Spilled Coffee

Most days I spill words, like I do my coffee, burning, aromatic, luke-warm, sometimes stale, straight into my white, hard covered, journal with my inky black pen.  I write what I feel and what I feel might overtake me, maybe already has, and mostly how hope wraps itself around me like my favorite blanket tucked tight like a burrito.  All year long, I pour out my thoughts like a kettle who’s water is screeching ready.  If I don’t pour . . . .

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December 23, 2015


Merry Christmas, lovely ones!  I was hoping to post more this week, but little ones are off of school and it just wasn’t mean to be.

I have most of my presents wrapped, which is a first, and today we are making cookies, which will be imperfectly delicious.  I don’t say that to say “presents wrapped, check!” or to make anyone feel bad (I’m usually the up all Christmas Eve wrapping kind) but just to say I’m taking things slow and taking other things off my to do list.  It’s a good feeling and one that makes me twinge sometimes like I’m forgetting something and everything.  Like my body is used to the crazy rush and it takes some learning to be still.  But, still I’m savoring a quieter Christmas.


Whether you are in a season of still or can’t sit still I wish you a Christmas full of peace and love.  Christmas, after all, is the day that love came to live among us and in us.  God with us.  And, because of that not matter what is happening in my life I know that all is calm and all is bright.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, lovelies!

xo .Trina


Images : Benj Haisch / Made by Sohn

December 17, 2015


The holidays were never hard until they were hard.

Christmas was the season where everything felt right.  It was magic when I was little, consistent and comforting in my teens, it mean home when I lived far away, and maybe what it meant most was same.  Same traditions, same foods, same movies, same family.  No matter what was happening in life, Christmas could be ordered up similar and same.  It was never perfect, always arguments about politics that my dad would catch on the camcorder and things never went according to plan.  But, all this was to be expected right along with the Polish sausage and sauerkraut my grandma made and I never would taste.

Of course there is change.  My grandparents are gone.  We’ve grown.  Have kids of our own.  Monkey bread has morphed into chocolate croissants and camcorders to iPhones.

Change is inevitable.  I struggle with it, but I accept it.  Same is different (think about that one).  There are things in your power you can choose to keep the same.  My grandma is gone but the Polish sausage and sauerkraut continues Christmas upon Christmas.

For me, same left five years ago when . . .

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December 15, 2015

Wish List, Gift Guide for Girls, Wish List Gift Guide, Christmas Wish List

10 days until Christmas!  Stressed or super excited?

Or somewhere smack dab in the middle, like me?  I still have some online shopping to wrap up and some old-school store shopping to do to.  In the meantime, I made a little wish list.  I’m on the other-side of life where it’s more fun to give then receive, but one of the most fun things about Christmas when I was a kid was looking through catalogs and making lists.  So, I thought why not.  My hubby and I usually don’t do gifts, anymore, so this was for pure fun, and maybe it will give you a few more ideas if you are stuck on what to give.

More ideas for girls here, guys here and littles here.

1 / Let’s Stay Home Banner : I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, and these days I almost feel a bit recluse….so why not declare my love for home with a banner?

2 / Tata Harper Aromatic Stress Treatment :  I’ve heard this stuff is good.  Real good.  I’ve been wanting to try anything Tata Harper for awhile now.  I’m looking for ways to deal with stress immediately and this sounds right up my alley.  There is also an Irritability Treatment and a Bedtime Treatment.  I’d love to try the entire trio.

3 / Yoga Block : I can’t get enough yoga these days.  Since I’m practicing I’m finding I need a few accessories, a block being one.  Here are a few other yoga things I could use – psychedelic yoga pants, a pretty mat, and an eye pillow.

4 / Electric Kettle : I’ve always loved tea, but these days, while I’m off of coffee (might give it a try tomorrow and see what happens!) I’m drinking tons of it.  I’ve never had an electric kettle, but all the Brits do so I don’t know what I’m waiting for.  This is the cutest one around.

5 / Thick Frame Sunglasses : I lost my cool sunglasses and really would love to replace them.  I’m la la loving this pair.

6 /  Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up : The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing : I’m getting better at decluttering but I still could use some serious help.  Everyone says this book worked for them.  Books are my favorite, so I’m always happy to get books.  Erin even has me convinced I need a an e-reader.  I’ll add this one to my list.  And, for a Christmas break fiction, read, I’m planning on The Lake House (Kate Morton is one of my fave authors).  More good reads here.

7 / Slippers : I’ve taken to wearing my birks around the house and I think winter rather requires slippers, don’t you?

8 / Chunky Knit Raglan : I don’t have anything from Everlane.  As a blogger, I’m kind of embarrassed by that.  Kidding.  Kind of.  I hear their t-shirts are the best.  But, since it’s chilly out, I’m eyeing this sweater.

9 / Slow Cooker : Years ago, I would have probably cried if someone gave me this, but these days I’d rejoice.  My old crock pot is about to croak and with a family of six, I need this super duper sized one and it’s 50% off today!!!!!!

What’s on your wish list this year?

PS-  I should admit that I usually buy a little something for myself.  Do you do this too? Nothing big.  Maybe a book, maybe some pajamas.  Maybe I’ll pick something from my own wish list this year.


December 10, 2015

Gift Guide, Gifts for Guys

Let’s be honest the hardest ones to buy for at Christmas are guys.  At least they are for me.  I hope the Mister Gift Guide will help you out if you are feeling stumped.  It gave me some good ideas for my own guy as I was searching high and low for man things.  Whether you are hunting for husband, boyfriend, father, brother, friend….these items are perfect for any mister in your life.

1 / Camping Survival Tool :  If an outdoors type is on your list.  My husband doesn’t camp, but he hunts and is out in the woods and I think this would be a great gadget for him to have on hand.

2/ Breakfast Sandwich Maker :  I usually am not for gadgets, but we make egg sandwiches a lot in our house.  As in almost everyday.  And, guess who eats them?  The boys.

3 / Alarm Clock :  If you are trying to get your guy to not take his phone to bed, then a good old alarm clock might just do the trick.  Love the design of this one.

4 / Leather Catchall :  I’m certain my grandpa and dad had one of these.  I think all men should.  And, this particular one helps give sustainable work to women in Africa.

5 / Travel Kit : Such cool design.  And, who knows maybe this will get your guy thinking about taking you on a trip.

6 / Zippo Hand Warmer :   The perfect stocking stuffer for guys.  Whether the mister on your list likes to go to outdoor sports games, hunt, camp this hand warmer will keep him warm as it stays warm for 12 hours.  I want one.

7 / Marine Layer Bixby Socks :  Because when else is he going to buy cool socks for himself?

8 / Ion Pro Sound USB Vinyl Record Player : Seems like record players are all the rage.  This model does some pretty cool things.  Some other cool models here.

9 / Sorel Boots :  What guy wouldn’t love these?

10 / Bacon Spread :  Because bacon.  I can just hear the man cheers as this gift is being opened.

Do you find it hard to shop for guys?  What are you getting the guys in your life this year?  

P.S.  My fave places to shop for men are here, here, here, here, and here.