October 31, 2014


happy halloween and how was your week?  i hope it has been a lovely one wherever you are.  here the leaves are still gorgeous and the air went from indian summer on monday to windy winter like today.  maybe just maybe i might drive the littles from house to house to trick or treat.  it feels that cold.  and, i have been feeling pretty ill all week.  i’ve tried to take it easy and rest as much as possible, which i always have a hard time doing, but i made myself and think i am starting to feel a bit better today (thank, god!).  yesterday, i spent most of the day in the basement, letting the little ones play while i watched a mix of cartoons, with them, and then death comes to pemberly while they were sleeping.  have you watched it?  i’m a huge austen fan so i thought it would be worth watching.  i also started reading outlander, but i’m not quite sure about it yet.  should i keep reading?  tell me what you’ve been watching and reading lately.  i always love to know.

i have some really great reads and links to share this week that i hope you love as much as i did.  but, first this article on halloween for kids in the 70′s (same for 80′s kids too) vs. halloween for kids today is a must.  while, i love healthy everything i think i love the easy breeziness of days gone by a bit more.  what about you?

happy weekend and happy halloween.  can’t wait to catch up next week!

ps- if you need a last minute costume,  i still love the idea of tying some antlers on with ribbon!

p.s. don’t forget to enter to win the kiwi crate giveaway.  a 3 month subscription that makes crafting easy!


01 / you don’t have to be a selfless mother to be a good one.  agree?

02 /  loving this floral + marble desktop download.

03 / did you know that listening to music while working increases your efficiency?

04 / you learn by falling.  such a great read.

05 /  i’ve never thought of leather folders, but i think i need to make one.

06 / easiest full lash mascara trick ever.  i’m giving it try next time i apply.

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image via la la lovely instagram


i confessed a few weeks back that i don’t do crafts with my kids very often.  it’s hard to type that out twice, but sometimes the the truth hurts, yes?  the thing is i’d like to do more more crafts, but i just seem to call it quits before i even start when i start thinking about things like the preparation and time it will take to shop for the best supplies, and so on (this is before i even get to thinking about things like cleaning up).  i know.  i know.  just being honest here.

however, in the midst of my mother guilt i was introducted to kiwi crate.  have you heard of them?  kiwi crate is an award winning monthly subscription service.  every month a box of wonder arrives at your doorstep.  and, inside each box of wonder is everything you need to complete a craft and several activities (along with other fun things like stickers and their explore magazine).

i was super excited about trying kiwi crate in our home.  and, i was hoping that my kids would be just as excited.  i have a range of ages and a boy (or two) that just isn’t into crafts (as in each year a new teacher tells me, “well, he really doesn’t like craft time.”).  so i wasn’t sure of the response i was going to get.  but, when i pulled out the boxes, they could hardly wait to tear into them.


my 11 year old loved the doodle crate.  she made the cute little canvas pouch, seen in the first picture.


and, the boys had fun working on the medieval castle kiwi crate.  they got to design their own castle and customize it with stickers, felt and little characters.  and, when i say the box includes everything you need . . . i mean everything – - like, even scissors.


the directions were super easy to follow.  which is great for kids and parents!


and, most of all i loved seeing their creativity.  it was fun to just let them go at it and not have to hover and make sure things turn out perfectly.  honestly, it was a perfectly imperfect saturday morning crafting in spiderman costumes and pajamas.



honestly, i loved it so much i’m thinking a subscription would make a great christmas present.  this totally took the stress factor away for me and made me just want to sit down and craft more!  and, my littles agreed too – from age 11 all the way down to 3.

i love that kiwi crate offers several age appropriate crates for ages 3 all the way to 16.  and, they just launched 3 new crates:

koala crate for 3-4 year olds.  it’s perfect for pre-school aged children and encourages hands-on learning and fun.

tinker crate for 9-14 year olds are designed to help kids build their problem solving skills and to gain the confidence and curious curiosity tackle problems where there’s no right answer.

doodle crate is designed for girls ages 9-16.  every crate inclues materials and inspiration for DIY projects.

would you like to do a little crafting with your kiddos?

kiwi crate is kindly offering one lucky reader a 3 month subscription to the winner’s choice of either kiwi, koala, tinker or doodle!

here is how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

good luck!




