November 13, 2014


it’s no secret that i’m a huge land of nod fan.  love the products.  love the people.  love their never ending commitment to creativity.  they continue to create products that are for families, not just kids.  my house certainly tells this story.  remember that time they came over and we were in the catalog (gosh that was fun).  my living room is both sophisticated and so fun because of that collaboration.  i mean they just know how to design products that work in a little’s room or a living room.  This lamp, which we have in my living room, is a great example (and my favorite).

i always look forward to their catalog because it’s so darling and honestly, i get a lot of great design ideas from their excellent styling.  i’m loving the latest catalog so much, i thought i’d share a few of my favorite items right now:

1.  electron pendant lamp / how cute would these look hanging over nightstands on either side of the bed?  in a kid’s room or a grownies.

2.  where the heart is art / this hometown personalized art makes my heart swell.  personalized without being too personalized.  you know?

3.  color static rug / i recently saw a photo of this rug being hand loomed in india and it was ah-mazing.

4.  jenny lind doll bed set / everything is better mini.  i wish la la was little enough to put this on her christmas list.  it’s so darling and certainly the type of toy that gets passed down through the generations.  matching beds for you + dolly.  and, this is the doll, i’d want for the bed.  you know, if i was going to play house.

5.  raindrop sheets / we have these in rocco’s room (did you see the update?) and LOVE them.  so cute and super soft.  i’m also crazy about these new retro looking flannel sheets.

6.  now you see it acrylic desk chair / because i still like see through chairs.

7.  ombre play home canopy / forget the kids, i’d like one of these to hide out in.  i can’t pick my fave color, cause they are all so pretty.

i’ll probably be adding a few of their products to my upcoming holiday gift guides, because of things like this carry home dollhouse  – - so much fun.


yesterday i got a facial.  i got a facial with a gift card that i have been holding onto for – wait for it – 5 years.  it was given to me when i was pregnant with liam, who will be 5 in a few weeks.  i guess i didn’t want to make time for a facial – - for 5 years.

i’ve been neglecting self care, for awhile.  mostly in the form of my body.  running on fumes.  literally and figuratively.  i thought i’d get in great shape with running.  i only gained weight and lost 3 toe nails.  i did however, also gain endurance and confidence in what my body is capable of.

i have been eating not so great, for the past *cough* few years.  i like healthy food, and i do eat it.  i just haven’t been able to stomach it, all the time, really.  in general, i’ve just have been feeling kind of mehhhh and when you feel mehhh, it’s hard to break the cycle of mehhhh.

last week, after being sick for 2 weeks (and feeling super mehhhh), i told my mom i wanted to go to  nordstrom’s, just to get out and to look at some products (i’m never against a little retail therapy).  i had a few gift cards that i had been hoarding for awhile (do you see a pattern here?), and figured now would  be a great time to put them to use.  lotions, potions and makeup have always been my favorite pick me up, (after feeding my soul) when i’m not feeling like my best self.

i wanted to start with some skincare.  specially some anti-aging night cream (what is your favorite brand or product?).  i love trying new brands and i certainly mix products from different lines (my fave face wash / my fave serum), but i ended up at the estee lauder counter.  i’ve used estee lauder skincare on and off over the years (their eye makeup remover is always on my counter), and my mom has used it, regularly, over the years and her skin looks fabulous (most people think that she’s my sister or that my kids are hers – ha).  so, i always pay attention to what products work for her.  i ended up with the revitalizing night cream and eye cream, and i’m really liking it.  it has a great feel, a light smell, and a good price point.   while at the counter, aerin lauder‘s line caught my eye.  ok, well the packaging caught my eye first.  i ended up trying the bronzer, concealer, a cream blush and this lipstick (i never wear lipstick, but i’m totally loving this one.  it’s super creamy and such a delicate color.  i don’t really like to feel “done”  up, but it just made me look a bit more lively and in turn feel a bit more lively.  the blush was not a color i would usually go for with my fair skin, but it actually looks just right along the cheek bones.

i’m a huge believer that beauty comes from the inside out, but neglecting the outside never does my insides any favors.

