June 5, 2014


it’s no secret that i’m a fashionABLE super fan.  i love their scarves (i never go far without one) + i love their mission (to create sustainable business for africans so they are not dependent on charity, but instead earn the dignity of a job).  and, today there is even more love going around because fashionABLE has just added a new product – a blanket!

the mehari blanket is so gorgeous!  it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use.  think cozying up on the couch with a good book and warm cup of tea or a summer picnic in the park (or beach, if you are so lucky).  i’m using mine draped over my bed.

i don’t know what could be better then helping to empower and invest in women by purchasing a pretty new blanket.  i love that helping create jobs (buy purchasing these products) gives women, an ocean away, the opportunity to create . . .   create beauty with her hands, but also create a bright future.

for the next 48 hours fashionABLE is offering F R E E shipping on the mehari blanket to all la la lovely readers.  just use code : LALAFREE

click, through to see how else i’m using my blanket :

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June 5, 2014


do your walls wear anything?  i mean besides the regular family photo collage or colored can of paint?  i’m always looking for creative ways to update and dress up my walls.

one trend that comes and goes, but seems to always stick around in the likes of my designy mind, is wallpaper.   i think there is nothing better than a beautiful pattern on repeat covering wall space.  have you noticed how papered walls have been popularized, again, over the last few years?  i’m pretty sure this trend is sticking around.  these days the options are absolutely endless.  patterns come in a variety of styles, from delicate and intricate, all the way to modern and bold.  while wallpaper used to work best in dining rooms and bathrooms there are no longer any constraints or confinements when it comes to where to put the paper.  i love the idea of using wallpaper to accent a wall, cocoon a long hallway or make a children’s room more magical.


i’ve long wanted to line our very long hallway with some sort of tree wallaper to conjure up the notion of walking an enchanted forrest.


and, lately i’ve even been thinking beyond wallpaper to murals, which are certainly trending at the moment.  growing up, our basement had a wall covered with a mural of mexico city (the previous owners loved travel and the whole basement had a mexico theme.  think red and black shag carpet to get the complete vision).  it was something.  eventually, it got painted over,  however,  i’m secretly wishing it was still down there, giving my kids a peek at both mexico city and 1985.  flash forward to 2014 and murals, surely, have come a long way.  they are sleek, modern and illustrated.  one major plus is that you can create a more individualized look.  in fact, there are even options where you can create your own custom wallpaper mural with a favorite photo you’ve taken.  how fun would that be? murals always feel like a giant storybook page that invites you right into it’s fairytale.  i think that is why i like them so much.  and, anyways, i’d like my walls to talk and tell stories.  wouldn’t you?

tell me do you have wallpaper or a mural in your home?  i’m hoping to incorporate one or the other in the near future.


father’s day is just around the corner and if you are anything like me than you probably have a hard time buying for dudes.  i thought i’d round up a few favorite things i’ve been spying around the interwebs AND hold a little giveaway for a jord wooden watch which is tops on my list this year.  in fact, you could win this fieldcrest watch + forget about shopping (don’t worry i won’t tell – in fact, don’t tell, but someone in my house is getting one of these too!).

1 / jord watch (fieldcrest) -  i love this modern design (so much so that i’m going to steal my mans – occasionally – shhh).  ENTER to WIN one below.
2/ marshall stanmore speaker
3 / woodcut card set
4 / hammock
5 / the godfather family album
6 / telescopic fork a.k.a. marshmallow roasters
7 / arkan minimalist wallet
8 / camo back up phone charger
9 / jack spade compass cufflinks
10 / jed and marine shorts


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June 3, 2014


this room in the latest edition of vogue living australia.  ALL of it.


simple words we all need to share + might like to hear from time to time.


the ring wando bject by zascho petkow.


ice cream.  could eat it every day in the summer.


a clear tub.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?



June 2, 2014


do you ever wonder if you are right where you are supposed to be?

perhaps, in a physical sense, but also in a state of being.  if the step that you took was the right foot you were supposed to put in front of the other?

maybe, like me, you’ve been living in a slow long time.  working hard at wishing your way out of things or situations that have no way of undoing, by you.

but, consider what it may be doing in you.  building in you.  you may be surprised that over time you will find strength for your weakness, courage triumphing over fear, and even hope in place of despair.

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