October 2, 2014

fall is my fave.  favorite for weather.  favorite for wearing.  favorite for sharing.  the breeze, the colors and the crunch of the leaves make room in my soul.  every switch of the season bids for a little shopping (or at least wish listing).  and, depending upon what you need it can vary.

here are a few things on my list this fall/

1/  quilt coat-  two things i love; quilts + coats.  not sure how i wouldn’t love this white loungy yet modern wearable quilt.  also loving every plaid variety i can find too - like this.

2/  the best yes-  currently reading this and loving it.  i have been looking for a decision making book for a long time (i’ve been trying to get better at decision making.  yes, what to do but more so, how to have to courage to commit to the decision sooner and then own it).  thank you lysa terkeurst for writing this.  this is for anyone, who feels bad when they say no.  say yes, when they want to say no.  really want to say yes not to just good things but the best things for you personally.  learning to say no so that you can say yes to what you are meant to spend your heart and time on.

3/  tizita stacking bracelets-  the lastest from fashionable (you know i love their scarves - never travel w/o one + their blanket totally makes my bedroom).  i really love fashionable because they continue to create sustainable business for women.  their products have a story behind them and many happy futures ahead of them.  the story of these bracelets comes from the entoto mountains in ethiopia.  the beads are repurposed bullet casings and scrap metal by farmers in the area.  they are hand made by a group of beautiful women at entota – a place of healing for those affected by HIV/AIDS, treating them with dignity + respect, and providing a fair opportunity to support their families.

4/  kate spade glazed mug-   fall requires a good mug in had at, almost, all times.

5/  doc marten boots-  well, i already took the birkenstock plunge this past summer (and have not regretted it one bit).  so i figure i might as well make my 90′s revival complete with some docs.  i never had a black pair and i think i should do something about that.

what about you?  what is on your fall wish list this year?  


September 30, 2014


these green kitchen cabinets.  i can’t get enough of this shade (in the 90′s and currently).


pretty donuts.  i mean i love any kind of donuts.  but these seen on carnets parisiens are perfect.


accept failure as part of the process.  yes.  and.  yes.  there is gold to be found in failure, really.


rebecca gladstone jewelry.  the tear drop stacking rings + circle earings, specifically.


crescent moon planters.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?

September 26, 2014



happy friday, lovelies.  what a week it has been.  i ran the 1/2 marathon (i’ll share a bit on that on monday) which was scary and exhilarating, my home and a behind the blogger series was featured on style me pretty, and next week i’ll be revealing rocco’s newly updated room (not yet seen).  however, away from the shiny screen, i’ve been dragging around in dodgy sweat pants with very soar feet and crabby children.  i should find the dichotomy humorous, but it usually just feels a little frustrating like you are living in some sort of strange middle place.  but, maybe that is just life?  you’ve just finished this or left that and you are on your way to here and slowly there.  what is here now is the weekend and i’m grateful for that.  at least a short blur of space time to enjoy the here and now.  a freeze frame to forget yesterday and to not think about tomorrow.  the leaves are changing here and the sun is warm and the air smells like life.   i’m hoping for a bike ride with my near and dear, a movie on the sofa, and just lingering over coffee in the morning.

what are you hoping for this weekend?  has fall arrived where you live?

these are my most fave photos from the style me pretty feature….because while my house is pretty and has fun elements…it’s these people that truly decorate it.  climbing indoor swings, racing down the halls, jumping on beds and eating frozen waffles frozen.  they are the beauty, the fun, and yes, sometimes the mess.  they are home.  we are loud, we are wild, we are quiet, we are emotional, we are fun, we are serious, we are crazy.  we need grace.  we give grace.  love lives among us and in us.  perfect love within the imperfect.

there are two mantras on our walls that sum it up well.  the first on the wall in our family room / kitchen area (which wasn’t photographed) is a print that says, ‘ IN THE MADNESS THERE IS LOVE.’

the second, i wrote for our entry way:






thank you yazy jo for taking such beautiful photos (if you are in the chicago area and looking for a wedding photographer, yazy does amazing work!) and thank you style me pretty for featuring me as a blogger and my home.

happy weekend, friends!


01 / one of my fave bloggers + friends was featured in the New York Times in an article penned “When Blogging Becomes a Slog.”  did you read it?  thoughts?

02 / hands up if you used to eat hot pockets.  love the idea of healthier home made ones like these.

03 / have you ever considered a DIY platform bed for your little ones? loving these ikea hacks.

04 / it’s that time of year when oh happy day shares the coolest costumes on the block.  love this one.

05 /  gosh, i still need to learn how to braid better because these looks are super something i’d like to try.

06 / how to feel confident in 2 minutes.  this is simple, fascinating and worth trying.

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photographs by : yazy jo photography

September 25, 2014


i haven’t done a post on my living room since i’ve updated it and wanted to share the completed look.  this room has always been an incomplete catchall for me.  it’s usually a mix of hand me down pieces, blog project pieces and pieces i find on the side of the road (i’m not even kidding).

i knew the first thing that had to go was my hand me down sofa (cannot believe i just linked to that old of a post- you’ll laugh).  the sofa set that started in this house when my parents lived here.  it moved with me to the suburbs and then returned back to it’s original home.  kirsten made me get rid of this particular sofa set in my family room last year and so logically i just moved it into the living room.

so the sofa was the first thing to go and the first thing i needed to get to start pulling the room together.  i knew the sofa would have to either be exceptionally large or a sectional.  after some deliberation, i decided a sectional would fill the space and seat my family best.  i found the perfect one from smart furniture.  we picked the jane bisectional sofa in totem storm.


i love this sofa because the chaise lounge attachment can change from right to left facing in a jiffy (i can swap it around all by myself).  it’s such a sturdy piece (and, i can vouch for this as my kids have been jumping on it for a few months now) and the color is great with little ones too.



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September 24, 2014


seems like today i have many words wondering around, but no good way to string any sense together. they seem a little fuzzy in the middle and razor sharp around the edges.  blurry and boring as brown and crystal blue clear.   but, even in not knowing what to say, here i sit, fingers click clacking away, eyes starring at the bright screen, hoping something shiny will come of this letter and that.

it’s funny cause i feel like lately i’m decoding some business of the heart.  i haven’t quite cracked it yet and probably never fully will.  hearts are to be guarded.  hearts are to be open.  hearts are broken.  hearts are homes.  we hide things in our hearts.  we share our hearts.  hearts carry.  hearts hold.  hearts are heavy.  hearts are light.  hearts grow and hearts can grow cold.  life (and the course of it) flows out of our hearts.  and, life stops when our hearts do.  but, lately what i’ve been noticing is that our hearts have the ability to let.

let your heart take courage.

do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

i’m not sure the state of your heart.  whether it’s brittle and broken or flowing over full.  open and guarded or closed and cold.  the past few days mine has been feeling a bit troubled and i’m guessing some one who is reading this may be feeling the same way.  so for you and for me . . . do not let your heart be troubled, dear one, neither let it be afraid.  but, do let your heart (give it permission) take courage.  courage for today.  courage to let it heal.  courage to love again.  courage to be loved.  courage to forgive.  courage accept forgiveness.  courage to find its next beat.  and, it’s next and it’s next and it’s best beat, yet.

xo . t