September 17, 2014



i have something to confess.  i don’t do crafts with my kids very often.  this is kind of hard to admit as a mom of four and a design blogger who is “supposed” to live my offline life in a very crafty online kind of way.  the thing is i’m not a super great crafter myself.  i think of the clean up.  i think of not being able to do it just right (i know i know, clearly i need to learn a thing or two about art and inhibitions), i think of meltdowns.  but, what i’ve been thinking lately after thumbing through mer mag’s newly released book, PLAYFUL, is that i can do this, and i want to!  and, hey, the back of the book has templates (click through to see), how amazing is that?  there are crafts a plenty that would be appealing to both girls and boys (mer is a mom of boys) and moms too!

playful, styled by brittany watson jepsen of the house that lars built, is a darling as darling gets.  i’m so inspired creatively just looking through this book.  it’s one i’m glad to have in my collection and one that i’ll be buying as gift.

want to win a copy?  

you do.  i promise you do.

click through to enter to win + to take a peek inside the book.

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September 16, 2014


this space has me swooning.  a pink chair, white beding, green plant, pretty art, wooden plank floors, a cozy gray and white striped throw, a fireplace, and a bed that is saying come relax, take a nap, watch a movie, read a book.  sounds perfect to me.

it’s been a busy week painting rocco’s room and turning it into a big boy room.  we are filming today and i cannot wait to show you how it turned out.  kids rooms are my favorite, for sure, but now, i’m ready to spend some time in my room relaxing….maybe next month!

xo . t

p.s. this whole cottage, located in melbourne, australia, is simply stunning.  you can see more here.

Photos by Brooke Holm, styling by Marsha Golemac via Inside Out.


there is one room in my house that i’ve been hiding for quite awhile.  it’s the room on the other side of the mouse hole; rocco’s room.  originally it was my brother’s room.  then half of my sister’s room (my parents let her tear down a wall to make her room bigger) and then, when we moved in it became the nursery.  3 boy have graced this beige baby room.  oh, how i’ve been wanting to update this room, but just kept closing the door (literally) on it.

recently, Valspar Paint asked me to try their new Valspar Reserve paint on a project in my home.  i knew right away that it was time to turn the nursery into a big boy room for rocco.  and, after i learned about the durability, washability and unsurpassed stain + scrub resistance of Valspar Reserve i was convinced it would be the perfect paint for a toddler’s room.



now, it’s no secret that when it comes to paint, white tends to be my favorite.  it’s cohesive and dependable.  i’m great at picking colors on pinterest, but when i do an actual project in my house i get a little nervous.  i clam up when it comes to commitment and decisions. so, i decided to start how i start with any design related project, which is to gather inspiration.  i found concepts online and color shades that i loved in a worn old old storybook.



while inspiration was high, and i had a direction, i started thumbing through the gorgeous Valspar fan deck (their full library boasts over 3,000 colors) to get my mind creating in color and to try to match up colors i found in my old fairy tale book.


for the first time in my decorating life i didn’t stress over making a color choice because of the Valspar Love Your Color Guarentee.  if you don’t love the color you picked, you can choose another color on them.  bye bye pressure!  i usually deliberate for days and involve about 10 friends.  this time i literally went with my gut and got going.  want to see the colors i chose?



i’m loving the colors and can’t wait to show you how the room turned out!  stay tuned!

this post is in collaboration with Valspar.  Valspar Reserve is available at Lowe’s nationwide.  find your nearest retailer here.

inspiration images via : weekday carnival / aura home / the animal print shop / sian zeng

September 10, 2014

wall love_lalaloely


today i’m inspired by walls that are a little wacky.  wacky or wonderful.  you decide.  and that is the thing about design, it can be so subjective.  what i love someone else may not.  but, if you don’t try you’ll never know.

i’ve done polka dot stickers on my wall before (DIY here), but the idea of taking it down to the table and chairs too would have never occurred to me.  it think it’s pretty fabulous.  not a forever look, but one to try for fun.

and, what about uneven paint lines?  i’m all about this.  i see this as a creatives space. someone who doesn’t want to be constricted to lines and thinks outside of the box.  and, hey this would make painting pretty simple, yes?

what do you think?  would you try either of these looks?  or have you ever done anything wacky with your walls?

you can see more wonderful wall designs on my wall love pinterest board.

apartment therapy / vtwonen

September 9, 2014


lovelane costumes.  halloween is next month.  what what.


detailed ceilings.  who wouldn’t want to have this view when they look up?


cookie face snacks.  so cute + more cute faces over on 100 layer cakelete.


lets make great art fingerprint book by marion deuchars.  so darling and so do-able.


sophisticated outfits on little ones, as seen on porridge with milk.  i’d like to wear this outfit myself. 

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what are you loving this week?