02.27.2014 / happy spots




01 / a super simple daybed (this one is actually in a garden)

02 / a chair wildly surrounded by scattered greens and stacks of books

03 / a hanging daybed in a sea of white

it’s been awhile since i’ve done a happy spots post.  while i like to have entire rooms that make me happy i find it much easier to start by making spots, nooks, corners, and areas just as i like them.  focusing on smaller spaces is much more doable for me and i find that i then sometimes come up with bigger ideas based upon one little spot.

i’d be super happy to hang out in any of these spots on a regular basis.

what spot would make you most happy this week?

images: design sponge / tokokaelo /lauren conrad


remember sonnet james?  the super darling play dresses for playful mom’s.  i can’t quite figure which is more beautiful . . . the dresses themselves or the concept behind them.  the whole idea is that beautiful clothing should work for moms and that with the right dress you can look great without letting your clothes get in the way of your next adventure.



i don’t know about you, but i’m up for the right dress (sorry yoga pants!) and an adventure!

well, here is some lovely news . . .

sonnet james is kindly offering one lucky reader a dress and hat of your choice!


here is how you can enter to win :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

now all you need is an idea for an adventure.  no worries, i can help with that too.  suggestions, anyone?

seriously, i think these dresses are pretty fabulous (i’m adding one to my wish list) and i’m all for supporting other women who are encouraging momma’s to play and feel beautiful while doing so!  way to go, whitney!

and, hey – to see the most adorable video (that i wish i was in – ha) click through :

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02.25.2014 / la la loving

la la loving wood headbaord

this natural wood headboard with a built in night stand.


cozy style.  any way you put it, because thats all that can be managed until it warms up around here.


pretty plants. because i’m needing to trick myself into thinking it there is life beyond snow.


beautiful words (and a fab post on failing).  take courage, dear heart!  it’s there for the taking.


the idea of making cauliflower soup.   have you ever had it?  is it as yummy as it looks?

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

02.24.2014 / toast


this is a post about toast.  toast and friendship, really.  friendship and comfort and care, to be exact.

i’ve always been a toast girl (when it comes to carbs, it has nothing to do with pasta, for me, and everything to do with the bread – and, yes, ok, french fries.  so french fries and french bread and we are all good).  my early memories of toast entail my young and beautiful mother ever so carefully concocting a magic mixture of cinnamon and sugar and sprinkling it, like fairy dust, out of a tiny glass teddy bear onto warm buttered toast.  i think the taste of love and care was always stronger than the sweet cinnamon and sugar.  while making toast is a small task, i always felt cinnamon toast on a school day to be a grand gesture.  to this day, my, still gorgeous, mom turned grandma makes the same cinnamon sugar toast every tuesday for my littles.  i think nigel slater said it best when he said, “it is impossible not to love someone who makes toast for you.”

my other young memory of toast is with my grandma hilda.  i can’t quite pinpoint exacts, but i know she always made toast and cheese.  not grilled cheese.  not toasted cheese.  toast and cheese.  a piece of toast in the toaster, spread with butter and than topped with slices of cheddar cheese.  when i am at my worst and feeling in a very bad way, the only thing i ever want to eat is toast and cheese with a cup of tea.  i think the ritual of making toast and cheese, along with the aromatic memory, comforts and sustains me more than the food itself.  many a days, over the past few years, i’ve only been able to manage toast and cheese and tea.  it wasn’t just food for the stomach, it was food for the heart.  toast toasting and my grandmas wise words, suddenly, dancing around in my head.  with each bite, i chewed on a bit of wisdom.  warm substance for my soul all from a piece of toast.  the last time i was at my grandma’s house, she made me a piece of raisin toast with cheese.  i had forgotten about that combination.  but now, whenever i make my cheese toast with cinnamon raisin bread, i’ll be instantly transported to my grandma’s kitchen in colorado.  standing there with my sister, eyes darting back and forth between the beauty of the majestic un-moveable mountains to the beauty of a 5’1″ warrior of woman who’s story and strength are just as  un-moveable and majestic to me.

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02.21.2014 / fave friday





happy friday lovelies.  i’m glad it is the weekend.  i’m hoping that this weekend entails as much relaxation as possible (such as movies, reading and knitting to be exact).  last weekend la la had her first slumber party and it was a little surreal, because i very clearly remember having a slumber party in 5th grade in this very house.  while they played on iPads i made (yes, made would be the right word) all my friends play post office (that is until my mom came down to the basement and told me that no one wanted to play anymore — i didn’t believe her, naturally).  stephen and i really tried to make the party fun by showing the girls our best dance moves (think roger rabbit straight into an 8 count of the running man).  i’m headed to yoga this morning which has been so good for me (although, i still need to kick this strong biz into high gear) . . . i love starting off my weekend this way.

+ the kids had fun with valentines day
+ i’ve determined this is my go to cookie recipe (now to stop making cookies + exercise)
+ in case you missed it, we got a kitty and he has found his favorite chair.  la la started an instagram account for him @theokittycat because thats what kids do these days, make instagram accounts for animals (and she laughs at me for post office –  whatevs)
cassie’s moodboard inspired me + i’m ready to update my current random one


01 /  a little video to distract you and help you not to be distracted.

02 /   do you make face cocktails?  this one sounds good.

03 /  i know you’ll love kirsten’s home as much as i do (ps- see what she did to my home here)

04 /  what i’m listening to this weekend.

05 /  valentines is over, but why not hearts for breakfast?

06 /  grab these bookcases (they are about to be extinct) + someone make this!

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i’ve loved christine dovey’s, of bijou and boheme, home the first time i laid eyes on it, several years ago.  it’s always been good and gorgeous, but it just keeps getting better.  christine’s style is feminine, modern, glamorous and yet refreshingly unfussy.  i’m totally swooning over her latest feature on SMP Living and her newly designed website.




one of my favorite things about christine’s decorating is that she never misses a detail.

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02.19.2014 / wish i was wearing


clearly it’s evident that i have an itch for spring which seems to translate into my wardrobe wishes.  what i didn’t know was that i apparently have a penchant for the 90′s this week too.  i never thought i’d want to own a pair of birks again, but looky looky i do, and, kind of, in a bad way (they may be my summer sandal of choice – again 20 years later).  the look wouldn’t be complete without a floral dress and a little black hat (that makes me want to try out for the mickey mouse club – just saying!).

p.s. did you used to own a pair of birks (or do you currently)?  mine, circa 1994, were navy blue with the back strap.

02.18.2014 / la la loving


cassie’s moodboard. the  colors.  the textures.  the everything.


i just can’t get enough of the mokkasin home.


strawberry almond milk.  every since charlie and lola, i’ve loved the idea of pink milk.


this beautiful wallpaper download.


this magicky looking place in norway.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?