October 28, 2014

la la loving dining area

this space.  my one day some house will have a dining area just like this in the kitchen.  fireplace, beams + skylights for the win!


photos like this.  in a world with too many images sometimes there are a few that get it just right.


dutch doors.  another one day some day thing for me.  and, because i’m dutch….why not!


fashionABLE’s mamuye leather tote in black (which is on sale this week!).


this wall mounted kraft paper roll dispenser.  such a fun idea for lists and such.


yes and yes to living life.

+ + + 

what are you loving this week?

October 27, 2014


this past week, i had the amazing opportunity to attend the AYA Summit with ONE Girls & Women in Washington DC at google.  we heard from experts on issues that girls and women are facing in the developing world.  the panels included discussions on issues like human trafficking, poverty, preventable diseases and vaccinations, sustainable business for women, child brides, and even ebola.

these are heavy topics, friends.  after listening to one story after the other, regarding dark, and, let’s just call it what it is, evil things happening in the world it could seem to be rather hopeless.  too dark.  too much.  if i’m honest this is how i’ve always felt.  i want to help, i do give, i will share, but i can only take in so much dark.  i’m the person that will change the channel or avoid the news if it is too much.  sometimes its safer to keep your head in the sand.  i’ve taken this ostrich approach in my very personal life and in issues of the world.  but, this past week, after my heart immediately said yes to this opportunity, i unburied my head from the sand.

and, do you know what i found?  light.

here are people that are on the front lines working in the dark, some having lived through palpable evil and yet they, themselves, are a shining light.  we heard from Clementine, a survivor of the genoicde in Rwanda,  living through things no 6 year old should ever even know about, yet after it all she shines bright with hope.  palpable light.

during the summit, author Nicolas Kristof shared that he is always asked,

“how do you process difficult circumstances?”

his answer, “i’m reasonably upbeat not in spite of what i see, but because of it, and the progress i’ve seen.”  he went on to share a story of a trip where he was interviewing a warlord in eastern congo who was out-shined by a polish nun (who stayed when all others left) feeding the children and negotiating with the warlord.  the nun was the lasting impression of the trip (not the warlord).  palpable light.

i think it is hard to face some of these issues because we feel so very helpless.  what can i do?  here is the thing i also learned this week.  we can do something.  but, i’m just a mom, i’m just a blogger, i’m just a wife, i’m just a student.  yet, here is what we all have and can use, a voice.  i love that ONE’s motto is, “we don’t ask for your money, we ask for your voice.”  it starts with just sharing.  one voice becomes a collective voice.  and, sharing information, can put pressure on governments to share funding.  really.

if you want to help or share your voice here is something i’m kindly asking you to consider sharing about:

GAVI a program that provides vaccines that saves millions of children’s lifes each year is needing to up funding for this life saving program.

all it takes is a simple tweet, facebook or instagram post to the White House:

@Whitehouse – Help save 6 million children’s lives by funding @gavi #AYAaction.

(and, ask your friends, readers, etc to share as well).  here is a video on what GAVI is doing:

you can read more about the AYA Summit under the hashtag #AYASummit + see a news report on the summit here (pretty  a-w-e-s-o-m-e)!

Thank you, ONE Girls & Women!  You have my voice!

October 23, 2014


these rooms belong together.  do you every piece and place your pinning pictures together?  i like the idea of that.  pairing rooms from here and there that look like they belong together in the same house.

i think this bedroom, bathroom and kitchen look like they should all be under the same roof.  don’t you?  

all of the rooms are calming, simple, interesting and look the best room to relax in (yes all of them!).

image : romain ricard / the stone collectionkk living