September 11, 2015

Nespresso Pixie Clips | La La Lovely Blog

They Grow Stronger and Stronger With Every Step Forward

Ice Cream Cone Pool Float

A few fave things /

A few fave random things I should say . . . but, isn’t that life?  Life can be so routine and so random, all at the same time!

1 / Nespresso’s new Pixie Clips.  I never knew I’d love espresso, but I do.   This little machine is fun because you can change out the side panels for different designs.  And, their new espresso flavors are as good as their design, too.  Bring on the busy weekend with a little shot of caffeine.

2 / Growing stronger and stronger with every step forward.  I absolutely love this verse.  I wrote more in depth about it on Instagram, which you can read here.  But, in short if you are going through a major struggle, don’t let it swallow you, just keep moving.  Be a person that digs deep in the midst of pain.  Take that step today.   It only has to be one step…and with it will come strength.  Have a good cry 💦 because God bottles every single one of your tears and from that bottle, makes a brook of blessing 💗!  You are so loved and every detail of your life matters to God.

3 / Saying Goodbye to Summer.  It truly felt like the last week of summer and I’m finally coming to terms with it.  We had a good swim on Monday and waved goodbye.  I am bummed that I forgot to head to my favorite Ice Cream Shop before it closes for the season, but I’ll survive.  Hello fall!

Do you have any favorites this week?

September 10, 2015

Jr. High The Second Time Around | La La Lovely Blog

Everyone knows Jr. High can be the most awkward years.  Sometimes the most painful (in terms of your growing years).  I didn’t mind Jr. High that much, actually.  I had my hard days, my bad hair days, my zits are over taking my face days, and the classic, “I hate my life days.”

I think Jr. High the second time around is much harder.  No, I didn’t . . .

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September 3, 2015

fashionABLE Miriam Collection | La La Lovely Blog

These objects tell a story.

I rummaged the rocks on a walk in Tucson last spring.  They remind of returning year after year to a place I call rest.  And, that there is, in fact, life in the desert.

The dainty heart dish was given to me this past week as gift for my anniversary.  Eighteen years, to be exact.  And yet, Eighteen feels more like an age then an anniversary.  A lot of life has been lived between eighteen and eighteen years.

And, the jewelry tells of overcoming.  These beautiful pieces are handmade by women who have battled things like addiction, depression, and homelessness, and have overcome! The ring says ABLE, and I love to wear it when I’m feeling overwhelmed or unable.  It’s a visual reminder that I can do hard things.  That I am able.  I slip it on and remember that it’s more than a ring and a reminder.  It is story, a person, a women who is making her own way by way of making jewelry.  She was able.  I wonder what she has overcome?  I twist the ring and think of things I have overcome.  Probably different, maybe some parts the same.  I glance down at the ring throughout the day, A-B-L-E, and I look at my life.   We are overcomers.  Her, you, and me.

FashionABLE Miriam Collection

This gorgeous jewelry is from the new Miriam Collection with fashionABLE.

FashionABLE helps provide job opportunities to women, globally, and now locally.  I’m a super fan of their purpose and their products.

September 1, 2015

Pretty tiles + #staircase
Image : Coach House Home

Design Details via La La Lovely blog
Image : Yellows

Pretty details
Image : The Veda House

I’m into the details today, lovelies.  It doesn’t take much to make a small spot stand out.

If you have an itch for a quick fix then why not . . .

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August 31, 2015

Be More Here | La La Lovely Blog

It was a Saturday night and we decided to eat out by the pool.  We love to take our dinner outdoors during the summer months, since our winters are so long.  This Saturday I decided to make us a fancy-ish kind of picnic in a very un-fancy way at our worn out table with pretty paper plates.

Be More Here | La La Lovely Blog

It took no time at all and little effort.  I picked up a rotisserie chicken, a loaf of bread, some cheese, salami, summer fruit and threw together a salad.  We even had sparkling grape juice, which had been tucked in the back of our fridge since New Year’s (I know, I know).  My oldest cut a few flowers from the yard and we all worked together to place everything on the table.

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

We used Dixie® paper plates to save time on the clean up…so we could spend our time being more present.

All summer, I’ve been dreaming of going to the beach with my family.  I can almost hear the waves.  It didn’t happen this year, but this family dinner by our own calming blue waters did.  With a deep breath, I breathed in the summer-scented moment mixed with the fragrance of family, together.


#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

And, because we were able to focus more on each other, rather then cooking and doing the dishes, we saved a little extra time for…

#BeMoreHere | La La Lovely Blog

Family Game Night!

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

Family Game Night | La La Lovely Blog #BeMoreHere

We popped some popcorn, put out a blanket and played some games.  My 4 year old learned how to play Uno, and Rocco played at piling the most popcorn on his plate.

Do you have any practical time saving tricks that allow you more time to “Be More Here” with the ones you love for a meal?

My Practical Time Saving Tips That Allow You to Be More Present Are:

1.  Paper plates.  Easy clean up is everything in a family of 6.

2.  Kids help set the table and clean up.  When everyone has a part they feel more a part of the family.  Even toddlers can put out forks or napkins.

3.  Don’t prepare everything for the meal.  Cook the main dish and use frozen garlic bread or a mixed salad in a bag.  Less time chopping.  More time chatting!

4.  Start a weekly tradition.  A Taco Tuesday / Meatless Monday kind of thing.  This way meal planning and trying too many new recipes doesn’t take too much of your time.  At our house, Friday night is pizza night.  It’s simple, but it makes it simple to count on and kids really do love routine.

Here is to full bellies and hearts and being more here with the ones you love!

PS- Check out more fun family ideas and inspiration on “How to be more present for the moments that matter in life,” right here.

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