June 19, 2014


i thought skirts were my answer to avoiding shorts this summer, but i’ve stumbled upon another option that has, surprisingly, turned into my favorite choice . . . flowy pants.

i never thought to think in terms of flowy, floral type, pants because i wore them once upon a 1994 (ones super similar to these, in fact).   while, yesteryears was called palazzo pants todays modern version is simply wide legged. or, my favorite variety, is termed the jogger (modern jogger pants).  i assumed for sure this type of pant (just by way of the name) would be really unflattering on me, but i’m happy to admit i was wrong.  many are ankle length and tapered, which is actually flattering.  some button and zip, like dress pants (great for giving a waist), and, many are not high waisted, which is key if you don’t want your butt to look the length of a skyscraper (in my mind i wear trendy high waisted jeans, but in the mirror it would be mom jeans all the way – remember this?).  the key is to go a for a silky flowy material that doesn’t cling to you.


i just got the pants, i’m wearing, last week, from anthropologie, but for some reason, can’t find them online?  i also bought a somewhat similar, very affordable, black pair from nordstrom that i might where everyday.  love them so much i’m considering getting the other color too.


if you like this look here are a few more pairs of flowy pants i’m loving



June 17, 2014


this little happy spot and the finished look of smitten studio (so perfect).


this pea pesto tartine recipe (i know – - more toast!).


the idea of living in the moment and by the moment.


hair like this.  gorgeous.  i’m happy w/ my shorter hair right now, but i’ll dream.


a basket light - which looks like a super easy DIY. Get basket.  Turn upside down.  String light thru.

and, hey, as i was penning out “moment by moment” i noticed that the word moment starts with “mom.”   if you are anthing like me you have a hard time being in the mom moment.  it was just a great little reminder for me today that, as a mom, i need to be fully in the moment and present in the minutes…and leading the way in teaching my littles how to live that way too!

+ + +

what are you loving this week?


it wasn’t long ago that i was crushing on the home of sophia of mokkasin blog.  so when a new home tour, of the same home, emerged so did more love for this swedish beauty of a family home.  the light and lived in quality in this home is what i’m always drawn to.  see what i mean . . .






click through to take a peek in the bedrooms.

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June 13, 2014


happy friday, friends.  in my wishing, i wish that this fave friday post was not a post but a conversation.   a cup of coffee kind of chat between friends.  i don’t want to waste the wish just on my friday posts because, really, i wish that for every post.  i love to look for the lovely, whether that comes by way of beautiful spaces or in the broken places.  and, i can’t help but share what i find or what i’m inspired by (whether it regards things or the very un-thing things that matter the most).  all of that to say… today, i’m picturing us and coffee and chatting about all of the topics in this post.  who knows what twists and turns this blogging world will take.  maybe one day we will have coffee or some type of virtual video one?  but, for now, in this today, grab your favorite mug and fill it with your favorite filling and have a read.  a moment to relax and relate.  i’d love to read your thoughts, your input, your words….even if you just want to say hello.

 if, i’m honest (i hate that i keep saying that phrase – so maybe it will be the last you hear it, because honesty and authenticity is tops with me) i’ve been tiring of blogging.  it is a lot to keep up with and while, i like latests, and growing and moving forward i’m not into keeping up.  it’s just not me.  i keep up with what i like and what i feel is right for me, but keeping up to keep up makes me uncomfortable in my skin.  blogging is a lot of work.  a man made beast that, some days, i’d like to beat and move on.  but….here i am, still.  because, at the bottom of it i’m doing this because i can’t help but share (like i said above).  it’s the whole reason i started blogging 6 years ago and the same reason i blog today.  i’m a noticer, who can’t help but notice, an information gatherer, who has to store it and share it, and at the very core, i’m a writer who has to to write (all of these things came out in my strengths finder results – crazy but not so crazy.  and, have you taken these tests?).   and, then there is the best blessing of blogging, the bonus of bloggin, that i never anticipated which is the relationships i’ve created and the amazing opportunities that i’ve been exposed to.  i’ve found community.  like minded people that i can chat with, exchange information with and encourage.   and, some have even become in person, forever, kind of friends.  my heart is so grateful.

how are you feeling about blogs these days?  are you still reading them?  commenting on them?  i’m thinking about exploring this more with you in a future post.

i had no idea, this post was going to take that route, but sometimes thats how it happens… again, i just wanted to share my wish of a cup of coffee or tea with all who read this.

how was your week?  mine has been a good one.  i’ve been really trying to schedule time to write more, which is like extra doses of oxygen, for me.  i also got to spend some time with just my mom and daughter and that is always golden.  we popped in ikea, possibly my quickest visit ever, and i left with mostly plants and this lamp, which i love (oh + the silver planter is from here).


hey have you tried the new pippit app?  i like it.  truthfully, it’s another thing to keep up with, but it kind of combines 2 things in one.  blog reading and image sharing (think bloglovin’ + instagram – but you can click links straight from pics unlike insta).  if you want to give it a try, you can find me at lalalovelyblog and be sure to share your username, so i can find you.

ok, lets talk about all of this . . . .


01 / do you use self tanner?  found a fave?  tell me.  this post has me wanting to order today!

02 /  this DIY for a hanging shelf is a super sweet one.

03 /  fave post this week = planting vines, “it’s not fair to starve the soil.”

04 /  i’ve always wanted a matchstick holder like this.  now i can make my own (easy peasy).

05 / loving everything about this outfit for meeting friends.  what does your casual style look like?

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June 11, 2014


i never dreamed that dressing my boys would be more of a hassle than dressing my girl.  but it is.  there are more arguments with my 3, 4, and 8 year old boys about clothes then there have ever been with my, now, 11 year old daughter.

as for the boys, one insists on dressing like a worker or farmer (don’t ask), the other wants to wear red jeans every. single. day, and the eldest wants to wear the same really ugly, worn out play clothes (enter orange tattered shirt that says “dunk it like a donut”) day and night.

after being a parent for 11 years and buying lots of clothes and cleaning out closets and drawers every season, i think i’ve finally come to a conclusion (one you might say duh to)……


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