Every-thing fills my mind.

And, my to-do list.  The mental one (on repeat) and the one that actually makes it pen to paper.  Clean out kid’s closets.  Pay bills.  Write a blog post.  Respond to e-mail.  Exercise (because, if I don’t list it, I might not live it).  Make doctors appointments.  Make Bed.  Make lunch.  Make a grocery list.  Making lists makes my lists.

Do you know this every-thing?

The funny thing is . . .

As much as every-thing swirls and I try to secure the suckers swarming my brain,  straining to squeeze them from a “to” to a “do”, I must admit . . .

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May 11, 2015


You are four.  I don’t have any pretty words or ways to say this except that I’m not OK with this.  I like that you can use the potty and climb in the car, but if those chubby cheeks of yours start thinning out, then I might have meltdown right along with you.     Your button nose sits just so between your two cloud like cheeks.  At this moment in time, you are my last little squidgy and I’m not sure what to make of that.

I’m praying your expressiveness never goes away.  That way you turn both eyes up to one side and raise those eyebrows of yours, with eyes closed, as you are trying to make a point.  Your face so expressive.  Don’t loose that as you leap from 4 to 5 and 5 to 6 and 6 to 20.

+ Your pronouns are still perfectly placed as far as I’m concerned.  “No my don’t!”  Yes, my are!”  “Her like that.  Him really do.”
+David Donavyn
+ Your favorite bedtime song is the animal song.  Which is made up and goes like this…”On the first day the Lord made the ______. ”  We choose the animal and you make the noise.  For some reason we go to 10 days.  You say we can only do animals that live in the rainforest.  Best of all, there is an animal, according to you, called a “college.”
+ Only cereal for breakfast or a frozen (literally) waffle you can walk around with
+ Netflix on the iPad is your favorite or Peppa Pig on the computer
+ “What is your middle name?” “Rocco Taco McMeemy”
+ Miam is your best friend
+ You love to dress up in costumes and Dark Vader is your favorite.
+ “Tonight we have squash?”  You ask every night.  “No.”  “Yay!”
+ You always want “zert” after dinner
+ You love to eat at Chick-a-Lay
+ Cars are a favorite toy
+ You have lots of friends
+ Every night at dinner you like to start, “best part, worst”
+ You still stick your tongue out like a puppy dog when you are shy, embarrassed or happy
+ You are just so silly

Most days I can’t take my eyes off you.  Yes, because you might run into the street.  Also, because you say the funniest things that catch my attention, even from the other side of the house.  Because you squeeze me tighter than anyone ever has.  But, also because when I look at you, I see someone I used to know.  A younger, care free, open hearted me.  Sparkle in the eyes and a gallop in the step.  I see you close those eyes and raise those eyebrows and I know, without needing photos to prove it, just how I used to look.  I see you scrunch that button nose and those chubby cheeks puffing up and I can feel my cheeks being pinched, again.  When I look at you each day I remember to be me.  It’s your birthday and I get the gift.  Everyday I get the gift of you.  I love you, puppy.

starbucks and iphones via lalalovelyblog

I sneak out to Starbucks  to type and write and find silence while sitting next to seventy five others having community and conversations all around me.  I’m pretty good about tuning out and tuning into my screen.  But, the other day I got sidetracked by strangers behind me.  Two teenagers, in pleated plaid school uniforms, holding hands across the table and mocha frappa frothy somethings held tightly in their other hands.  I wondered if they got dropped off after school, because they didn’t look old enough to drive themselves.

This reminded me of the week before when I was in line and another plaid clad girl wearing more makeup then me was double checking with the barista that her venti vanilla light latte was made correctly.  I tried not to stare at her young, perfectly painted face, and peer into her bright un-tired eyes, but I did – just for a quick second.  And, in that second I thought to myself, “what if there was Starbucks and cell phones when I was a teenager?”

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May 5, 2015

giant portraits via la la lovely blog

giant photograph portraits, and just nestled against a wall.  Simple + Stunning.

la la loving blooms

spectacular blooms and all that spring means.  Today it was this quote for me, “As long as we are persistence in our pursuit of our deepest destiny, we will continue to grow.  We cannot choose the day or time when we will fully bloom.  It happens in its own time.”
– Denis Waitley

la la loving sinks without mirrors

a sink without a mirror above it.  This happens to be in the coolest nail salon I’ve ever seen, located in Melbourne, Australia.  But, I rather like the idea of having one bathroom without a mirror.  Would you?

life design quote

this reminder.  It’s so freeing.  We are not our mistakes; nor are we our successes.  We are children of God.  That is what we are.

ice cream words

playing with your food to make something beautiful….ice cream made into words.  Two of my favorite things…ice cream + words.  This photo styled by Karen Evans and photographed by Kang Kim is pretty sweet.

+ + + 

what are you loving for littles this week?

May 4, 2015

Ten Treats For Mom via La La Lovely

If you are like me, then everything is last minute.  Presents, planning and picking up.  I wish It wasn’t true, but it seems to be the pace during this phase and place of life, with four children.  All, that to say if you are still looking for a few ideas for a lovely lady in your life (like me) than you’ve come to the right place.

I’m sharing Ten Treats for Mom.  Your mom, your best friend who is a mom, your sister who helps mother your children, maybe even something for you.  Go on, and get yourself a little something.  Here are some of my favorite things that won’t break the bank:

1 / Raku Feather Tank : Great to dress up or down (think black leggings or torn up jeans – Double duty does it).

2 / Mega Greens Galaxy Pack Mask : Think hot bath, locked door, good book.  I’ve used this mask and it is amazing.

3 / Sunnies Pouch : A Place for everything and everything in it’s place.

4 / Touche Éclat  : A mom must have.  New and not so new moms need this for tired eyes.  This is ALWAYS in my makeup bag.

5 / Chocolate Croissant : Chocolate always chocolate.  These are the best, this side of the Atlantic, and you can have them at your very own home.

6 / The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up : This is on my list and I’m hoping it is life changing.

7 / Brass Plant Mister :  This little mister is most cute.

8 / Ear Crawler (earrings) : These are just the coolest.  I like to dress simple and go edgy with my jewelry.

9 / Epic Black Foral Canvas :  Everybody loves flowers, and these will last beautifully.  I adore this canvas by Lindsay Letters.

10 / Iron Plant Stands : These plant stands are gorgeous inside the house or out.  One of these with some pretty greens = a great gift that keeps on giving.

What are you getting your Mom for Mother’s Day this year?

PS- I’m hosting an EPIC $1000 givewaway for Moms on Instagram.  You can check it out + enter to win here.