December 9, 2015

Miss + Mrs. Gift Guide 2015 | La La Lovely

It’s the 2015 Miss + Mrs. Gift Guide.  There are some gems in here to give you some great ideas for your sister, best friend, mom or maybe a little something for yourself…because I’m sure you’ve been very good this year.  A few items I have and LOVE, others are on my wish list, and some are just so great well, someone should buy them.  Happy shopping for the special women in your life!

1 / Rivsalt Pink Himalayan Sea Salt : For the foodie in your life.  I love using Pink Himalayan salt to cook with.

2 / Blue Cactus Art :  I just keep coming back to this print.  It’s so pretty and would be perfect for the girl who loves art and decor.  I’m loving everything all the art at Minted right now.  This piece, in my home, is still a fave.

3 / Soma Sustainable Pitcher and Plant-Based Water Filter : I’m working on upping my water game so this gorgeous pitcher is really appealing.  And, I’m certain it will be appealing to anyone in your life that health conccious (and loves good design).

4 / The 52 List Project A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration : I pretty much love everything from Moorea Seal (so many great gift ideas,  like this splash bag) but this journal is the coolest.  I love mine and have already made sure my mom and sister have one too.

5 / Yoga Mat : For your favorite yogi.  Here are more pretty choices!  And, or, how about some yoga clothes?  These two are on my wish list.  Dear Santa . . .

6/ Brass Stamp Holder / I never new I needed one of these, but I’m certain I do.   What a pretty gift to give.

7 / Tadesse Bucket Bag by FashionABLE :  So pretty.  One of my favorite places to shop because not only do they make gorgeous products, they make opportunities for women who have come out of difficult situations.

8 / Zoe Chicco Ring : If you are going to splurge.  I love this dainty ring.  It packs a punch on it’s own and would also looked good stacked and layered with other rings.

9 / Oversized Cozy Throw :  I don’t think I’ve ever linked to Sam’s Club.  But, here you go. I have this blanket and I’m obsessed with it.  It’s huge and the warmest throw I’ve ever had.  And, at only $14 you can’t beat that.  One for everyone!

10 / Auda[CITY] Paris Eyeshadow Palatte : Because always something beauty ish at Christmas.  I la la love all the color choices in one palette.

Some Other Faves : This striped sweater  / A new phone case / Hexagon Trays / Magic Cream / Melissa Joy Manning Jewelry / Sugar Paper line at Target /  Books

What’s on your Christmas wish list?


December 8, 2015

Littles Gift Guide 2015 | La La Lovely

I know you don’t need me to announce that Christmas is coming, but…. Christmas is coming.  I haven’t started my shopping yet (nothing new), and if you are a little last minute like me, I thought I’d share a few ideas to get you started.  Are you ready for the La La Lovely Gift Guide for Littles?   I should note that a few of my littles aren’t so little anymore.  So I’ve included a few gifts for a few different age groups.  Mine are currently between ages 4 to 12.  Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite gift ideas for littles this year:

1 /  Livly Backpack : I know it’s not back to school.  But this backpack is so darling.  Great for toting around your American Girl doll clothes or Shopkins.

2 / Beats :  You probably already know these are awesome.  But I’m thinking they would be an awesome big item for pre-teens and teens.

3 / Gold Initial Stud Earrings : I love these and I think my almost teenage girl would love them too.  I mean, any aged girl would these!

4 /  Osmo  : This new device is so cool.  It turns the iPad into hands on play.  I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of my kids zoning out on Apps all the time..

5 / Bear Booties : For the baby in your life.  Rawwwr.

6 /  Longboard :  Both my boys and girl want these.  I’m thinking Christmas is the right time to get them on.

7 /  Piggy Bank :  The coolest piggy bank around.  Maybe your New Year’s goal includes incorporating chores and allowances (like ours did last year)….this bank would work out swell.

8 / Foodie Play Kitchen Sink : I’ll never forget my first kitchen set.  If it was a cool as this then I’m sure we would have kept it through the years.  I just love the yellow and the mid-century legs.

9 / Teeter Totter by The Palmoa :  Mine are a little too old for this, but if they weren’t….I’d be all over this.  The design is fabulous and it would give us hours of indoor play during long winter days.

10 / Toy Mail :  Have you seen this?  It’s a voice message device for your little ones.  You can send them a message via your iOS device and they can send messages back through this little critter.  I’m not for little ones having phones, but this is sweet.

What are your getting your kid’s this year?  And, what are you kid’s asking for?  One of mine is asking for a human size hamster ball?!

For giving to others, we are la la loving Comfy Critters (if you purchase in December and use code: BUY1GIVE1 then a Comfy Critter will also be donated to a room at the Atlanta Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital).




December 4, 2015


Last year, I had a picture perfect family photo that never made it to the crisp white card-stock of a Christmas card.  I wondered if friends or family thought I might have cut them from my list.  I only cut myself loose from some of the holiday “have tos.”  And, a pretty picture on paper seemed to be one of the first things to go.  I like writing cards, sending letters.  The paper and pen process is a tradition for me.  I really didn’t want to let go of a ritual that helped to hold my holidays in place.  “There is always next year,” I told myself.

I am in next year and my inner chatter is gummy with guilt, muttering “Not again, this year.”  This year, I don’t have . . . .

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When you find yourself at a stop | La La Lovely

Two stops signs every. single. day.  One at the start of the woods and the other at the end. Two, three way stops that I’ve rolled through most of my life.

I’m at a figurative stop.  It’s funny because I thought . . .

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December 1, 2015

Advent Calendar

The tree didn’t go up before Thanksgiving.  My heart was all in, but my energy not so much.  Last week we had a full house, full hearts, and full bellies and I figured getting the tree up right after company left might be a good idea . . . because then I could just chill.  I’ve convinced myself that this Christmas I will chill like the icicles that hang outside my window.  “I will enjoy all of it!”  I’m having conversations with myself about why there isn’t really anything to stress over because it always gets done.  And, then it is done.  But, I wonder, is it ever really not stressful when you have a lot of children?  Because it is inevitable that there are plays, activities, festivities and lots of presents to plan for and purchase.  “Maybe if I started in July,” I tell myself.  And, I reply with a laugh and a, “yeah right.”  So I tell me, the best way to do this joyfully and stress free is one day at a time.

And, today, it’s advent calendars.  Mine is

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