February 17, 2015

la la loving house desk

it’s no secret i love a good house bed….and now, i’m on to house desks.  wouldn’t this make homework or work so much better?


this quote that was a print.  some of us are trying to avoid ordinary life.  some of us trying to find it.  some of us trying to live fully in it.

la la loving raw choclate-pudding

raw chocolate pudding made with avocados.  can’t wait to make this  from clean slate by martha stewart.  all of the chocolate concoctions look so good.


i’m still loving the copper DIY trend.  maybe it’s because i haven’t made anything yet?  annabode has a round up of all the bests, if you’d like to create with copper.

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what are you loving this week?

February 11, 2015

of course things don’t make you happy.  ok, well maybe for 5 minutes they might.  while things aren’t the thing to build your life around they are known to provide a solution, fulfill a need, or just perk a person up a bit (hence flame earrings).  i’m a little things person in that i always seem to find or to accumulate little things.  a big amount of little instead of a one big thing.  i’m starting to fine tune my eye or maybe it’s more like tame my mind that says things like, “it’s just little so it’s not a big deal.”  i’m trying, lately, to look for the little things that might serve a purpose or fulfill a need, and to also get rid of ones that don’t.  it’s not something i’m trying to perfect, but practice.  i won’t be perfect and i’ll still pick up things for a little pick me up, but i’m passing the days of tossing every little pretty i pass into my target cart.

here are a few little lovely things i’m loving right now:

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February 9, 2015

ella,-age-12-post-4_lalalovelyblog ella,-age-12-post_lalalovelyblog

little la la,

yesterday, in chicago, you told me your name isn’t la la.  i’m not sure if you rolled your eyes, but i rolled mine.  my jr. high self meeting yours.  no, your name is ella.  would have been eleanor.  beautiful fairy.  light.  grace.  and, as amy says, queen of the sea.  but, you are still ella bella ding dong, lolli-pop, ella grace with the pretty pretty face, and la la (as your little brothers started calling you – well, that and butthead).  you can’t take your names away – not even from yourself.  and, one day, you won’t want to.  you’ll laugh with your brothers, bigger then you, when they, in man voices, call you la la.  if you are lucky, like me, they will even have new names for you.  just as i have jumbo for jay.

it’s an interesting thing becoming ourselves.

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February 9, 2015



are you printing or framing your photos from instagram?  i’m not.  or, i should say, i haven’t been . . . because i just did with instantly framed.  it’s an app that physically frames your photos from instagram, facebook, and your iPhone/iPad in three easy steps: print. frame. ship. 

it was easy and practically instant, with free 3 day shipping.

the hardest part was deciding which photo i was going to choose.  i truly have not been framing photos lately…so i don’t have many of my younger two.  since my house is pretty playful i thought i’d pick a playful pic that perfectly depicts their little, big personalities.

i loved this app and process, so much so that i’m already trying to decide which photo to frame next.

instantly framed is offering la la lovely readers $10 off  this week! (yay)!  click thru to get your coupon code and see where my frame is sitting in my house.

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this week we made it through a flooded basement, little mermaid tryouts, basketball, and valentines boxes. well, the basement is still in disaray, but the play parts are being assigned today and the valentines boxes have been brought in.  as usual, this “should be ahead of holidays” blogger is always behind (both on the blog and at home).  i procrastinate on my children’s homework just as much as i did my own.  i guess some things never change.  well the one thing that has changed is that the

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