August 25, 2015

Pretty pink #door
Image : Pompeli

Colored doors, always.  Lately, I seem to be drawn to this “rosey” pink color.  It packs a pretty punch.  I’ve got these pillowcases in my shopping cart, at the moment.  Also, this door is the same color on the outside too.  I love that.


Cozy #dress with oversized pockets
Image : Happily Grey

This cozy looking sweater dress with oversized pockets, by Free People, has me ready for fall.  It’s definitely on my wish list!


Frozen S'mores #yum
Image : Baking By Kendra

While summer may feel technically over, I say s’mores season is not.  I’ve never thought of a frozen s’more before.  But, now that we are aquainted, I’m sure I’ll be thinking about them all the time, until I try one.  Recipe can be found here.



Isn’t that the truth?  Sometimes, we just don’t have the language for things until we are on the other side of them.

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what are you loving this week?

weelicious book | La La Lovely BLog

A few favorite (back to schoolish) things /

1 / Cool school lunches.  I checked out Weelicous Lunches from the library and then I renewed it and now I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy it.  I’m completely . . .


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August 19, 2015

Bend But Don't Break | La La Lovely Blog

The trees are talking, waving, and whispering.

As they wave they are echoing similar sounds to the waves of the sea.  The crashing always quiets.

They greet me and I greet them.  We are old friends.  These exact trees have covered and comforted me since I was a girl.

We’ve watched each other grow.

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August 18, 2015

Perfect Squidgy Sofa via La La Lovely

This squidgy sofa as seen on Sanna Tranlov.  I’m really tiring of my non-squidy sofa.  I still love the look and the shape, but I need squidge.  You know?  I love everything about this space, really.  It’s got me slightly looking forward to fall.

Chocolate #Yogurt Pots Recipe.  #yum
Image : Naturally Ella

Chocolate yogurt pots.  I haven’t tried these yet, but I think this is the week for trying chocolate peanut yogurt.  Don’t you?  The recipe looks simple enough.  Sweet.

Don't let the stupid things break your #happiness.
Image : Blinks of Life

This simple thought that we simply don’t always consider.  Sometimes it’s the littlest things that ruin our whole big day.

Climbing Wall on exterior of #home.  So Cool!
Image : Dwell

A grown up home with a climbing wall.  This house is so cool!  You know houses with a bit of fun are my absolute favorite.

La La Loving ELIZABETH SUZANN Tunic.  Love the #pockets
Image : Elizabeth Suzann

This big pocketed tunic by Elizabeth Suzann.  Looks so comfy and stylish.  And, like I may need to wear it sitting on a squidgy sofa.

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what are you loving this week?

August 14, 2015

fave cinnamon toast | la la lovely blog

fave kate morton books _ la la lovely blog

loosing your first tooth | la la lovely blog

A few fave things /

1 / Cinnamon toast.  Teddy bear cinnamon toast to be exact.  My mom always made me cinnamon toast and when I make it for my kids It makes me feel like I’m serving them up a fragrant slice of comfort from yesterday for today.  We had back to school shots on Wednesday, so we started the day with this.  Toast is the ultimate comfort food, for me…and we are particularly fond of making animals out of our food, around here.

2 / Kate Morton books are my favorite fiction right now.  If I wrote fiction, I imagine it would come out like this – ok, wish it would come out just like this.  I can only find large print versions at the library right now, so large prints are my favorite, too.  I’m currently reading The House at Riverton.

4 / Loosing a first tooth.  Is there anything like it?  Liam Brave lost his and he has been talking funny and making sweet smiles and funny faces ever since.

I also have a favorite sweater . . . .


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