June 26, 2015

Planter | La La Lovely Blog

Summer Sunset | La La Lovely Blog


my fave planter /  it’s not really a planter, rather a container, but I love it this way.

a stunning summer sunset / when the sky shifts in seconds and you want to capture it forever

a perfect little profile / I’m kind of freaking at four.  My prayers lately include, “please don’t let those chubby chubby cheeks thin out and if he could just keep saying things like “yes my are” and “no my don’t” for another year or so, that would be good with me.”

I took some pics of my bedroom this week and was messing about with my camera and just felt like I need to snap more pictures.  More moments, really.  Whether they be still life or life moving so fast I’d be a fool not try to capture some of it (like those chubby cheeks and eyes all intense on watching Woody the Woodpecker).  I’m not awesome with my camera and so I kind of avoid it.  But, nothing is perfect, right?  Even pictures  plastered on blogs.  I’m hoping to get back to my Fave Friday posts, even if they are simple, just to keep me snapping some.

So, Happy Friday, lovelies!  How has your week been?  

We are stall falling into summer routines, which translate to routines of relaxing.  The weather here has been so very rainy.  I try not to complain, and if I’m honest, I’m not one that minds rain.  It’s just I’d love for the kids to be able to swim and soak up more sun.  Maybe next week will shine bright?

I have some fun posts planned for next week.  Think traveling with kids and summer reads.  I haven’t posted on books for awhile, but I’ve been reading a plenty so I figure it’s time.  And, I want to hear what all of you are reading this summer.

Hope your weekend is sunny in every sense of the word.



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bedroom rug |  la la lovely blog

Have you ever walked on a cloud?  Me neither, but I think about it every time I fly.

This is my bedroom with my tidy nightstand, which really isn’t always tidy.   But’s let’s talk about my rug and …. what lies beneath.  First I should tell you that the rug is beyond decor for me, it’s warmth in the winter and a bit of a sacred spot (I’ll tell you why in a bit).

And under it? …. Nothing, except for a lot of dirt (click through for my pictorial confession).  That is until I recently tried a rug pad.

rug | la la lovely blog

I’m curious . . . . do you use rug pads?

Honestly, I never really gave rug pads much thought other than assuming they were only for keeping your rug from slipping around.

But, they are not.  They are for walking on clouds (cushioning if you want to get technical), protection (prevents scratches and dye transfers to your floor – When I moved my rug around to add the rug pad, I found some dark coloring on my white painted floors that isn’t washing up.), longevity (keeps your rug fibers from crushing over time),  and cleanliness (so you don’t collect this much dirt under yours . . . .

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June 24, 2015

Holding Flowers by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers 2 by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers by Luisa Brimble 3

Holding Flowers 4 by Luisa Brimble

Holding Flowers 5 by Luisa Brimble

I am absolutely loving the work of Sydney based photographer Luisa Brimble.  As much as words are my fave way to convey creatively, she makes me want to grab my camera and try to tell more stories that way.

I’m particularly taken with her photos of girls holding flowers!

Aren’t they stunning?  What is inspiring you, lately?

Photography by Luisa Brimble

June 22, 2015

The Hard Work of LIfe | La La Lovely Blog

I am doing hard work.  The hard work of life.  Are you working this job, too?

Lately, it has been keeping me from e-mails and blogging like the bygone.  My mind feeling a little foggy, but my soul clearer.  Did I unload the dishwasher?  I can’t remember.  But, I am remembering not to carry the whole load of life.  My literal laundry left lingering, lately.  But, I’m refusing to let hurt, fears, worry, and what if’s pile up.  I have to sort them right away.  And, wash away the residue that wants to stain and saturate my life.  This is hard work.

For years, I ignored the hard work.  Not completely.  I’d look at it.  Think about it.  Re-arrange piles and spot treat.  Think about.  Obsess about.  Think about it more.  I couldn’t seem to do the hard work and the house work.  The babies and the blog.  I did what I could, when I could.  I managed.  I’ve always managed.   Until,


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June 19, 2015

Window Fort via La La Lovely Blog

Happy Friday, lovelies!

When it comes to summer time, I’m stuck on slow days and spending as much time outside as possible.  I want to sit and savor and soak in every ounce of summer.  I’m still slowly working on our outdoor areas (it takes so much time – and energy) and I’m finding the grace to just let myself work at my own pace so there is time for play and relaxing, too.

At any rate, my mind, and pinning pattern, seems to keep pointing to relaxing spaces, both, outdoors and in.

Although, we have no plans to build a play-fort right now, I keep wishing for a really cool one (probably more than my kids, even do).  How cool is this little window top retreat (above), complete with a basket to pass up and down.  I adore the idea of just being able to crawl out the window.

Outdoor love via La La Lovely Blog

I’m taken with this This Midsummer night’s dream by Eye Swoon.  There is something about this outdoor / backyard that very much reminds me of my home.  My home is not modern like this one, but the deck wrapped around the house with the pool close by is very similar and the woods look almost identical.  Besides that, I’ve always wanted to have a lush outdoor dinner party like this.  Maybe this is the year to not wish, but to do.

Hammock in House via La La Lovely BLog

Lastly, hammocks.  Love them outside and indoors.  This tiny indoor porch is big in style and has huge relaxing potential.

Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  For Father’s Day?  I hope it involves a space that invites you to sit back and soak in summer!


Images : Simply Divine Creation / Eye Swoon / Historia’s Day Casa