i’ve been working from the inside out,  getting up early and spending time feeding my soul.  reading, writing, praying, thinking and just sitting in the quiet before the noise and hurry of the day.  this has done wonders for me, actually – -  exercising my soul.  but, i feel like it’s time to start taking care of the outside too.

i’m making small steps.  for me, bible reading led to bronzer and bronzer to the body (inside to out).  i signed up for the balanced life’s 4×4 pilates program.  small step.   i’m super excited, and a little nervous about it.  i did yoga this morning in my bedroom.  small step.  and, i hope to start my daily 30 minute walks again.  step, step.

self care is certainly a process and looks differently at different times in our lives.  sometimes it calls for full focus on the inside and other times on the outside.  and, yet the best balance is to nurture your body, soul (mind) and spirit.

take care, lovelies.  wherever you feel most neglected or a little starved – - take care there, first.  then the next will follow.  i’m learning as i go, right along side you.

what about you?  are you consistent with self-care?  and what is self-care look like to you?  what types of things (even products) revitalize you?  i’d love to know.

here are the products i mentioned above.  if you feel like a little color and care might lift your mood these are your products (more of my fave products here):



November 11, 2014


this leather togo sofa.  i’m usually not one for leather couches, but this one looks so squidgy (and, a touch of turquoise, yes!).


this constellation tattoo.


holland.  i’ve never been.  i’m dutch and i have a dutchi bike.  so you know, i need to go.  i’m loving nicole franzen’s photos of holland.  also, just read this; 8 secrets of dutch kids, the happiest kids in the world.  fascinating.


this roast squash with feta r recipe from not quite nigella looks so good.  thanksgiving, maybe?

la la loving miranda july quote

learning about life from others.  there is much to know.

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what are you loving this week

November 7, 2014


happy friday, lovelies.

how cute is this leaf mobile?  if you are still in the mood for a little fall decorating, like me, this might be fun to make.  i was at the mall last night and they were playing christmas music.  i’m just not down with that.  can’t thanksgiving have some space?  i like to think of myself as a plan aheader, but when it comes to holidays i’m not.  thinking about it stresses me out, if i’m honest.  so i basically put it off until it’s right in front of me.  what about you?  and, since thanksgiving is right in front of us, i’m getting excited for that holiday first.  do you have any traditions when it comes to thanksgiving?  we tend to make the same thing over and over again and i think i’d like to incorporate a few new menu items.  do you try new recipes every year or stick to the tried and true?  i like the good old carb standbys (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, etc), but i’d love to add some new fresh and fun dishes in the way of salads and veg.

well, before there is thanksgiving, there is this weekend!  we don’t have any major plans except for a date nate, maybe a family movie night and hopefully our first fire.  it’s starting to get soo cold here!  and, just i’m hoping to disconnect a bit more this weekend.  to try to be aware of the stare.  i so enjoyed the conversation we started on connecting to connect and feeling disconnected (read here).  would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

xo . t


01 /  your fear is the most boring thing about you.

02 / have you tried contouring?

03 / ever wonder what type of white upholstery fabric holds up best?  

04 /  i just downloaded a pretty floral watercolor for my desktop + mobile.

05 /  remember when i crushed on this office?  well, here is a DIY for the wallpaper panels.

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November 6, 2014


these rooms belong together.

a perfect pairing for under the same roof.  formally informally with a touch of  turquoise.  first, a living room with mismatched art, a modern sofa, and traditional rug and ottoman.  then take a stroll down the long turquoise colored hall, stop and look at what books are on the shelf (because you can learn a lot about a person by what is on their bookshelf), and surprise…it’s a secret door to the kitchen.  the kitchen that is rustic, and warm and bright, letting in a large amount of natural light along with the breeze, no doubt, coming off the turquoise sea.

wouldn’t you love a secret door like that?  it’s going in my one day some day house.  yes…secret doors and dutch doors.

i’m kinda digging these “these rooms” posts.  what about you?  maybe i should start a little series?

images: the design filesthe house home / the design files