September 25, 2014


i haven’t done a post on my living room since i’ve updated it and wanted to share the completed look.  this room has always been an incomplete catchall for me.  it’s usually a mix of hand me down pieces, blog project pieces and pieces i find on the side of the road (i’m not even kidding).

i knew the first thing that had to go was my hand me down sofa (cannot believe i just linked to that old of a post- you’ll laugh).  the sofa set that started in this house when my parents lived here.  it moved with me to the suburbs and then returned back to it’s original home.  kirsten made me get rid of this particular sofa set in my family room last year and so logically i just moved it into the living room.

so the sofa was the first thing to go and the first thing i needed to get to start pulling the room together.  i knew the sofa would have to either be exceptionally large or a sectional.  after some deliberation, i decided a sectional would fill the space and seat my family best.  i found the perfect one from smart furniture.  we picked the jane bisectional sofa in totem storm.


i love this sofa because the chaise lounge attachment can change from right to left facing in a jiffy (i can swap it around all by myself).  it’s such a sturdy piece (and, i can vouch for this as my kids have been jumping on it for a few months now) and the color is great with little ones too.



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September 24, 2014


seems like today i have many words wondering around, but no good way to string any sense together. they seem a little fuzzy in the middle and razor sharp around the edges.  blurry and boring as brown and crystal blue clear.   but, even in not knowing what to say, here i sit, fingers click clacking away, eyes starring at the bright screen, hoping something shiny will come of this letter and that.

it’s funny cause i feel like lately i’m decoding some business of the heart.  i haven’t quite cracked it yet and probably never fully will.  hearts are to be guarded.  hearts are to be open.  hearts are broken.  hearts are homes.  we hide things in our hearts.  we share our hearts.  hearts carry.  hearts hold.  hearts are heavy.  hearts are light.  hearts grow and hearts can grow cold.  life (and the course of it) flows out of our hearts.  and, life stops when our hearts do.  but, lately what i’ve been noticing is that our hearts have the ability to let.

let your heart take courage.

do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

i’m not sure the state of your heart.  whether it’s brittle and broken or flowing over full.  open and guarded or closed and cold.  the past few days mine has been feeling a bit troubled and i’m guessing some one who is reading this may be feeling the same way.  so for you and for me . . . do not let your heart be troubled, dear one, neither let it be afraid.  but, do let your heart (give it permission) take courage.  courage for today.  courage to let it heal.  courage to love again.  courage to be loved.  courage to forgive.  courage accept forgiveness.  courage to find its next beat.  and, it’s next and it’s next and it’s best beat, yet.

xo . t

September 23, 2014


fun, unexpected details.  always and forever.  like the rabbit drawn above the stove (reminds me of the narwhal at my sister’s old place).  this austrailian countryside home on design sponge, is full of interesting things.


this sleepy eye pour over mug by martina thornhill.

la la loving jenny brandt home

this sweet little space in the home of jenny brandt, as seen on my scandinavian home.  her whole house is happy + amaze!


this sky quote.  i wish i knew who wrote.  i wish i wrote it.


fall clothes.  because they are the best clothes.  sweaters. jeans. boots, coats.  jackets.  hats.  leather.  it’s all so good.  every year i find myself searching for the perfect big wrap sweater.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?


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September 22, 2014


hi lovelies.  first of all, i’m super excited to share a home tour, today, of my abode over on style me pretty living.  smp shot my house this last july, and the tour is finally live.

click here to see my home tour on Style Me Pretty Living.

i worked really hard on getting everything ready for this p photo shoot  i updated a few things and did a few fun DIY’s.  one of which i’m sharing today.

i don’t know about you, but i’ve been oohing and ahhing over every wool, yarn or weaved art installation i’ve been seeing online.  i love the texture, the earthiness and interest it brings into any space.  it’s a great way to add art without spending a fortune and the best part is that it will be one of a kind.

click through for the easy DIY steps to making your own yarn wall art piece:

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September 19, 2014


happy friday friends!  i hope this friday fairs well for you.  this has been quite the busy week for me, finishing up rocco’s room (and filming), wrapping up my home tour for style me pretty (coming next week!), other collaborations i’m working on …… and, tomorrow is my 1/2 marathon race.  all of this and mothering my 4 littles lovelies hasn’t left me much extra time.

i wish i had my regular links, but i needed a little time this morning to just write for myself.  it’s my best way for centering.  what is your best way to center and feel more like yourself?

amazingly, running has become a close second after writing.  i never thought i’d enjoy running – like never ever in a million hundred thousand years- but i do.  i’ll be glad to be done with the super long distances, but 3-4 miles, i have really come to enjoy (not sure i’ll feel the same way on treadmill, though).  it really clears out and quiets my busy mind and makes room for thoughts i need to think and words i need to work out.  i’ve learned so much from running.  things that have absolutely nothing to do with running and absolutely everything to do with life.

i’m super excited about tomorrow and nervous.  i run by myself most of the time, and running in mass of people seems like it might overwhelm me.  and,  i wasn’t able to run long distances for last 10 days (only shorter stints) because the last time i did my toes were in such pain that it took a week to recover.  i’m certain my time will not be great (the further i run, the slower i go, but it allows me to go the distance), i’ll probably have to walk a bit, my feet will be torn up afterwards, but the thought that i can do this is pretty amazing.  and, i’ve found a why.  so there is no stopping me.  i have a purpose in my little heart as to why i’m running and finding that has been motivation.  purpose always precedes the path.

wish me luck.  i’m wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  and, hoping you find some rest.

and, how amazing is this quote (above)? it’s random for this post, but it totally spoke to me, and so i thought it might speak to you too.  it makes me want to be able to string words together so beautifully….and, to get to the ocean soon.  very soon.

happy weekend!

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image: pinterest