August 6, 2014

ok, lovelies i know you all like to shop places like craig’s list and sift through second hand shops to find unique vintage like pieces for your home…..have you heard of Chairish?  you are going to thank me for this introduction.

chairish is an online site that makes it easy for design lovers to buy and sell pre-loved decor.  and, there is an app for that!  you can quickly open up the chairish app and have a quick look or upload an item you are wanting to sell (check out the app here + if you are reading this on your iphone click here).

the thing i’m loving best about this new place to scour for goods is that not only can you search by category (chairs, tables, etc), but items are curated by styles (looking for mid-century modern items?  right here!)

even better, you can shop by city too.  i love that i can browse around items in chicago.  chairish ships anywhere (so go ahead and shop in san francisco for the day), but if you are buying local you can skip the shipping cost, and just go pick up your item.  yes!

here are a dozen of my favorite chicago picks right here and there are even more chicago chairish picks in the LA  LA  LOVELY  COLLECTION on their site.  check it out + keep reading for a giveaway w/ chairish!


1 / moroccan handira wedding blanket – this is a multi purpose piece (draped on the bed, hung on wall as art, or on the floor as a rug) is on my wish list.

2 / studio PGRB brass three globe chandelier – i’ve been wanting one of these for awhile now!

3 / danish modern wood candlesticks – when accessories are this pretty, you don’t need a ton.

4 / dan johnson “viscount” brass arm chairs – what could be prettier than pink + brass chairs?

5 / broyhill mid-century modern credenza – these are my favorite type of pieces to place fancy up where your t.v. sits.

6 / BoConcept Shelly living chair + ottoman – this is longing to be placed in the perfect nook for reading your favorite book.

7 / mid-century wire magazine rack - sometimes it’s the little things that pack the biggest punch.  this little piece has big style and a great price.

8 / crate + barrel meryl arc lamp - a modern staple that i’ve been eyeing ever since this apartment!

9 / tripod brass table lamp with marble base – brass and marble together = a very good idea.

10 / mid-century modern highboy dresser – if i had a place to put this, i’d snatch it up.  it’s perfect!

11 / live edge table with steel hairpins - this little table packs a big punch a vintage organic kind of way.

12 / large brass and glass bar cart – i’d like to tuck this bar cart in the perfect corner and use it as a pretty plant stand.

G I V E A W A Y /

chairish is offering a $100 sweepstakes to shop vintage goods.  to enter all you have to do is click here and and enter your e-mail.

good luck!  sweepstake ends august 19.


this post is in partnership with chairish.  as always, all opinions are my own.

August 5, 2014


this stainless steel kitchen (and the rest of the place).  a look to steal, indeed.


i totally agree with this.  i’ve found it to be true in my life.  and, anything i’ve tried to force usually turns out poorly.


i love dainty layered rings but sometimes you just need to pack a punch, you know?  feeling this today!


this cabin made of glass windows.  i think this would make for a great place to write.


a green pizza.  this avocado and spinach one looks perfect.

+ + +

what are you loving this week?

August 4, 2014


with taking time off blogging, i’ve found how much i use blogging to process.  i’m a constant taker in er.  my eyes always darting from here to there – except when we are talking because then they would be all eyes on you and i’d be listening with my whole, over feeling, heart.  listening and learning.  and, naturally, after we parted ways, i’d be thinking about your words, my words, our words.  feeling my way through your feelings.  working through wisdom that weaved in and out of those mingled words that made up a conversation.  a conversation that wasn’t just for then, but for the start of a continuing one.

so my eyes, always looking, never not noticing.  even, when i tell them not to, they they are decoding things. even, things that make no difference, like how the cat stands on his hind legs, or the way the duvet crumpled to a cloud, this morning.  i keep seeing meaning behind the meaning and wondering what the meaning of it is all, anyways.

when i started blogging  it was a place to keep my this and thats, to write, and share inspiration (this is still why i blog).  i just didn’t realize how much i use this method to work out all of the cataloging i do in my mind (any other catalogers out there?).  how much i need to notice and then process.

i kind of knew this about myself, but became fully aware when one of my best friends had me take the strength finders test.  have any of you taken it?  i’ve done cajaillion tests over the years.  i could tell you that i’m a golden retriever slash otter, that i’m part phlegmatic and that i’m not a D (disc test).   strength finders has been the most comprehensive and telling test i’ve ever done.  it focuses on your strengths, so you can know them, use them and flourish in them, rather than trying to fix where you are weak.  when i read my results, it was kind of relieving because it helped me to understand myself better than i knew how to on my own.  my friend coaches in strength finders, and so last summer we spent several hours just talking through these themes and me understanding them and myself a whole lot better.   two of my top strengths were input and intellection (complete list of strengths here).  i could of told you that i consider myself someone that likes to collect things (including information) and that i’m more of an introvert, but i couldn’t really expound on that and i was often apologizing for being this way.  now, i see it as a strength.  i’m wired to watch, collect, store information, be introspective, share ideas, read and write.

for me, i’m caught in the cycle of notice, process, share, repeat.  when i skip the sharing, i’m likely on notice overload or procrastinating in the processing.  i’m learning that is life.  there are stairs for stepping, but sometimes there are times you run up the stairs or take 2 at a time.

i’d like to wrap this post up with a poignant point, but there isn’t one, per say.  i’m processing my processing.

but, i guess i want to say to you, dear reader, is to consider that:

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July 30, 2014


sometimes it’s hard to break away from your tried and trues.  i did a little branching out and found a few beauty products that i think i might be adding to my trusty list of favorites.

here is what I ‘ M  L O V I N G  as of late + which products i’m switching out for
(at least for now – cause they are  still on my forever faves list)

swedish dream sea salt soap / giving good old dove soap a rest.  this sea salt soap smells amazing + exfoliates with it’s bits of sea salt peppered throughout.  bonus, it’s great for guys + gals!

by terri color-fix cream eyeshadow / i’ve used my bobbi brown cream shadow stick down to nothing.  it’s like the fastest way to apply shadow and eyeliner all in one.  i’m loving by terri’s version in the color ombre blackstar.

one love organics cleansing sponge / i’ve been totally ignoring my expensive clarisonic device ever since i laid hands on these affordable konjac sponges.  i love this little sponge so much, that i look forward to washing my face at night (with my fave face wash).  it’s my favorite way to get glowing skin.

jouer matte moisture tint / i’ve been using laura mercier tinted moisturizer forever.  it will always be my fave.  however, lately i’ve been wanting a wee bit more coverage.  i’d never heard of a matte tinted moisturizer and normally would always go for the opposite of that, but this product totally surprised me.  it really evens out my skin tone giving an overall smooth texture and still lets the natural glow shine through.  so far, i’m loving it!

have you tried any products, lately, that you are loving or have surprised you?  any, on your list that you’ll never switch out?


more beauty + other fave products of mine here.

July 29, 2014


this ocean mural at the ace hotel in london (london is calling again).  think it might be time to change from mountains to oceans at my house.

la la loving half up top knot

half up top knots (+ more styles here).


this super foods salad.  admittingly, i’ve been eating more ice cream cones than greens this summer.


love this quote.  are you more bold or italics?  i think i’m a little more italics.


the movie begin again.  go see it.  best i’ve seen in a long time – and going on my fave list.  p.s.  did i ever tell you how i met mark ruffalo in a duane reed in new york?  he’s one of my faves…and i have a pic with him.  whats your fave movie?

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what are you loving this week?