried the whole 4 times around that gravely track.  probably walked some of it.  pretty sure i talked to myself, mumbled, complained, sang vanilla ice, and willed myself on.  but, i finished.

i’ve been running.

running_lalalovely 2

however, the only running i’ve done in recent years is, wishing i could run away from problems and things that just seem to hard to deal with.  i haven’t gotten far.  when you turn your back and take off, the problems don’t.  they have a way of keeping up with you and certainly slowing you down.  your path becomes circular and you find that you finish where you start and start over again.

over the past year, i’ve changed my course and instead of running from (or wasting days wishing i could run) i’m running head into.  dealing with this, dealing with that, letting the wind hit my face, pushing through the thick air that makes me move slow and breaks down my breath.

i was a runner.

now, a life liver.

it’s life living that got me running.  this course change i’ve made is not a noticeable life change (although over time, perhaps, it will be).  the acceptance that days aren’t just for making it through, but for living in.  small choices, little letting gos and long conversations.

one conversation, in particular, which was actually a planning meeting turned into truth talking.  talking about the ways some of us were one foot in front of the other really living life and how we were wishing for more of that (this is a whole other story – i’m sure i’ll share at some point).  out of this life living conversation came the idea to all run a half marathon together.  to do something that seemed pretty scary to us.  i said yes and thought of the consequences of that conversation later.  now, these days a lot of my life living entails running.


life living, running, and maybe turning  into a runner.

last week i said, “sometimes it just takes life and some living to know who you are at what you are made of.” 

i never in my life would have thought that this 5’3″ thing could run 6.5 miles, but i did it (and, oy, i’ve got a ways to go before this race).  things are getting real now.  the race is next month.  i have blisters all over my feet and the time it takes to run long distance is almost the most painful part.  honestly, this is helping me live one day at a time because if i think about what i have to do the next day or the next it’s too much.

have you ever done anything that seemed beyond what you thought you could ever do?  

p.s.  i’d love to hear from you runners, live livers and those that run.

if you love to run, tell me your secrets.  i’d even love to know what you like to wear, listen to, eat, etc.  i’ll take any advice.

i find that some days i feel pretty good and others i think i might die after just the first mile and half.

i’m currently running in the nike flyknit shoes. love them but thinking my flat feet might need something else or some kind of inserts?

images / nike / la la lovely instagram

August 8, 2014


how as your week been, lovelies?

i’ve been counting on august to be more relaxed and playful.  as many days by the pool as possible, fun outings, and book reading on the porch, in a hammock, or floating about in the pool.  although, there is that garage sale i’m supposed to have and that most annoying back to school shopping that i suppose there is no getting out of.  while my plan is a detailed one, it never seems to work out in that resting playing kind of way. responsibility always trumps rest and play for me (wouldn’t you know that responsibility was another result from my strength finders mentoring?  while it helps me to get things done it can be a bugger).   do you ever feel this way?

while i haven’t checked sitting by the pool off my list this week, i have spent time with friends.  i’ve had the gift of having one of my dearest friends home all summer.  but, it was goodbye this week as she is traveling back to her current home in cape town.  i hate goodbyes…or see you laters.  but, the bitter was met with some sweet when 2 other best kind of friends returned from a long trip and we were able to catch up and talk life.  as someone who can be a bit of a loner, lately, i’m finding how important close friends are.  and by close, i don’t mean proximity (some of my bestests live an ocean away.  thank god for voxer – my fave app).  i mean close as in you can skip the chit chat and talk about your cares, their cares and remind each other how much much god cares so individually for us.  treasure.

so, this weekend i’m wearing thankfulness, and treasuring time.  time with friends.  time with my little ones.  moments i manage to rest. rest that leaves room for responsibility (it takes a rested person to conquer many mountains of laundry).

happy weekend, lovelies!

p.s. this photo is from our quick trip to colorado.  mountains are always strength to me.

and, don’t forget to enter the chairish giveaway!


01 / i want to re-create my family photos like this.  funnest idea ever!

02 /  a new take on inspiration boards using a net.

03 / biking in a skirt.  heck yeah!

04 /  i’m already running through how morning routines will work again.  this is a great idea!

05 /  blogging will not die because it was never truly alive.  woah!  she has it right, so keep writing bloggers!

06 /  if you like reading e-magazines, then you need to read this (you’ll thank me!).

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August 7, 2014


how unexpected is this wooden sink?  and, what about the hidden wooden bench within the kitchen island below?

two design elements i always love to incorporate are:

1- unexpected elements.  whether it is something playful like swing in your living room or a hidden bench.

2- wood to warm things up.  i’m loving modern lines and simple black and white more then ever, but i always love to mix in some natural wood to warm things up (like my coffee table).


do you have any unexpected elements in your home?  i’d love to know!

p.s.-  this little wood side table is gorge!

images: house to homebeta plus